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Disney Pixar CARS 2: Blu Ray DVD + John Lassetire Version Pre-Order

Yes, the pre-order is already up at Amazon.

And the MASSIVE Director’s Edition 8-DISC set also comes with a diecast, “John Lassetire.”

Technically, you get 11 discs as you get 3 discs that launch the process to download the digital copies of CARS, CARS 2 & Mater Tall Tales Toons.

And of course you get a diecast, John Lassetire, Jeff Gorvette’s Crew Chief …

(the silver box is the 11-disc holder).

Now, John Lassetire is scheduled as a Kmart Crew Chief 2-pack to arrive “soon.” (it’s scheduled to arrive way before the DVD Box Set but of course, scheduled and a certain blue-colored retailer may not exactly mean what it says).

Some adults may want to utter an adult phrase here – quietly and away from the kids …  🙄

This John Lassetire above is purportedly the one from the 2-pack and you’ll notice that John is looking to his right … while the DVD Box Set one has him looking to the left.

Now, it may not mean anything as the Box set one might actually just be a CGI illustration placeholder but if he is looking to the left, that would make it an “exclusive vehicle!” plus they might make him metallic/Ransburg? Rubber tires? No official word yet but it seems likely he will be “different.” Whether that’s worth it to you or not is hard to say.

The CARS 2 DVD/Blu Ray’s will be offered separately without a diecast (see below) if you don’t want to rebuy the CARS 1 discs and/or the Mater Tall Tales discs.

There is no official release date set but it seems likely to be November 1, 2011.

Amazon will sell it to you at a lower price if they lower the price before it ships so if you want the box set, you might want to pre-order it – with Amazon, you pretty much have until the first week in November to cancel it with one click.

The coupon is just below the ordering info.

If you just want the CARS 2 Blu Ray DVD – the 5 pack comes with: CARS 2 DVD, CARS 2 Blu Ray DVD, CARS 2 Blu Ray 3D DVD (requires a 3D TV), CARS 2 Bonus Disc in Blu Ray and the Digital Copy trigger disc.

There is also the regular Blu Ray + DVD 2-disc set … I guess there’s no bonus material or the bonus material is not in Blu Ray format?


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17 July 2011 Disney Pixar, Disney Pixar CARS 3 29 Comments


  • Tom says:

    Pretty cool, but a little rich for me considering I already have BR and DVD of C1 and MTT, oh and we don’t even own a BR player. Would be sweet if they offered Beta or laser disc…

    • bobbyjack says:

      Do BluRay discs even work on regular DVD players? I have no BluRay player because I don’t even have an HDTV yet.

      • No they do not. DVDs will work in BluRay players and I bought a bluray player on amazon for black friday last year and still have not used it, but I did get a good deal on it.

        58.00 I think it was

      • quercy says:

        Well, if you want to double the pleasure and have more for your money get a SONY Blu-ray player…. Buy a Playstation 3 🙂

        • TheCaptain says:

          i second that, quercy. ps3 is the way to go. and bobbyjack, you dont need a hi-def display. you can use s-video or regular video cable till the time comes. our ps3 is hooked up to a budget projector via s-video and throws an awesome 120″ image on a plain wall. we are hoping to upgrade to a 1080p projector and pull down screen later this year, but until then this set up is perfect. no need to go to the theater! (unless of course to see cars 2 in 3d 🙂

  • 5oclockshadow says:

    Very nice looking set.

    I already have all the other versions of Cars DVD/Blu-Ray exclusives. What’s one more? Although I will probably wait until it drops to $50 or so.

  • Bob Eckel/TheeNaughty Knight says:

    For Christmas there is also the very same thing but for $129.99 you will also get a left over Lighting McQueen from Cars 1! lol

  • TheCaptain says:

    really hope its an exclusive. although if its not, sure would save a bunch of money, only missing out on all the digi copies. but honestly i would rather have an exclusive. thanks to met for the reminder that the order can be easily cancelled.

    • sidewall74shine says:

      I hate exclusives. I hope it isn’t.

      • TheCaptain says:

        i hear ya. maybe i should have said ‘different’, or something to entice me to buy the set (instead of the cars 2 blu ray solo) and get something in addition to the discs since digi copies arent worth $45. of course i still have to get the chief, so minus @ $8 for the 2 pack when/if they ever arrive.

  • l8rn8r says:

    This might be hard to resist. I actually don’t have the Mater Tall Tales, but am all set with Cars blu-rays and DVDs. Also get the digital copies for the iPad I might just have to jump on this. I wonder if there will be any discount coupons from Disney on this one?

  • VideoClerk says:

    Ok, so I love that I’ve found this site to help figure out all the cars we need to buy for our Cars-obsessed son. I’ve really enjoyed it. But for a site that notices the eyes on the car are looking the wrong way, a site that spent days trying to determine if an error of tiny paint on car was new variation or not. So for all the tiny details you uncover and dive into, it’s disappointing to see the phrase “Blu Ray DVD” printed in your graphics. Blu-ray Discs are not DVDs, they are simply Blu-rays (not even looking to quibble on the missing hyphen on capital r…) As someone who sells these items and has to have this conversation to confused customers almost daily, I hope you can fix these images and use the correct terms going forward to avoid perpetuating the confusion. Hate to play grammar cop, but it’s just plain incorrect. You wouldn’t ignore someone calling it a John Lassetire Die Cast Model car toy, would you?

  • Mike in Virginia says:

    Excellent. Placed my order. Hope the crew chief ends up being exclusive.

  • MWH80 says:

    I like Lasseter, but I’m not going to put down alot of money for this set. I’ll do like I did with TS3: just get that movie.

  • pwschuh says:

    Nice, but I already own Cars and Maters Tall Tales on Blu Ray, and I don’t want that die cast, so I saved money and just pre-ordered the Cars 2 Blu Ray 2 pack.

  • hypercarrots says:

    both photos of john lassetire look the same, just flipped. his headset is flipped as well. reflections, highlights, shadows all very similar.

    • John in Missouri says:

      I picked up on the same thing, but kept getting “Your comment is awaiting moderation”, so I emailed Met with the original side-by-side with the flipped photo from Amazon. I was trying to quickly cut off any speculation by those who “see and believe” anything they read on the Internet.

  • firefighteruk says:

    Hope to pick this up without doubt.

    I got the Mater Tall tales Blu-ray from the U.S.A and works ok here in the U.K. The DVD that came with it only works on multi region players.

    (MET: There are region codes for BR but 99.9% are off – there are a few – probably a mistake setting).

  • John says:

    Lassetire model is mirrored in the box image, headset microphone is on wrong side also.

    Regular blu ray is also up for pre-order at Amazon

  • quercy says:

    Just placed my order and I was able to use my Amazon points… Total of my order $0.00 🙂 Not bad at all to get this AWESOME SPECIAL EDITION !!! Cannot wait to get this Lassetire diecast!

  • buckland-blowouts says:


  • Indy says:

    Wauw,first real cool thing from the movie.
    Is it available for Europe too?Are the Blu-rays and dvds region free?
    Does anyone know this.Thanks for the info!

    • John in Missouri says:

      I’m pretty sure all Blu-Ray’s are Region-free.

    • slicepie says:

      Firmware can be installed on Blu-Ray and DVD drives to make the drive Region Free, but very rarely are pre-recorded discs Region Free.

      Blu-Ray discs are separated into Regions A, B, and C. Sometimes a disc may show all 3 regions, meaning it can be played on any Blu-Ray player anywhere in the world. Other times there may only be one or two of those letters, indicating which region(s) the disc can be played.

      Region A – North and South America, India, Southeast Asia, and Japan
      Region B – all of Europe, the Middle East, and Australia
      Region C – Russia and China

      DVD’s are slightly different, usually being labeled as Regions 0-9.

      Region 0 – No Region Coding
      Region 1 – United States of America, Canada
      Region 2 – Europe, including France, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Arabia, Japan & South Africa
      Region 3 – Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Borneo and Indonesia
      Region 4 – Australia and New Zealand, Mexico, the Caribbean, and South America
      Region 5 – India, Africa, Russia and former USSR countries
      Region 6 – Peoples Republic of China
      Region 7 – Unused Region
      Region 8 – Airlines/Cruise Ships
      Region 9 – Expansion (often used as region free)

  • LUCA says:

    Someone BUY IT FOR MEeeeeeee!!

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