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I Want a Google Map of 2,001 Movie Set Locations … Done!

Have you ever thought, I would like to click on a Google Map of 2,001 movie set locations worldwide to see what movies were shot where …

Now, just for you – DONE!

Yep, just click on any dot* … What are the films shot on location in the Cayman Islands?

* Not yet, these are just jpegs, click on link at end. 🙂


Including links to IMDB.

Check it out at BoxOfficeQuant.com

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28 March 2011 Film 6 Comments


  • stephanie j says:

    kind of neat… too bad the dot for Devil’s Kettle Falls in Northern Minnesota is a hundred miles off the mark. the falls are ON Lake Superior, not in the middle of the BWCAW.

  • TarheelBill says:

    All of the Cars 2 cars look great and I’m sure the movie will be great. I just feel a little “hung out to dry” with collecting Cars 1 cars. It seems that all of the major retailers have pretty much axed the Cars 1 line making it almost impossible to find the already released (at least in a few areas) Cars 1 items and even most of the online information coming out now is Cars 2. I fully understand the excitement over the new movie but for those of us who have invested five years into collecting Cars, it would be nice to at least have a chance to finish what we started in 2006.

  • Dodger says:

    Nice! Hey Met; that is another awesome link
    from your “million-collection”!
    Now I want the TV-show map….

    (MET: Not as nice looking – just text … so I guess we’re counting on you to webify it 2011 … 🙂 ).

  • Ace Diamondrunner says:

    You may have known that Dr. No was shot in Jamaica, but did you know it was Jamaica, IOWA?!?

    BOND: “I’ll have a corn martini…shaken, not stirred.”

    Guess the QA squirrels let one through. 🙂

  • John in Missouri says:


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