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Disney Pixar CARS: Pre-Order Blu Ray DVD Combo (Not a Repeat) + CARS DVD Checklist

Pre-order the Blu Ray & DVD Combo DVD for CARS coming April 12, 2011 …

Okay, technically the Blu Ray DVD & regular DVD combo pack was released last November but it came with two diecast CARS … this is technically the first ever combo pack DVD release without the CARS so if you are a DVD packaging completist, collect them all!

This Blu Ray-DVD Combo Set also includes a “free” ticket for CARS 2 in the theater on June 24, 2011 so that counts as a little bit of a discount.

On April 12, 2011 – it’s also the first release of the INCREDIBLES Blu Ray DVD Digital Copy Combo Set, and if you order the CARS Set also, you get $10 off from Amazon for buying both.

(just place both items in your basket and at checkout, they will delete $10 from your order).

Or if you still have not gotten a CARS Blu Ray DVD + regular DVD disc and you still want the two exclusive diecast CARS, the Ultimate CARS Gift Pack is still available.

Yes, the Blu Ray, DVD and “extras” on the DVD discs are the same but this one comes with two diecast CARS.

DVD Cover WM

But wait, how’s this to add to the confusion – if you want the Blu Ray DVD and the regular DVD Combo Pack BUT you don’t want the diecast CARS AND you loathe the smaller Blue Blu Ray DVD case, you can buy a version of the Blu Ray and DVD discs in a regular old DVD sized case! You’re in luck!

Er. Collect Them all?!

So, let’s recap all the versions available:

CARS DVD (Widescreen)

CARS DVD (Full Screen)

CARS DVD (Widescreen-Spanish)


CARS Blu Ray DVD + Regular DVD + 2 Diecast CARS + 5.1 Dolby + Mater & Ghostlight in HD.

CARS Blu Ray DVD + Regular DVD + 5.1 Dolby + Mater & Ghostlight in HD + CARS 2 Theater ticket (Blu Ray Blue DVD Case)

CARS Blu Ray DVD + Regular DVD + 5.1 Dolby + Mater & Ghostlight in HD + CARS 2 Theater ticket (DVD Case)

And coming a week earlier is Everything TRON … which also comes in a dizzying array of choices.

The Blu Ray 3D, Blu Ray, DVD & Digital Copy of TRON: Legacy + the Blu Ray and DVD of TRON (the original movie).

That 5-Disc set also comes in a “collector’s” version where you get all the 5-discs in a TRON Identity Ring Disc display … that lights up or glows.

Or if you just want TRON:Legacy on Blu Ray + DVD without the original TRON.

And if you just want TRON the original movie on Blu Ray & DVD.





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