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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: More No Diecut Variant Diecast Singles CARS & Cards

“Jestrjef” once again found more of the no diecut singles cards.

This is the “normal” singles cardback …

Most cards (and cars) of the first wave produced towards the end of 2010. Here is the so-far only available in the US at BJ Warehouse “no diecut” cards.

The ‘no diecut’ refers to the diecut L-shape cut into the card to act as the peg holder.

All of the cards and CARS produced around early April so fairly fast turnaround to get them to the US. The feature photos of CARS on the back. Since some of the CARS may not have been finalized last year, it was safer just to go with names. It seems likely the next wave of US mainline releases will get the photo treatment.

There are a couple interesting inclusions and exclusions. It definitely leans more towards an English international card in terms of its information – no offer of the Mattel eStore, Shop.Mattel and higher position of international “warnings.”

So, is this cardback for Australia and NE also? And the UK also (in additional to the EU cards?)

The UPC and product codes are the same but the master codes are different – which makes sense since these are not called “CARS 2 CHARACTER CARS.”

The big difference is of course, the regular mainline singles releases in the US have an L hook reinforced with a piece of plastic on the cardback to maintain it’s shape and rigidity on pegs.

These have a flimsy hanging peg of very thin plastic with a round hole to hang on a strip. It is odd as while supermarkets and other large discounters like strip pegs to get in extra merchandiscing, they are usually for lightweight low margin items like ballons or gum or impulse items that you may have forgotten but CARS seems like an odd choice but perhaps Mattel wanted to make sure the ice cream pushcart guy could hang & offer cotton candy and Disney Pixar CARS 2 on his route also?

So, JestrJef found 3 more – Raoul Caroule, Rod Torque & Jeff Gorvette.

So, the singles checklist has been updated (plus short card Rod Torque) has been found also.

Thanks JestrJef for the card-spotting!

BTW, the error cards consist of three cardbacks where the #15 is assigned to both Race Team Sarge & Rod Torque Redline.

In addition, there is an additional Holley Shiftwell without the error numbering and the wheel rims installed backwards.

If none of this makes sense, either collect them all and sort it out later or collect by name only. 🙂

You can view the first post here.


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  • Eric says:

    MET: I don’t know if your Holley wheel variant is meant to be all inclusive, but I think there are at least a couple wheel variants…

    Both sets of wheels backwards have been found on the double 15 cardback
    Rear wheels backwards has been found on the short (non-numbered) cardback

    Finn is news to me, but I will keep my eyes peeled. I have a numbered Rod Torquey single that is packed backwards and has the passenger side mirror attached upside down. It is perhaps my favorite error to date.

  • joejon says:

    Wow, this makes things interesting but, I am trying to get this straight—-which style is the shorter print run in this first wave, die cut or no die cut?

    • PCC says:

      The no-die-cut cars have only been seen at BJ’s warehouse club stores in the U.S. Bj’s has over 180 store operating in 15 states. When you consider WM has over 2500 stores, Target over 1700, Kmart over 1300, and TRU over 800, it is clear the die-cut blister cards are far more common.

  • PCC says:

    Got a 60 day free shopping pass today just so I could score these. The store I visited was pretty well picked over, but I did get both Miles and Petrov along with Finn, Mater, and Rod. Now I need to hunt down the rest of the no-die-cut blister cards variants.

  • djbennett22 says:

    Too cool! my holley is right, but z is 15 and 15 mabee i wont open that one.

  • John in Missouri says:

    Aren’t there also some Finn McMissile errors with backward wheels?

    • old hippie says:

      John. yes there are. They’re not as common as the Holley reverse direction wheels; but they’re out there. I also found an ERROR Finn; on a short card; with the front wheel facing one direction and the back wheel facing the opposite direction.

    • sirtip says:

      I’ve found two finns with gorvette background, should they be stored away

  • jestrjef says:

    Both of the NEWER Hang strips I found did have 1 or 2 slots EMPTY … GASP …. so, someone else might have beat me to some cars … the mystery will continue until I have a chance to check a few more BJ’s locations.

    It is still hard to tell if someone in the store hangs these on the strip or if they show up prehung. (keep your comments clean, ladies and gentlecars 😆 )

    Met, I will keep you posted. 🙂

  • bobbyjack says:

    Family Dollar hung a lot of the die-cut cardbacks on those strips too. They were difficult to locate sometimes hanging on those strips in the middle or corners of the aisle.

    • jestrjef says:

      HA! I know what you mean about HARD TO FIND!! They had 4 of these hang strips strewn about the store …. which is the size of a WALMART … You could fit a Family Dollar Store in the RESTROOM there!! 😆

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