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Disney Pixar CARS 2: Lewis Hamilton & Tokyo Starting Grid

FI racer, Lewis Hamilton is the latest character named (officially) …

I’m guessing in real life,ย  he has a little tooth gap? ๐Ÿ™‚

Here he is sitting in a real street version of the MacLaren …

Here he is hanging out with other champion racers, Jeff Gorvette & Lightning.

And I think the starting grid for the Tokyo race seems to be all in place …

Starting from the front row Raoul ร‡aRoule, & Miguel Camino.

Then – Max Schnell & Jeff Gorvette.

Lewis Hamilton (behind Jeff Gorvette) & Nigel Gearsley

Rip Clutchgoneski (behind Nigel) and Shu Todoroki

Carla Veloso (blue-green) slightly ahead of Lightning McQueen in the next to last row

… and Francesco Bernouilli.

In the trailers, we have seen a glimpse of a few other racers – these are probably the main 11 – maybe a few others have crashed out? And of course, the trailer scenes may not be in the film itself – they might add some racers – both to have additional foils or comic relief and of course, maybe to sell a few more diecasts. ๐Ÿ™‚

In any case, it seems pretty unlikely they will squeeze in more than a handful of other racers so it probably is safe to guess the CARS 2 racers will number less than 20.

It does look like this previously un-named racer character diecast is Miguel Camino …

Thanks “ScoobyDoo” for Lewis Hamilton photos and info and all others who helped assemble the grid info. Thanks!

For fans of Lewis Hamilton, he’ll be at Watkins Glen – switching race cars with Tony Stewart for a couple laps before the NASCAR race later this year.


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