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Disney Pixar CARS 2: Mack-ie is back in Town – Aussie Town

The Mack CARS 2 Tour has begun … “MCL Sydney” sends us pics from Sydney?



Deco Your Truck!

Fun activities for the kids …

Oh no, traffic circle! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

Very cute!

Mack’s Bachelor’s Pad …

Mostly metal 🙂

Thanks for the nice pics, MCL Sydney & kids!

Where next for the tour?

And of course, CARS 2 opens 1 day BEFORE the US opening day … and with the losing one day with crossing the international dateline, you can catch it in Australia, hop on a plane and rest for a day and see it in Hawaii … not a bad way to start June.

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27 February 2011 Australia, Disney Pixar CARS 3 10 Comments


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