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Disney Pixar CARS 2: State Farm “Agents on a Mission” Replica CARS 2 30-City Tour Complete Schedule

Finally, a complete schedule …

The 30-city life-sized Lightning, Mater & Finn McMissile replicas started their tour yesterday – Tuesday March 22, 2011 at the Mall of America in Minneapolis …

At each event fans will be able to see the β€œCars” characters face-to-face as well as see the cars that the characters were modeled after. There will also be a number of β€œCars 2β€³-themed activities, including: a video kiosk, e-photo opportunities, Games & Giveaways.

The city schedule is in this order*: Kansas City, MO; St. Louis, MO (3 locations); Columbus OH, Cincinnati (3 locations including Milford & Florence); Cleveland, Detroit, Toronto, Ottawa, Philadelphia, New York City, Boston, Allentown, PA; Washington DC …


Orlando, FL (Disney World – d’uh); Miami, Atlanta, Charlotte, NC (Coca Cola NASCAR); Dallas, Phoenix, Las Vegas, San Diego, Los Angeles (World Premiere) and release weekend – June 24 … NASCAR race in Sonoma CA (Infineon) & one at Pixar in Emeryville.

June 25 is Kmart CARS Day #6 so it’s a CARS 2 CARS Weekend!

Check below for your specific city or region – time and place – some locations are still TBD.

* For those who care, they are making more than one set of replica CARS 2 CARS to display … just in case you were worried one might be stolen in a city before it gets to you and they hand you a sketch of what it might look like.

So, send us some pics – get us a poster! πŸ™‚ Anyone go to the Minneapolis event?

Some locations TBD on the schedule have updated info at Disney CARS Events.

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  • mickwonkylegleft says:

    Hey Metrozin, long time no correspondence, I am the guy from UK who you dared to kill, cause pain and all that because I tried to sell a red rans mcqueen, well hey met, I got stuff from Road in Aus and he assured me mine was real exactly as on take 5 a day as you show it now!!!! and how to spot a real team one. Cheers bud you are showing mine so big love. So long time no talk. Just needed to say I am now a complete, completist, every single car from Cars 1, due to a mate in the states I met through your slaughter of me, so met, you pissed of road in Australia, he told me so, and as for all the odd ones like Jack Daddy who really got on my case and others who caused me so much grief, I just want to thank you. no greif required please. I have them all, I am forgetting Cars 2 it is James Bond revisited, no answers required. Sorry to but in to your blog, just felt I needed to say this. Oh and an SOS set to my name and everything else.
    Love to all you Cars fans they are brillo take care you lot MickwonkylegleftXXXXXXXXXXXXXX PS thanks Met for all your hard work cool dude OK.

  • LASinCA says:

    Hadn’t figured on going, but they’ll be at the Glendale Americana Wednesday. Maybe I will.

  • quercy says:

    Cannot believe they were in Dallas only one night… in the middle of the week… WHAT IS THAT TOUR SCHEDULE??? Very disappointing since there is no other stop at least 5 hours away from that MAJOR city.

  • Went to the one in Phoenix today. What a waste of time. Review up on the blog.

  • Sloths14 says:

    Does anyone have any info on the May 4th Boston Date?? Can’t find it anywhere.

    (MET: It doesn’t seem to be on the list anymore – it seems Boston is not on the list anymore and the NY Auto Show is closest to you now … not exactly in the same neighborhood).


    I wish that there was more advertisement for this, appearently it was in the Florence, Ky and Cincinnati Oh area and I a grandmother that has bought every cars vehicle, and track type toys, a bedroom with everything CARS missed it my 5 year old grandson, if told would be very disappointed

    (MET: Yea, it was a fight to get this info – hope you can find it close by still …).

    • bobbyjack says:

      I was trying to find out where in my city the event was going to be and I looked on Disney’s Cars 2 website under events, it lists more details.

  • taylor says:

    What a great chance to make some bucks from cars toy sales, but sounds like there aint much to buy.

  • j. bloeser says:

    Just got done waiting for 3 hours to see this at transportation museum in st Louis, mo. Line got cut off about 100 people behind us. We were all told we’d get to participate. At 4pm, the scheduled close, we were 3 people from seeing the cars. The state farm people @ exactly 4 began packing it all up. I asked the guy from state farm who told us no problem all of us participating what was going on. He told me things change and they were done. We were able to take some pics, but couldn’t do the mission or get the customized promotional bag. The other people behind us were just as pissed, I’m sure. The indifference and uncaring attitude of the Disney and Statefarm staff is appalling. If you say we can do it, don’t change your mind last minute. Way to build good will — which is what I thought this tour was about. As far as I am concerned, Disney and statefarm can blow me.
    If you go to any of these in the future, arrive early, and try and anticipate if you’ll see it before closing time, cause if not, and even if they say you can, if the clock says its over, you are screwed. Imagine if these people would have just put the extra 30 mins in to accommodate the last few people. It wasn’t like more people were getting in line.

    (MET: Here’s their Facebook page …)

    • jestrjef says:

      I can only imagine the frustration there πŸ™ … I will plan to be super early to the Orlando visit … Downtown Disney is AMAZING … I hope that it goes better in Disney’s backyard! πŸ™‚

    • John in Missouri says:

      There’s always this stop today:

      4-7 p.m., Monday, March 28, Wehrenberg’s Ronnie’s 20 Cine 5320 S Lindbergh Blvd, St. Louis, Mo., 63126

  • nifoula71 says:

    Nothing in Seattle sons of …….

  • buckland-blowouts says:

    Toronto!!! EH!!! That’s awesome!!! Thanks for not lettin’ us slip by!!!

    Can’t wait!!!!!

  • Tom says:

    2 days in DC? Including Baltimore, we are the 4th largest metro in the country and we only get 2 days? It is going to be CROWDED!

    • bobbyjack says:

      Noon to 5 on Mother’s day in Silver Spring, My wife and son will go to that one while I have to work. Yuck. Then 10 to 7 at the Spy Museum in DC on Monday. I wonder if it is included in admission? Maybe I should call in sick on that Monday? Hmmmmm. Never been to the spy Museum before…

  • kdthomas says:

    I’ll be in Sonoma.

  • oliversmom says:

    Los Angeles – June 17th – ok, will mark the calendar….
    Mariela! are you in?

  • DJBENNETT22 says:

    I been in 3 states including the one i live in pa ny & ohio, and ill be going to disney world cause im snare in marching high school band mabee the only time ill ever go to disney or florida, but if mqueen could just plese come to disney when im there like april 20-30 around there. i will be happy.

  • stephanie j says:

    I didn’t know about MOA but I caught them at the Minneapolis Auto Show on Sunday 3/20. Which means they were here for a week. McMissile looks great. I wanted to take it out for a spin around the neighborhood. Most people didn’t even know who he was. I heard one Mom call him Sally. Mater and McQueen they knew, of course. Pictures were hard because of the ‘velvet rope’ keeping us ‘kids’ back.

  • quercy says:

    Very desapointed. Closest one for me is 5 hours away and is in the middle of the week… I tought Dallas will have it at least for a full week-end… I will need to wait 2012 Cars’ land. πŸ™

  • Micky says:

    I’ll be there, Downtown Disney, Orlando FL πŸ™‚

  • Jack says:

    10 days over 2 weekends in NY at the international auto show which is always great anyway. Guess I will have to take a trip with the kids. Why not tease ourselves a bit more waiting for Cars 2.

  • cac1959 says:

    I’m planning a day off from work next week to drive down to the Cincinnati area… I’m hoping to be able to take pictures… it does seem strange to me that Chicago and Denver are not on the list… and there are no cities in the Pacific northwest…

  • raw says:

    I took the boy and a friend of his (both 3) to the Mall of America last night and left unsatisfied. I was expecting more I guess. To their credit they took photos that they will post online that you can download and print for free. But touching the cars was frowned upon and taking the photos was an issue. Who wants to look at the camera when Lightning is right there. They would much rather look at the cars. Supposedly they can move by remote but we didn’t see them move and they “purr”-which we heard, but they obviously spent some money, they should have spent a little more to have their facial expressions change and talk. Finally, I didn’t notice anything interactive or any games. All there was, was a big overhead screen and a tv showing a Cars 2 trailer. It was nice to see the kids faces but temper your expectations.

  • JesseG says:

    I was able to attend the event last night at the Mall of America. It was hard to get a real good picture of McQueen, but I got a couple that I think look decent and a few of Finn and Mater too. Finn looked pretty cool and Mater looked the same. They had some video shorts running that where pretty cool to watch. If someone wants to post them I can email them to you. Shoot me a message at jjgundy74 at yahoo dot com and I will send them to you to post.

  • John in Missouri says:

    St. Louis is only at 2 locations over 3 days. Saturday & Sunday at the Transportation Museum and then Monday afternoon at a movie theater.

  • jestrjef says:

    Cetral Flordia Collector’s UNITE!! YES!!! First one to Finn wins!!! πŸ˜€

  • Stig McQueen says:

    Hooray — they’re coming to my town! Had to wait until a family trip to WDW in 2007 to see LMQ & Mater last time. Never did see the NASCAR Hudson Hornet or Sally…

  • Alex says:

    What, where are the locations near Chicago?!

    • Man-I-Fold says:

      Good point, Alex! We had Cars2 McQueen and Mater at the Chicago Auto Show last month, along with the video game kiosk and Cars2 trailer viewing station, but I guess we don’t get to see Finn McMissile here. They certainly could set it up at Chicagoland Speedway during a Nascar race, or in countless malls around the city and suburbs.

      • MWH80 says:

        I guess Chicago isn’t classy enough for super-spies.

        • kachow95 says:

          yeah, we had a chance to take some pictures with mater and lightning at the auto show and had fun taking pics with the other crew members as well. they should’ve had finn in there. visitors were looking at them like a regular vehicle; if they only knew the impact cars has on us!!!

          • Man-I-Fold says:

            Thanks again MWH80; I would have missed this if it weren’t for your message. Kachow, cool that you had a blast. No one was around when Manifold Jr. and I were there, and though I know it’s not ethical, he did get right next to them and touched Mater’s rusty paint and pull chains on the rear. Maybe they should just go ahead and let kids touch them. It’s kind of like a MOC versus an opener diecast – LOL!

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