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Disney Pixar CARS 2: CARS Land Gate Goes Up & Mountains From Molehills

Courtesy of Al from MiceChat.com, a roundup update of new theme park construction including CARS land … and the CARS Land gate to keep you out unless you’re wearing a hard hat … 🙂

And building at a feverish pace – for sheer scale, you can check out the construction workers …

There is also a little kiosk selling CARS items – nothing from CARS 2 yet …

You can check out more pics at MiceChat.com – thanks Al!

Think the neighbors would mind if you built a replica gate like this leading to your house?

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22 March 2011 Disney, Disney Pixar, Disney Pixar CARS 3 6 Comments


  • DJBENNETT22 says:

    Oddly enough i think i had a dream last night with Timothy twostoke in it… i was like flying above the stands and all i remember seeing was his face screaming, lol! ” Timothy TWO STROKES ” as met once said. Also, i think kathy (in the video) stole john lasetters shirt…

  • cac1959 says:

    I’m hoping to visit in 2012 when I fly out to California to visit my parents… It looks incredible… awesome… incredibly awesome…

  • Mariela says:

    Can’t wait to go!! Looks awesome!! 😮

  • Jack says:

    Looks like Cars land is going to be a beautiful and fun park. Disney the best at making magical places.
    I hope they do something in Florida too. How could any Cars fan not want to visit? Actually riding down a recreated route 66 will be incredible.

    • MWH80 says:

      Jack- I like the concept of keeping Cars Land exclusive to Disneyland in California. It may seem cruel not to give the other park its own Cars Land, but that just means that WDW can have space for something equally special to get you to go.

      Kind of like Tokyo DisneySeas: that’s a themed land you can’t see anywhere else.

  • karen says:

    I know my son will be so excited when this finally opens and we fly out to CA for it.

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