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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS 2: Mainline Singles Sealed Case Assortments

Since it’s fairly easy to walk into a store – even a gas station to buy the first 15 singles, I have not posted a lot of case assortment info but now that you might want to consider getting full cases, here are the case assortments through the Summer and into the Fall of 2011.

The E case is just showing up in stores.

There are no set dates for CASES F and after other than summer but presuming Hydraulic Ramone is first to ship to Kmart for Kmart CARS Day #6 on June 24, 2011, the F case probably will arrive in July and then G probably late August and H September. There’s no specific breakdown for H other than Miguel & Lewis Hamilton will be in there and the other CARS included marked with an X.

Also keep in mind that assortments might change the further out it goes.

Will there be an I & J? Unknown but probably. K is probably reserved for Kmart CARS Day #7 in October (October 22?). L certainly looks like a Christmas case for general retailers.

Then ready or not, “2012” will begin in late October or November.


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  • Rebecca says:

    Found Miles and Petrov at TRU today in CO Springs CO. Yay!!!

  • Jesus says:


  • The rarest one for me is Luigi and Guido. I can’t find them anywhere! Except in that 2 pack with Uncle Topolino.

  • John in Missouri says:

    Can we assume that Kmart Day #6 will feature Case K?

    (MET: The last few times they went with a number).

  • Stig McQueen says:

    Is anyone else as disappointed in Mattel’s quality control as I am? I popped into my local Target this evening, and every one of the 4-packs had a two-tone LMQ (nose a different shade of red than the body). Every Jeff Gorvette, singles and 4-pack, had fuzzy headlights and what looked like bug splatters all over the hood (post-race dirt, perhaps?). The only Carla Veloso single had a tear in the graphics on the edge of the wing. Did all of Target’s shipments come from the “iffy” factory, or what?

    • quercy says:

      With the reduction of metal and increase of plastic it is obvious the quality is also impacted. CARS 2 is all about making more with less. I try to not look at my cars 2 too closely… They are very beautiful the way I see them 🙂

      • Stig McQueen says:

        More with less is one thing, but no kid is going to want to open up a brand new toy and find chipped, mismatched and dirty “paint.” If it is a case of doing more with less, then Mattel’s accountants need to heed Albert Einstein’s advice: “Not everything that counts can necessarily be counted, and not everything that can be counted necessarily counts.”

        • DDD says:

          I’m an eye-paint fanatic, and it’s always been tough. (Anything I buy online I hold my breath.) Multi-packs, forget it trying to find all clean cars. In addition to “ulcers,” nicks, and bumps, problems include eyes not registering (fitting evenly) in the windshields and lousy trim around the windshields. I don’t think I’m unreasonable, and the problems vary so much I know they can get everything right. You just have to find one where the QC stars aligned.

          Disney Store Cars aren’t much better…how can they let cars go out with pupils flipped onto the eyelids? At least there’s a lot to choose from.

    • Mariela says:

      Yeap..totally horrible!! McQueen’s front bumper is ugly, you can tell from a distance that it’s plastic!

  • snosno says:

    I can find Carla’s, Fillmore’s, L&G’s and Rod’s all over the place in my neck of the woods.

  • Sandy says:

    I have gone to several stores and at one walmart all you see is Mater, McQueen, Finn and Francesco. The hardest to find is Carla, Fillmore, luigi and guido. Today I went to target and out of maybe 10 cases they only had one Carla. Shelves were fully stocked and only one Carla.
    And that Double Decker Bus will be the next hard to find deluxe. Couldn’t find him in several stores. But plenty of the the rest of the deluxe so I think kingpin will take a while to get to me.

    Anyone had any luck on finding the last case of lenticulers?

  • apklimon says:

    Rarest one for me is Finn McMissle, I can’t find that anywhere…;-)

  • Future Pixar Goddess says:

    just curious here but how does the double decker bus rate on the “rare” finds scale? It may seem silly but I want to make sure if i see a certain car in the store I buy the ones that wont be there if i have to come back for them

  • Man-I-Fold says:

    Almost all of the Carlas I’ve seen have substantial card damage before they even come out of the case. I saw at least 10 of them before I was able to find just 1 card that is near mint. If this is the case elsewhere, then could a Carla with a clean, uncreased cardback be the hardest to come by thus far?

    • Bumper Save says:

      I’ve only ever seen two Carlas, at my local Sears. One of them was in the condition you mentioned yet the other was pristine.

      • bobbyjack says:

        I traded about 8 or 9 Carlas back in March and I had to go a lot of different Family Dollars just to find cards that weren’t damaged.

    • babychristianscars says:

      carla is hanging out on the pegs at my family dollar. I bought her april 15th and left 7 on the pegs.

    • babychristianscars says:

      are darrell, guido and luigi same as cars 1 or different?

      haven’t found in real life yet and wanted to know if I need to hunt them down.

      • Bumper Save says:

        IDK about Darrell but Luigi and Guido have the 95 logo on the sides.

        • Man-I-Fold says:

          It appears that Darrel’s eye/eyelids and mouth have been redesigned; I only got a glance at it before hiding it away from the kids…for now. I’m not sure about Luigi and Guido’s appearance other than the “95” decal.

  • Jinzo says:

    Rarest so far at my location is Luigi/Guido. Since the release day, I have only encounter 2 of them. Case assortments back that up. Everything else, is easy to find. Carla requires a bit of work but not that bad.

  • Fillmore1234 says:

    The only reason why I want CASE L is so there will be more Carla Veloso. Otherwise, I’ll pass on it. I just found my first Carla yesterday. There was only 1 there, and the package was beat up, so that was an excuse for an opener.
    It seems that Race Team Fillmore is going to be the rarest, with only 2 so far and NONE coming out anytime soon. But somehow I’ve found more of him than Carla Veloso or Professor Z COMBINED!

    This is gonna be one heck of a year…

  • collectormom says:

    Thats a LOT of Finn McMissile!

  • slicepie says:

    I have a different assortment for Case H and mine doesn’t have Lewis Hamilton coming out until Case J, which does apparently exist.

  • bobbyjack says:

    Thanks for posting this here. I can’t log on to the other Cars site at work and I usually do my Cars hunting on my way home from work.

  • jestrjef says:

    Great Checklist, Met!! Thanks! 🙂

  • cac1959 says:

    Never thought I’d be one to complain that there are too many Cars being released… but…

    Thanks for another great list.

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