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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: Queue For CASE Q?

Queue for CARS 2 Case Q? …

So, how many should I put you down for?

Think this will be the case each retailer orders 20 for each store?

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  • Fillmore1234 says:

    So did this turn out to just be some sort of joke? Of course this Case was never released but I didn’t think Met jokes about such serious matter πŸ˜‰

    Or maybe this Case was actually released and it was why all stores literally everywhere have been crammed with Finns and McQueens and Maters even to this day?

    (MET: This Q case has been released – most dealers/resellers can order one for you. There were some appearances of it at retail but not nationwide … and that’s the problem with most 2012 Porto Caorsa cases).

  • cooldude9 says:

    i hate this case!

  • sloths14 says:

    Went to both Target and Wal-Mart today. Both had pegs crammed full of LMQ, Finn and Mater. The excitement of finding new Cars each week has definitely subsided…

    • John in Missouri says:

      My only excitement lately is going to TJ Maxx for the rare Haulers.

      Well Kmart too, but they’ve never gotten in the Crew Chief 2-packs.

  • Steve AKA: Poppa says:

    In the great Pacific Northwest (Washington State) Cars 2 is not moving. It’s not just the four in this case that are hanging on the pegs, but, many of the other castings. I pretty much feel Cars 2 is not anywhere near the artistic quality of other Pixar productions. The story line and plot are too complicated for the kids to follow. As an adult, if I want to see a Cars 2 plot, I want to see it with humans. The cartoon has moved out of the theaters. The marketing blitz backfired. Total sensory overload. Too much too soon. I bought my Sarge and that’s it. Frankly, I hope Mattel does another retro-production run of “Cars, The Original” castings.

    • John in Missouri says:

      Yesterday was the fourth anniversary of the Sarge recall.

      Did you know that Mattel has never released “Sarge” with classic eyes as a single since?

      Oh sure, he was in the Boot Camp 5-pack; and he came out with Lenticular eyes; and he was a Color Changer; and he is out there now with the #95 insignia; but I’ll say it again: “Sarge” with classic eyes has not been released as a single for four years. πŸ™

      • Steve AKA: Poppa says:

        I never returned any of my recall Sarge’s. I figured I was past the toddler oral stage of life. It was difficult sucking on a Sarge MIB anyway. None of my friends with little kids returned Sarge either. I’m hanging onto my Cars, “The Original” classic Cars.

        Maybe when Cars is released on DVD the sale of Cars will pick up for Christmas. Parents will buy anything at the last minute for the kids. When I was in a Wal-Mart super store last week, they had pulled four heaping shopping carts of unsold Cars merchandise off the shelves. The bare pegs actually gave the illusion they actually sold.

  • 5oclockshadow says:

    so i’m guessing this will be the last case of cars 2 singles ever.

  • Mike H says:

    Every other post makes me more and more happy that I didn’t get sucked into C2 collecting.

    All that money that could have gone to Mattel, instead went to finishing NECA for Terminator 2 and Harry Potter figures, as well as Hasbro’s Indiana Jones comic-con set.

    I sound like the guys I try to avoid-always griping. Though I fear for the fact that Mattel has the license to make Back to the Future toys.

  • Tom says:

    All of my local stores have noting but Mater, LMQ and FMM singles keeping the pegs nice and toasty…

  • BMW says:

    The highest priced on line toy reseller has the Race Team Maters and finns on sale for 2.50.
    Cases A through L had at least 3 to 5 each per case.
    The June case L that hit the stores:
    Case L Singles (repeat)
    5 Race Team Mater
    4 Finn McMissile
    6 Lightning McQueen with race wheels
    3 Francesco Bernoulli

    How many of these did the factories crank out? If this is not a joke, then this must be a case planned for the DVD/Blu Ray release in November and Mattel/ Disney thinks the backlog on the pegs will be gone in time for the release to DVD.

  • firefox91 says:

    I should have taken a picture of this yesterday. My local Wal-Mart has nothing but Finn’s in the single packs. And not just like 5 or 10. There had to be at least 25-30 on the pegs. Right next to them was all of the 2-packs that included Finn. There were no other singles in sight of anything else. They apparently made too many Finns or kids just don’t like him that much. I’m going with they made too many.

  • Brown Fury says:


  • Matersgrlfriend says:

    I am sorry, this deserves a NFW!

  • firefighteruk says:

    Have I missed something?? Time warp etc?? Is it April 1st already?? What are they thinking of. Cannot move for thesed Cars everywhere I go.

  • kappa_toyz says:

    I bet this case don’t go on back order, although you can imagine in 50 years time in a Mattel museum behind glass they will have a partially opened truck trailer full to the brim with case after case of case Q. The stock that never left the the depot and they’ll probably still be these 4 on pegs

  • Mariela says:


  • Bumper Save says:

    With our new Take 5 security system, I think the squirrels have given up on us. However, they took over Mattel! You’ve got to be joking…

  • taylor says:

    Mattel have no interest in making all the characters like we had in cars1, that’s from the nags mouth, wait and see.

    [WORDPRESS HASHCASH] The poster sent us ‘0 which is not a hashcash value.

  • NascarFan says:

    What brainiac came up with this?

  • bobbyjack says:

    In every store I go to, those four cars make up 90% of all singles currently hanging on the pegs. Who came up with this brilliant idea? Was it the same one who almost killed the Toons line with Rescue Squad and Mater the Greater overkill?

    • John in Missouri says:

      I’m sure it was an idiot Mattel Executive’s idiot wife who consulted with her idiot psychic who thought this was a good idea based on what her idiot grandchildren said were their favorite characters.

      • Micky says:

        Or maybe it was an idiot Mattel Executive’s idiot husband who consulted with his idiot psychic who thought this was a good idea based on what his idiot grandchildren said were their favorite characters.

        • CHERIE says:

          That sounds more like it!

          • John in Missouri says:

            With Mattel’s track records of crappy quality control, repetitive case contents (pegwarmers), nastily inserting one exclusive vehicle in 5-, 7-, & 10-packs, and all of their convoluted distribution problems, do you REALLY think there are any female executives at Mattel???

            • Micky says:

              John you are right, women are way to smart to be running a successful company into the ground. You must also admit that women are way to smart to be fooled by psychics so the only answer is that those idiot men executives are consulting idiot men psychics.

              • John in Missouri says:

                Well what I thought made the wife an idiot was the fact that she not only married the idiot executive, but that she consulted with a psychic in the first place. πŸ™‚

  • Jack says:

    Pathetic. You just have to laugh.

  • bd says:

    seriously, what is mattel doing?

  • Stig McQueen says:

    Even if it were 4 totally new CARS, I can’t see my local retailers ordering any more cases at all until all of the existing LMQs, FMMs, Francescos and Maters are gone. And I’m afraid I’ll be long-gone before they are…

  • cac1959 says:

    Unbelievable… What a horrible case selection…

    Mattel needs to donate all these extra Finn, McQueen, Mater, and Francesco to charities…

    It’s as if Mattel is trying to kill off the Cars2 product line… and the Cars product line… and the Cars Toon product line.

  • Fillmore1234 says:

    NEEEEEEDDDD!!! Jk isn’t that the Lightning McQueen from the launcher? Because that is not the face I have of him! And the Francesco is the Lights and Sounds version.

  • John in Missouri says:

    I’m cleaning up my tent, prepping my sleeping bag, and buying food in bulk as I prepare to camp out for these babies!!

  • oliversmom says:

    wow, must start 4 completely new collections:

  • jestrjef says:

    UGH …. wait until you see the post I am about to do on the forums … this is NOT good …. πŸ™

  • noahd30 says:

    Cars 2 won’t last that’s a fact!!!

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