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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: Pinion Tanaka in Switzerland?

Pinion Tanaka arrives … in Switzerland …

Of course, for tax reasons – we cannot speak him name. We just call him #7. I hope his secret banking account number has a few more digits …

Thanks for the nice pic & purchase, “Dolly.”

(I guess he was gray as a prototype …)

Of course, in a place where a Big Mac costs about $8.75 … Pinion Tanaka is not quite as cheap as the US TRU sale (2 for $12.99) this week but your selection right now in the US is pretty much limited to Sub Finn McMissile & Sub Finn McMissile so you might have to spend a little more.

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  • cvc1968 says:

    Finding many Pinions at the stores here in my part of Canada
    I think there are 2 to a case

  • cooldude9 says:

    jestrjef i live in sask in weyburn.

  • cooldude9 says:

    oliversmom there was 3 pinion 2 right now because i grabbed 1. oh and sub finn everywhere

  • I got mine here 2 weeks ago in good old Belgium !

    Now the hunt goes for the crewchiefs …

  • cooldude9 says:

    today i found pinion tanaka at my local walmart. besides that hi i am new here but not new to collecting so it is really nice to be on take 5 a day

    • jestrjef says:

      Nice find! Where are you located? 😀

      • CalgaryGuy says:

        Love this site, i have been reading for a few months but first time posting.

        Last week I was pleasantly surprised when I made a quick pitstop at a Walmart and saw 5+ of each Pinion Tanaka, Hi-Li Ramone and Nigel, made the long car ride to camping more palatable for my son. Considering I have yet to find any individual Miles Axelrod and Petrov Trunkov at the 8 Walmarts in Calgary (and sadly I check each one every 2 weeks) I was surprised to find the next two individuals. Is Kingpin that hard to find in places? I walked into a Toys R Us here a couple weeks ago and counted at least 10.

        Do stores in the U.S. still carry much Cars toys? My son is only 3 and is just now getting into the toys and while we have nice Cars 2 collection (save for the store exclusives including the U.S. Walmart 2 packs) and I’m debating whether to plan a trip (7 hours each way to nearest U.S. city) or just buy on eBay. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

        (MET: If you see a good price, sure but I’m sure people here would be happy to trade you some singles for Pinion – though for openers as it’s CA packaging? Feel free to list your wants and needs in the trading forum – FREE! Enjoy!)

    • oliversmom says:

      only one pinion???? per case?

  • Charlie W says:

    I’m sure I could find this if I looked harder – but what are the 7 Deluxe Cars 2 cars?

    Double Decker Buss, Submarine Finn McMissle, Hydrofoil Finn McMissle, Holly Shiftwell with wings, the two sumo wrestlers . . and what am I missing?

  • Fillmore1234 says:

    Nice find Dolly! It’s funny how I just found Kingpin Nobunaga last Thursday so it’ll be October before it gets here.

    • Dolly says:

      Thanks! I almost pass on it till i gave at better look. I though it was Kinping but as i saw the Blue “pants” and i realise it was Pinion :). Was cool to find it.

  • Bumper Save says:

    Chocolate, cheese, Cars…man, the Swiss have it all! 🙂

  • handoe213 says:

    I havent even seen the kingpin here in Los Angeles 🙁

  • PicksOurCars says:


    If anybody is willing to pick up an extra case of (6) six individual D23 Submarine Finn McMissile exclusives we will pay $30 for the courtesy. It’s easy, since you’ll already be going to get yours just grab ours while your at it and make an extra $30! We will also pay for the shipping charges to Seattle, WA. You will be paid through PayPal to allow you to preorder our case without using your own funds; this is our way of helping you mitigate any risk of non-payment and a show of our good faith. 

    I have 2 boys and need 1 for each of them to keep in the box to collect/display, 1 for them each to open to play with and the other 2 are for a fellow Cars fan/collector here in the Seattle area who also lacks the resources necessary to procure them himself!

    Please help us – we are Submarine-less in Seattle!!! We can’t afford to pay 185% of cost per unit as charged by another Take 5 member (who we’ll allow to remain anonymous) that is charging $37 EACH – not including shipping! Yowza!

    Somebody who understands our situation and who can identify with our objective and motivation… Please help us out and generate some good CAR-ma in the process! Profit on eBay but not from your fellow T5’ers! This is a community and a place for fair & reasonable margins. 

    If you are willing to help us please email me at: PicksOurCars@gmail.com

    Thank you in advance for your assistance! 

    — Sean, Michael & Griffin R.

    • Eric says:

      Ummm wrong forum…

    • NascarFan says:

      Considering that:

      A: Tickets are 100.00+ per person

      B: Parking is 12.00 a day

      C: State Tax

      D: Paypal fees

      E: 17.00 markup / means not enough participation with less than 30 people, there is not enough interest from the total TFAD and CTT forums in getting the price lower than 37.00 a car / item.

      F: Lotso Bears we did go 25.00 each on.

      G: The time of going and getting these, walking them to the car and back to get the rest, time standing in line, arranging the Buyers List, managing the Buyers List, answering emails,

      I did, in the beginning and I state CLEARLY, I did TRY to generate interest at 9.00 markup EACH item believing that over 78 people would buy them. This did not happen.

      That is what it would have taken to even BREAK EVEN on gas and D 23 tickets, paypal and state tax at 9.00 an item.

      This is NOT even including the 12 hour drive ONE WAY from Utah, I would have made just to get them for the TFAD and CTT communities.

      At the time I turned over the list to a local Los Angeles person and husband who in turn NEVER has done this before for any huge amount of people, she and husband agreed to help.

      This in turn dropped the price from My cost (at the time I turned over the list from 42.00 an item to the 37.00 and item, which even some people were glad to have paid)

      So, if you care to complain, go ahead. Lets see you go and make a commitment to approximately 184 to 200 people (which has happened at past SDCC events for Cars items and then be able to ship the entire 200+ pieces out, year after year and keep going back year after year.

      Oh one other thing….. You dont even get to enjoy the show. YOU ARE WORKING your behind off. Barely time to get sleep, eat, and even make a call back home to say hello to the wife.

      • Mariela says:

        Very well said my friend! Thank You..

      • sodabear says:

        Good lord, Kevin. I’m tempted to send you 37 bucks, just for your incredibly organized and convincing rebuttal.

      • apcalc says:

        $37.00 is really not that bad for the price of this car. It requires tons of work to pre-order, wait in line (many times), get the product, transport it home, pay for gas/tickets/parking, pack the cars, and finally ship them out. This, combined with the fact that you have to go to a great convention and skip joining in its fun to account for all of these cars first.

    • oliversmom says:

      Well, dont mean to be rude but you really expect someone to drive there and instead of enjoying activities and have fun , to carry your order out, deliver home, pack it, make sure you paid, and not to include pp fees, and go to post office and ship it to you below the actual cost????
      Just facts… California has 9.75% tax + cost of gas $4 per gallon+ you need daily pass ( $47.50+$2.50 fee)+ parking not sure $12or $20 but definitely, not free…
      How many items should you order to have the actual cost at $30????and please, dont forget, you must prepay it too.

    • Lorri says:

      yeah this is the wrong page, but my thoughts are: If you are lucky enough to go to the D23, the Sub Finn costs $20. I believe it costs over $40 just to get in the show. And if you count gas, parking, waiting in line, eating lunch, a whole day of your time not to mention getting them addressed and to the post office, Im pretty sure no one is making any money at $37. I feel lucky someone is willing to get me one! Thanks Mariela and Kevin!

    • hostile takeover banker says:

      I don’t mean to be ‘hostile’ when I say this but you seem fairly new here and there are probably a few things you don’t know about how these forums and the people who frequent them work. This doesn’t include the fact that your post in the wrong place. Lorri said it well but to add; these so called ‘anonymous’ people are hugely respected by many on these forums and it would probably be in your best interests not to attempt to disrepsect them and their offer. Like all things on offer here, if you don’t like it (prices or whatever) you don’t need to, nor should you, comment on such. That said, I hope you the best in finding someone who may help you with your predicament. Otherwise you may well find yourself burning the bridges to those that possibly could’ve.

    • carscrazydd says:

      Originally, if I recall correctly – the price for the Finn’s was going to be $42 each plus shipping. The price dropped to $37 each plus shipping due to the fact that a California resident/T5aD Member stepped up to the plate and volunteered to help all of us interested in acquiring this exclusive vehicle. I was ready to pay the $42 price – would have went $50 – $55 if needed, no matter. For me, considering I can trust the persons involved in the purchase/handling/shipping of my items is far worth the price. Much better than trying to get them off eBay.

      Special Thanks to Mariella and Kevin for putting this together for all of us! I am grateful to the both of you. Let me know if there is anything I can do to return the favor!

      • Mariela says:

        You pretty much nailed it! Thank You!!
        If we could get more buyers the price could get lower, and of course you’ll get some $$$ back…we are not making this for a profit!

    • Eric says:

      Oh I tried to keep my mouth shut .. but you all know me. I will try to take the tactful approach, but we’ll see how that works out.

      First let me state that I am happy as h-e-double hockey sticks to have some great members on this board willing to help me with getting our Finns, and I am happy to pay part of their expenses in doing so!

      What I love is when someone who has never posted on the forum before starts guilting TFAD members and comparing them to ebayers. Gain some good Car-ma by sending you a case of Cars for next to nothing above cost? Are you aware that CA has a state tax in the 10% range? Plus, folks are taking time out of their day to get these Cars for themselves and others (we’ll talk about the costs a little later). If you were asking for 1 Car a little above cost, that might be more acceptable, but asking someone to pick you up a full allotment (6 cars) is a little pie in the sky (don’t ya think?). That means putting in an extra order just to cover you – which may mean leaving the line depending on how strict they are, and then standing in line again to get their own allocation. It’s okay to make reasonable requests, and in most cases, there are plenty of fantastic members here that are happy to accommodate. However if you don’t like the fair and resonable $37 price that a couple of great members are offering, maybe you should see how much it would cost you to take the 2.5 hour flight, put yourself up in a hotel, eat, get back and forth to the convention, pay for the convention, etc. etc… You may see that the $40 buy it now price on eBay, or the $37 member prices aren’t so bad. You mention fair and reasonable margins, and I think that is what you were offered (although I doubt if that offer still stands despite leaving them nameless).

      I don’t want to hate on a fellow OR/WA collector, but be reasonable and leave the guilt out of the equation. Hopefully you understand the costs folks are incurring in going to this convention and see the benefit in having trustworthy TFAD members helping you out.

      Granted Mattel loves to sucker us in with hard to obtain items from time to time, and deserves some of the fault … but would it really be collecting if it was cheap and easy?

      – Soon to be Finn-flush in Oregon

      • oliversmom says:

        and also requesting 6??? for 2 children and 4 for fellow friends…

        I am sure those “friends” can speak up for themselves

        For my 2 children – I buy 2….

        I totally agree that people that take their time at least should be reimbursed for full cost+ “THANK YOU SO MUCH ” would be in order.

        I am 100% agreed with Hostile takeover banker. How would you ever get it without help from others????

        And here people that you know will actually deliver what they promise.
        Or you may resort to “evil bay” and take your chance.
        But to raise concerns over such a miserable amount of money, is simply unethical.

      • Lorri says:

        well, I kinda figured…..one to open, and 5 for ebay…..

        • PicksOurCars says:

          Perhaps you didn’t notice the reasoning… I have two sons. I want them each to have unopened packages for their collections as they are great displays. Additionally, we are OPENERS and they enjoy recreating scenes from the movie and actually playing with the vehicles. This requires two each (4 total) if I want to avoid fighting over who the one opened vehicle belongs to which is why I had planned to get them each one to open & one to display. My friend isn’t quite as serious or dedicated or whatever you want to call us T5ers so I had mentioned this item to him and showed him the photos and he asked that I grab him 1 when I get mine. The 6th was for him as an extra but more about making it easier to just get a case, send a case. There was legitimacy to the request and need, but in consideration for the pricing that plan may end up to be cost prohibitive. I do not and did not plan to just resell them. I do this for the joy it brings me when I get to see my boy’s eyes light up every time he gets a new car.

          • corinne says:

            Well sorry your not part of our take5 community but Mariela & Kevin are our friends .We unlike other people are very happy to have trust worthy friends like Kevin & Mariela. We can always count on them for help. We do not wish to hear your thoughts about your own opinion at all so next time please keep them to yourself . There is a very slim chance now that you will get any help at all so maybe you should learn to be greatful & quiet. We are all soooooooo excited to add these to our collections !!

            Thankyou so much for all your help Kevin & Mariela !!

            • PicksOurCars says:

              I sure hope I can find some forgiveness and understanding with time. I was wrong to assume it was an unfair cost and it was inconsiderate of me to respond in the manner in which I did. I am new to this aspect of collecting, this is the only blog I read – and I don’t understand forums. I hope you see this for what it is – an honest mistake, an opportunity to learn and a humble acknowledgement of both by me. Please accept my apology and try to forgive and understand. There was no malice intended and if you reread my initial post I was actully trying to preserve what the T5 community provides. I just did so poorly, relying on asumption and acting without adequate consideration for those offering their assistance.

    • PicksOurCars says:

      WOW! The response to this post has been amazing!

      While there were only a select few of you included in the email chain I guess it’s appropriate to post my response here to provide clarity and allow the many of you who were bothered by my earlier post to get closure.

      Well, Kevin (et al) that certainly wasn’t what I had expected to come home to tonight. It appears as if my inexperience equates to ignorance in this case. Before I continue please allow me to preface with a simple yet genuine apology. I am truly sorry for the reaction(s) my comment elicited. 

      I seemed to have misread or misinterpreted the details of the D23 exhibition, whereas I had believed it was not a requirement to purchase tickets to the event to merely pick up any of the merchandise ordered online.  I have obviously never participated in this or SDCC and only learned of each within the last year (D23 literally in the past few months when reading a post on T5 shortly before Cars 2 was released in theaters this past June). This mistake, however, appears to be just one of many apparent failures I made in this situation. 

      Another was how I grossly underestimated the cost of the investment in time, energy and resources necessary to satisfy such a simple-seeming request. I guess in my head I had imagined it to be an easy thing to do, and NEVER would have thought there could be 30+ cases to pick up for upwards of 200 people. That is astounding! I figured it would be grabbing 2 instead of 1, or at best 4 instead of 3. That is the inexperience creating ignorance yet again. 

      All that said, I know when I am wrong and am not too prideful to admit it. In this case I was absolutely wrong many times over. Please accept my apology for overlooking and underestimating many of these facts. I in no way intended to trigger such an emotionally upsetting response from you or anybody responding in defense of you. 

      I must also admit I am quite negative toward eBay at the moment as a result of an issue I have recently been dealing with. All I am trying to do is obtain a specific vehicle with a very specific variant (T.J. w/ NO license plate versus the one that has one). Even having asked the seller before bidding/buying or if it’s specifically included in the description it always has the darn plate on it! I just don’t get it! 

      Anyway, I believe I was a bit oversensitive to the possibility my lack of ability was being taken advantage of and I reacted defensively & inappropriately. What I should have done was reply to your email and ask for an explanation of or a breakdown of the costs. Had it been understood I wouldn’t have felt the way I did. It is completely my fault though for overreacting. I am truly sorry and am quite disappointed in myself for having done so. It was very unbecoming. 

      I hope you can just see me and my mistakes as honest and unintentional. I assumed something and made an ASS out of ME alone. Please see my comment as defense for the Take5 forum and how I believed I was protecting us albeit in absolute and ignorant error. 

      Kevin (et al) I promise I am just a dad trying to do my best to get my boys the coolest Cars characters and try to complete our collection as efficiently as possible. Sometimes passion can become unrecognizable, creating the perception of an altogether different motive. I had no idea the amount of effort and sacrifice you voluntarily accepted to help out so many T5 members and collectors. In this case, 185% more than the selling price actually IS a FAIR & REASONABLE margin. I apologize for failing to acknowledge it as such before. 

      Sean R. 

      • Lorri says:

        Seems to be very genuine and sincere apology. takes a lot to do that.
        Some people have “known” each other virtually on this site for a long time and respect for each other and tend to stick up for each other. Its a great community. I have had all good experiences, and have met in person some of the interesting people on here. Well, OK, Eric wasnt that interesting. Heh heh.
        Anyway I think people will give you a chance. Thanks for taking the time and effort to apologize and move forward.

      • Mariela says:

        Like I wrote you in the email…your apology is accepted and let’s move on! No hard feelings!
        Everydoby makes mistakes, and we are nobody to jugde.
        Don’t feel bad to ask me to buy them for you, like I told you, I will do it if you really want them, just pay what everyone is paying, that’s all. If we are lucky enough to get more buyers, the price will eventually drop.

    • Micky says:

      My 2 cents:

      I am getting the Toy Story Woody for my husband. He is an avid Toy Story collector. I think the $37 price is fair for the amount of time, effort and expense that it will take to get these exclusive items. I’m happy to be able to get this Woody for him as a gift and am grateful to Kevin & Mariela for going “above and beyond the call of duty” to help us out. Thanks guys!

    • jeaks says:

      Are you for real? In any transaction there is a markup to cover associated costs and don’t forget time has a value, so that fact that someone is willing to give up their time to get something that we can’t, means that time has a value and they should be compensated not just for the actual costs incurred but also their time.

      How dare you pretend to be all sanctimonious by pretending not to name the person who is doing us a favour by getting an exclusive that we can’t otherwise get. You know very well that there was no need to name that person because we all know who you mean. A person who is a long time member and has done you no harm yet you choose to try and belittle them.

      If you want these exclusives then go and get them yourself and then come back and tell us if you got for less than $37 each after you have taken into account all your costs. Or better still wait until they appear on ebay and see if you get one for less.

      Also remember it is a free country if you don’t like the price don’t pay it. Look for an alternative BUT don’t come onto T5AD and start bad mouthing people that are doing us a favour. Quite frankly you deserve our pity but you don’t deserve assistance from our members.

      • NascarFan says:

        At this point with all the news coverage of this, I think we should move on and get back to good cars conversations.

        Everyones points have been heard and I think this is closed.

        Ball is in Marielas court and she has stated she would be happy to get them, however, it is really up to Sean and Mariela to continue.

        I would like to lastly say, should you 2 continue this transaction or not please let me know so I can update the list either way.

        Lets end the email chain.

        Lets end the posts here about this that was not even on topic.

        Thank you

  • Charlie W says:

    TRU was $12.99 for two, PLUS $10 off of any Cars 2 purchase over $25!

    • John in Missouri says:

      I wonder if that includes the countless 2-packs still in stock of Color Changers and Movie Moments Changers (or whatever those things are called).

      • Charlie W says:

        it counted all Cars 2 Merchandise . . I bought Kingpin, Hydrfoil McMissle, Launcher Miguel Camino, and a kids book that cost $2.99.

        $19.5something for the whole bunch (that includes tax)

  • cac1959 says:

    Great find… now if only it will show up in the US…

    Around central Indiana we see loads of Submarine Finn, several Holley with wings, and even plenty of Red and the Double Decker Bus… I’ve only seen Hyrdofoil Finn and Kingpin at 2 Kmart stores in the Dayton (Ohio) area…

    Distribution and case assortments continue to be unbelievable… and not in a good way… Will Mattel ever learn?

  • Mike Manifold says:

    Great find, Dolly! So is he sparkly gold, or tan?

  • bobbyjack says:

    I think I saw a few Holley w/ wings amongst all the Submarine Finn McMissiles.

  • hostile takeover banker says:

    Nice score!

  • PDIDDY55 says:

    Is this the first or second of the two sumo guys to be released? I stopped collecting after the Final Laps were done so I am not up on what has been released for Cars 2 stuff but I saw one of the sumo guys at Sears last weekend here in Michigan. Should I go back and see if he is still there?

  • John in Missouri says:


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