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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS 2: Singles Card Completists? You’re Not Complete Anymore!

Thanks to “Jestrjef,” and his eagle eyes, he spotted not only a card variant but an ENTIRE variant sub-line …

Can you spot it?

Yep, NO diecut on the card that functions as the L hook to hang on a peg.

The peg hook is attached to the back. There are 6 CARS featured with an entirely new cardback different from the regular singles (there is only one design as with the regular singles card now). And of course, while 6 CARS are featured on the cardback, there are 7 releases so far …

Some unexpected inclusions …

And others that are the expected usual suspects …

Jestrjef found them at BJ’s Warehouse – a East Coast-Atlantic Coast-only warehouse club. If you’re unfamiliar with them, you can do a search here.

These might be a packaging exclusive – they got an exclusive in 2006 with the Rollin’ Bowlin’ Mater in a box set. I don’t have the set in hand yet so once I get them, it might solve a few mysteries once we determine production dates and the plant … but for now, another mystery and another 7 to add to your list for card completists … so an updated checklist is in order for card completists.

Of course, the main singles, the short cards and the BJ Warehouse No Diecut Cards … along with a few error cards.

The red signs are for the short cards on the list to be released but not yet out.

There are 7 no diecut cards so far at BJ Warehouse. If you spot anything else, let us know!

There are 4 major error cards – Francesco, Holley Shiftwell & Professor Z have cardbacks with an error numbering listing – showing Rod Torque Redline as #15 when he should be #16. There are also Holley Shiftwell’s with incorrect wheels (installed backwards). These are not really uncommon as they pretty much shipped this way for the first 2-3 cases … so have fun collecting them all.

So, thanks Jestrjef! The hunt is back on!

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