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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: The Retail of It – March 2011

Found these at Walmart …

Are they clearanced all over the country?

Nothing else was at clearance for CARS.

“InfinitiMcQueen” says his store is just stuffed with Final Lap CAR (yea, not plural) …

Apparently Marlon ‘clutches’ McKay not all that popular … but if anyone needs a fleet of them … you know where they are …

Final Laps are $4.99 here – $3.99 a new discounted price or always that?


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5 March 2011 Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 11 Comments


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  • Tom says:

    All LMECs were reduced to $1 at the local WM. All they had were LMQ and one King… took the opportunity to get all the LMQ variants I didn’t have.

  • John says:

    Just returned from our local TRU. (Los Angeles area) Assistant manager saw me scanning the nearly empty pegs in the CARS section. “Anything I can do for you?”, she asked. “Well you really havn’t had anything new since Christmas”, I replied. “Nope”, she said, “we’ve been told to make do with what we have until the new CARS movie stuff comes out.”

    They have moved all of the wooden two packs to an endcap where there’s an excellent selection at $12.99 each….

  • sxc245 says:

    I was told by a employee, who scanned all the cars UPC, that walmart will no longer carry cars. Hopefully she was referring to cars 1 and not cars 2.

  • MWH80 says:

    Marlon’s in unison: HEY NO CAMERAS!! GET OUTTA HERE!!!

  • LASinCA says:

    Walmart does not clearance on a nationwide basis like Target. They do it store by store, department by department. My local Walmart has had some of the same stuff on clearance for over a year now. Those Color Changers have not sold well anywhere that I have seen. TRU has raised the price on those and the TOONs, though!

  • cac1959 says:

    Strange inventory in the Cincinnati area yesterday… Found basically the J case (set of 6) at 8 stores and the K case set of 4 at the Newport (KY) store that was doing the soft opening… the Newport store also had Deluxe Toons – Rasta Mater and Daredevil McQueen. Next to no lenticulars at any of the Target stores – just McQueens and Chief RPM and lenticulars were NCF at all stores.

    Walmart was even worse – only 1 store had any Deluxe Cars… none had Deluxe Toons… and none had any relatively new lenticulars and some had less than 6 on the pegs… According to associates at all stores I talked to, they are not going to receive new stock on any of those items as they are downsizing the Cars section in advance of the Cars2 display that will be out May 15.

    I also heard from team members at a few of the Target stores that they are no longer getting in entire case assortments but rather big boxes that have the loose Cars of various sizes dumped in them… makes it harder to sort, and means they are more likely to have bent and damaged cardbacks… based on yesterdays store findings, that could be entirely true.

  • jestrjef says:

    WOWSER’s!!! I think someone used the I.R.P. in this area … Inventory Relocation Program. 🙂 I have used it myself a few times to encourage a restock at a close Target while BANISHING Cars that were not needed to a distant Target. I mustsay that I have never seen THIS before … the I.R.P. used for one SPECIFIC Car!! 😆

  • LUCA says:

    The Cars 1 car i don’t want is Marlon Clutches 🙂

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