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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: Alt Names For Death Throes Rod Redline

For those disturbed by this pic of Rod …

Alternative Names For Death Throes Rod Redline*:

10) “10ยข Razor Waste-o-Money on my Fast Sideburn Growth.”

09) “Magnetized Rod Metal Hates Driving Thru Metal Shavings Beach.”

08) “Rod Missed Low & Narrow Bridge Sign. TWICE.”

07) “Bruce Campbell Tied One On.” (He’s Not a Young Man Anymore)

06) “Rod “Burn Notice” Redline.”

05) “Rod Torque & Grinder Girl.”

04) “Rod Squeezes Out of Graybar Hotel.”

03) “Rod Made by Striking Workers of the World, Unite!”

02) “Rod Thought I Was An Eraser.”

01) “Rod Before He Went to Earl Scheib Paint. He’s all Good Now.”

For Those Disturbed by the the Whole Death Throes Headline Thing … Alternative Headlines.

10) Cheap Via – agra!

09) Google Rod Torque Redline

08) Rod Mesothelioma

07) Rod Off Camera Eating Caramel Oil Bun

06) Rod … ACTING!

05) Should Kids Be Asking Already, “It Seems So Real.”

04) Rod, Bonnet of Butter, Trunk, Buns of Steel.

03) Mater Tall Tales – Rod Ash Returns with Chainsaw Arm.

02) Rod Dating Pippa, Click This Link.

01) Rod Resolves Debt Ceiling Crisis – Get an iPad For $10 Dollars HERE!

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