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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: End of Cases Clearance

The last remenents of the CARS cases are appearing at Big Lots.

There are exclusives from Target & WM in the mix … selection varies by store.

Some people have found the Nitroade Crew Chief set and also as you can see, the Team Hauler set. Some people have found some of these at a midwest consolidator, Gordmans (they have a website but do not sell much online).

Thanks for the nice pic, “Jestrjef!”

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  • john says:

    found mater with hood and nitroaide crew sets at Big Lots in So Cal.

    • Eric says:

      Hey John,

      Just for kicks, can you clarify on the Nitroade sets? Did you find the $15 Team Set with pitty, racer and hauler, or did you actually find the Crew Set with three pitties and crew chief? If the latter, what was the price? I have not heard of anyone else finding Crew Sets at Big Lots!… Thanks

  • Eric says:

    It’s safe to say no one has found the crew sets at Big Lots!, but maybe at Gordman’s (or whatever), right? We found team sets and all the other stuff people are mentioning at Big Lots!, but no Final Laps or Crew Sets. The Chase car is definitely Mater with Hood which makes sense because it was in VERY short supply everywhere. The non-Cars 2 cases seem to be reseller repacks. The color changes we saw were in no way shape or form from a case that was sold to retail. Same with the Cars Toons and Megas. Interesting. I will keep my fingers crossed that we get the Chase Guido/Luigi case. MET: Do we know that the last 8 Final Lap cars were never produced, or is there some chance they will show up in a reseller? Thanks!

    (MET: I’m under the impression they were never produced …).

    • Bumper Save says:

      Correct. I was there about an hour or two ago, and there were to Cheif and Pitty Packs, just hauler/racer/pitty sets, lents, Chase Mater, and Megas. No Toons either near me.

    • Eric says:

      Thanks MET! I guess I can pack up my Final Lap sets then… So much for “no car will be released lenticular that doesn’t also come out with fixed eyes”. Maybe I should have hoarded those Wilmar Flatts lentys when I had the chance! haha

      • Bumper Save says:

        lovemini at CarsTheToys lives in China, I believe, and sees future releases and backdoor cars all the time, he has seen a Fixed Eye Wilmar. Nothing more is known though.

  • kdthomas says:

    Went to my third Big Lots in town on the way home from work and finally got lucky. Looks like the clerk was on his break from stocking the Cars stuff because only half of it was unboxed. It felt wierd unboxing new cases…I felt like a kid wondering what was in each.

    Got Miles, Marco Axlebender, and Chase Mater w/ Hood. They also had Leroy but I already had him. Unfortunately, no Bessie or Chuck Choke Cables 🙁

    My Amazon order with Ben Crankleshaft, Oliver Lightload, and Chet Boxkaar also arrived (ordered late Friday for $14). These are just awesome! I noticed View Zeen, Vitoline, and Gasprin haulers are pictured on the back. Wonder if we’ll ever see these or if they got lost in a warehouse along with Shiney Wax hauler?!?

  • BBIG MIKE says:

    SINGLES 4.99-1.25 =$3.75-30@=$2.62 20 CARS AT $2.62=$52.40-$10 KOLHS CASH = 42.49 DIVIDED BY 20 COST PER CAR $2.62

  • aaaf317 says:

    No Bessie at Big Lots? This is the only one we need from Cars 1.

    • Addiction 101 says:

      I got lucky about 2 weeks before Christmas I wandered into a Kohl’s and saw a woman standing there with a Bessie in her hand. I wanted to grab it out of her hand in run, but i resisted. She sat it down for a brief second and the rest is history.

      (MET: That’s funny. She probably thought Kohl’s has the most efficient go-back system EVER. 🙂 ).

  • Addiction101 says:

    Went to 2 Big Lots in the last 3 days. Both had several Elvis RV, Miles Malone, padre, Music Video Mater, Leroy Traffic with Snow Tires, and Chase Mater with Hood (needed this one). Wish I needed them it would have been a great find.

  • kdthomas says:

    Just got back from a Big Lots. Same assortment except no crew chief packs and none of the Deluxe I needed. Picked up a Team Rust-Eze because I never had My Name Is Not Chuck. Team sets were $15, Cars 2 singles were $3.90, Cars 2 launchers were $12. Deluxe were $6. They also had a few really beaten up Final Laps (Marlon).

    If anyone finds a Miles, I neeeeeeed him 🙂 kdthomas1@hotmail.com

  • por356 says:

    When I saw this, I immediately went to Big Lots (can anyone say “Pavlov” – and he is not one of the henchcars).

    I saw something interesting that I haven’t noticed before. They had four Cars 2 characters (LMQ, Finn, Francesco, and Mater) in little clear plastic bags. The bags are stiff and shaped like little paper bags. The characters are larger than the regular line (1/32 scale?) and are made completely out of plastic. They are very light. The markings (including the eyes) are stickers. They do not look like the Disney product line although I guess they could have come from the same molds (I do not have any Disneys to compare them with). They were $5.00 each. Sorry about no photo but I don’t have a camera.

    These struck me as a very strange new line. I don’t know why they would bring out something that so closely matches existing lines but does not seem to have any redeeming social value. I guess they would make nice replacement bodies for a 1/32 racing set.

  • sidewall74shine says:

    Cars 2 and Cars too. Say it out loud.

  • djbennett22 says:

    Hey! my big lots never has any, and i was there the other day looking just like this. due to lack of money i skipped the team sets. but scored miles, tire leroy, and van just cause i dont have him non chase. he is just like van san. at least the mouth is.

  • cac1959 says:

    Only singles I’ve seen were the case with Chase Mater with Hood…

    I did see Cars2 launchers for $12 each – that is in line with the Walmart and Kmart prices… 99 cents less than the Target price… and $1.01 more than the Meijer price.

  • bobbyjack says:

    Has anybody found Case “Z” at one of their Big Lots? I’m guessing we would have heard by now.

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