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“Leland Turbo” at the US Tribute Mille Miglia

The 1,000 mile experience will be produced in the spirit of the original Mille Miglia in Italy, on a picturesque California coast route running through the remarkable landscapes of Santa Barbara, Carmel, San Francisco, and Monterey. Hospitality stops and Sponsor Villages set up along the route will provide perfect opportunities for spectators to speak with crews, compare models, and imagine driving in these fantastic cars. The driving experience, intertwined with exquisite VIP events, exclusive hospitality, unique sponsorship opportunities and other memorable engagements, will leave a lasting impression for all involved.

The Italian Mille Miglia event is an open road endurance race, currently one of the most important classic sports cars events in the world. From 1927 to 1957, this was a legendary speed race focused on drivers, challenges and adventures. Today, the legacy of the Mille Miglia remains strong through the use of yesterday’s cars on today’s roads. In 2010, over 4 million people lined up on the roads to see the cars and more than 1,500 registered journalists from all over the world covered the events.

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7 August 2011 Disney Pixar 5 Comments


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