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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS 2: Crabby Boat, Mack & Spy Train Coming (No, Not a Repeat)

I have lost track but believe it or not, there is ANOTHER Crabby Boat & Spy Train coming (along with a CARS 2 Mack).

They are called the “Quick Changers Transporter” assortment.

They are in theory 1:55 scale or close enough like Mack ..

” … each has an innovative transformation feature activated with a crash or the push of a button.”

Stephenson, the Spy Train has guns that pop out (um, was that in the movie?).

And Mack, has a billboard graphics change capability.

Hopefully, these features are cool and not Fisher Price like for toddlers.

These look like they are part of the “CARS Quick Changers” (Transformers) line … which may not be diecast.

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