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Greenlight Hippie Volkswagen Samba Bus 5-Pack Box Set

Coming soon from Greenlight:

1:64 Motor World Diorama – Hippie Volkswagen 5 Pack will feature 5 Volkswagens inspired by the bright, bold and colorful culture of the Hippie movement.  The exterior of the Motor World Diorama is designed as a VW Samba Bus, complete with wheels, windshields and headlight artwork.  The body paint of the Samba Bus packaging is reflective of a classic hippie tie-dye shirt and has a window box to view the 5 displayed Volkswagens (VW). 

The set contains:

1:64 Volkswagen Samba Bus #1 – Yellow Top and Tie-Dye Body w/ Hot Pink Rims

1:64 Volkswagen Samba Bus #2 – Black Top and Pink Body w/ Chrome Rims

1:64 Volkswagen Panel Bus – White Top and Coral Body w/ White Rims

1:64 Volkswagen Classic Beetle #1 – Blue and White Body w/ Silver Rims

1:64 Volkswagen Classic Beetle #2 – Teal and Purple Flowers w/ Yellow Rims

Quantities are limited to 5,000 Packs.

Very cool paint schemes.

Not many at retail but you can find it at eBay for a reasonable price.

Speaking of which, you can drive as Fillmore in the CARS 2 Video Game – though surprise it may not be as nimble as Francesco.

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