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Disney Pixar CARS 2: More CARS 2 YouTube Videos to Watch


Disney Pixar and the Department of Transportation has teamed up to create a DON’T DRIVE WHILE DISTRACTED clip which features more scenes from the film …

Francesco – WHAT an ACTOR!

And no wisenheimer comments about how you watched this on your smartphone while driving …

A preview of the Tokyo race with new additional clips.

The ‘making of’ featurette EXTENDED VERSION is up with more new clips and scenes not previously seen or an extended version of the previous clip …

The State Farm Sweepstakes TV Spot (different from the Insurance TV Spot)

State Farm, the sponsor of the Agents on a Mission Tour

And while in Russian, still fun to see WITH different CARS (& Mater) …

What’s Russian for ‘Collect Them All.’

And the MAKING OF video – in Russian also but interesting to see the process.

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