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Disney Pixar CARS 2: Books of CARS 2 – Reviewed

The first wave of CARS 2 books are out and while I will not reveal too much here, the books are ALL MASSIVE SPOILER ALERTS as they tell the CARS 2 story in chapters or as the complete story so YOU ARE WARNED. But if you might be scared if Luigi pops into a scene, by reading all these beforehand, you’ll know the dude is lurking in the corner … or if you’re easily forgetful. 🙂

A must own, the CARS 2 Essential Guide is a great mini-encyclopedia of the main characters of CARS 2 – like the one from CARS 1, it’s only about 64 pages but the “photos” of the CARS are all large & bright. It also explains who wins the two races and alludes to the ultimate resolution so don’t read it very closely until after the film opens!

The one for CARS is still available.

The CARS 2 Junior Novelization is 128 pages long – not only the entire story but also 8 pages of screenshots. I’m not sure the exact age it’s aimed for but you know if the kid you’re getting this for is ready for a 128 page book … the “photos” are all of CARS you already know and out as diecasts but this book is essentially the movie told in book form. So clearly, it’s a MASSIVE SPOILER ALERT.

The STEP IN ADVENTURES & GOLDEN BOOK CARS basically break down the movie into segments and each book tells that portion of the story like the Italian race, Finn at the oil rig etc, etc …

So great books for beginning and young readers but they basically explain that segment of the movie in great detail so again, do they want to know the “chapters” of the movie ahead of time or wait until after they’ve seen it.

The Full list of STEP INTO READING CARS & CARS 2 BOOKS at Amazon.

The Full list of CARS & CARS 2 GOLDEN BOOKS at Amazon.

There is also a CARS Storybook Collection which features about 20 short stories of the ganf of CARS 1 – some with new characters never seen before with one CARS 2 story that tells the story of CARS 2 (Yes, the entire story) so you are WARNED!

But otherwise a great collection for intermediate readers – fun illustrations and a HUGE book that will keep them occupied for hours.

If you’re familiar with the Disney Storybook Collection books, this is another great value. Just give it to them AFTER June 24.

For younger kids, the CARS 2 books don’t give away as much …

The CARS 2 Best Friends Book which has the cool record-your-own voice feature so you can record the book in your voice for the kids.

For little kids, the CARS 2: Taking the Lead has sliding flaps.

The CARS 2 World Tour also for little kids features the steering wheels with sounds.

The CARS 2: Loud as Lightning has a motion activated sound chip – a gyroscope chip in a kid’s book – man, I had to make my own sounds as a kid … what’s next – a sound efx chip embedded in us to entertain others? When we’re eating, a nom-nom sound plays, if we trip, we get the TOINK sound?

The biggie is of course, the Art of CARS 2 (a series of great books – one each for every Pixar film) – NEW Release date: June 22, 2011 so you only have 2 days before the film is out.

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  • jamarmiller says:

    What I want to know, is what is the lizzie looking vechile ( the miner , ) name ? and does Lizzie appear in Cars 2 and is DOC dead ? or gone off somewhere ?

    (MET: Lizzie definitely appears in the film – as a diecast – that’s another matter? Doc is in a tribute somewhere? End credits?).

  • quercy says:

    I have bought a 96 pages “Special Collector’S Edition” at Kroger yesterday (semi hard cover). Including 56 page CARS 2 Movie Comic (Lots of spoilers) Has Games, Puzzles, Posters, etc… Very well done. You can subscribe to the Disney – Pixar Car Magazine (page 17) On Sale in October only. The cover price was $9.99 (if you subscribe to 8 issues price will be $3.74 an issue see http://www.disneymagazines.com/cars). I read the story and I was disappoint about the usage of the word “kill” several times. I was expecting Pixar will be smarter and use more appropriate words for a kid movie such as “send him to the scrapyard” or “put him in the compactor”. On the other hand I also bought a 96 pages magazine (paper cover) at my comic store for $5.99. On top of the magazine it says Disney Pixar CARS on the bottom is “RALLY RACE”. This is produced by Marvel. You can also subscribe for 6 issues at $17.97 total.

  • bobbyjack says:

    That’s funny you posted this today. I was checking out the new display at the TRU in Columbia, MD with all the same stuff we bought last week,(with the exception of finish line frenzy)when I stumbled upon the Cars 2 book section. I ended up buying the Cars 2 Storybook Collection and got a nice suprise at the register. The cover price was $15.99 and it was on sale for $11.99. Not too bad for 20 new bedtime stories. We are still reading the Toy Story Storybook Collection and my son is very excited to see the new Cars book. Throw in the Thomas the Tank Engine Story book and those three are over 1000 pages of bedtime stories!

  • por356 says:

    The Essential Guide is excellent, as are all of the DK books. For instance, the illustration of the Submarine Finn McMissle shows him with elongated fins and underwater breathing apparatus, neither of which are on the diecast. Fodder for customizers.

  • AidensMom624 says:

    We got our Panini Cars2 sticker book a few days ago … Anyone else ? … Ready to start trading stickers ? 🙂

  • Mcmean says:

    My 3 year old just came over as I was looking at this post. I explained these were the cars 2 books. He immediately said, “No Dad, that is a cars 1 lightning Mcqueen..”, referring to the LMQ on the essential guide.

  • Micky says:

    I have the Cars 2 Essential Guide and have The Art of Cars 2 on order. Also, yesterday at the Comic Store I picked up 2 copies of the new Disney Pixar Magazine featuring Cars. It’s a full color 96 page comic book style magazine (larger size than regular comics). Will put one copy on the trading board.

  • cac1959 says:

    I’ve got 7 of the books so far with more on the way… Yes, there are spoilers in some of them, but I don’t care… there are times I read a book first and then see the movie, and other times when I see a movie first and then read the book.

    The Cars2 marketing blitz is in full force…

    And yes, a lot of the books are neat.

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