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Greenlight Hippie Volkswagen 5-Pack Box Set Coming Next Week

We posted about this the other day but we just got some close ups of the cars themselves so – coming next week. It should arrive in stores by the end of next week.

The set contains:

1:64 Volkswagen Samba Bus #1 – Yellow Top and Tie-Dye Body w/ Hot Pink Rims

1:64 Volkswagen Samba Bus #2 – Black Top and Pink Body w/ Chrome Rims

1:64 Volkswagen Panel Bus – White Top and Coral Body w/ White Rims

1:64 Volkswagen Classic Beetle #1 – Blue and White Body w/ Silver Rims

1:64 Volkswagen Classic Beetle #2 – Teal and Purple Flowers w/ Yellow Rims

Not many at retail but you can find it at eBay for a reasonable price.


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8 September 2011 diecast, Toys 4 Comments


  • John in Missouri says:

    Has anyone spotted these in the wild yet?

    Yesterday morning, I asked our Wal-Mart Toy Mangler if she knew anything about the Greenlight 5-pack of Volkswagen’s, but she gave me the deer in the headlights look for about 10 seconds, thought about it for a little longer, pointed at the green “Exclusive Vehicle” badge on a Cars package, and asked if that’s what I meant. So I yelled out, “RAMPART! RAMPART! I need some life support over here!!!!”.

  • John in Missouri says:

    Love that last Beetle!

    Still cannot believe they didn’t have 4 Beetles crossing Abbey Road in “Cars 2”. 🙁

  • Stig McQueen says:

    Hmmm… Perhaps not so impressive after all. The castings represent a Deluxe Microbus, but the “skylight” windows around the perimiter of the roof are painted over (as is the “canvas” sunroof). There weren’t that many Deluxes sold in the US, making them unlikely to be seen in “hippie van” usage, and even if they had been, why would anyone paint out the overhead windows? I can see why someone might have painted over all of them (i.e.,”if this van’s rockin’…”), but not just the overheads.

    Of course, I was barely a year old during the “Summer of Love,” so what do I know?

    The panel van at least appears to be correct, and the Beetles look good, too.

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