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Disney Pixar CARS 2: Lego CARS 2 – Time to Clear a 3rd Room

Sometimes you should be carefully of what you ask for … because when it comes true, your budget will take a hit. 🙂

Lego, Lego, Lego my Lego CAR 2 Lego.

Spy Jet Escape (@$49.99 May, 2011)

And closer pics of Siddeley the plane.

That’s Holley, Finn McMissile, Mater, Red Gremlin & Grem minion.

Grand Prix Racing Rivalry (@$14.99 May, 2011)

Or the larger more complete version …

The CARS 2 International Racing Circuit (@$89.99, May 2011)

With Pit Crew Mater, Shu Todoroki & Luigi.

Luigi & Guido Pit Crew are represented in …

Tokyo Pit Stop (@$14.99, May 2011)

And of course, you have to stop at Flo’s V8 Cafe …

Flo’s v8 Cafe (@$59.99, May 2011)

With Radiator Springs McQueen and Townie Mater …

I would quibble Fillmore looks more like a character from Thomas … but otherwise, very cute.

And what’s a set without Mack?

Mack’s Team Truck  (@$39.99, May 2011)

And also shown, giant Mater …

Ultimate Build Mater (@$29.99, May 2011)

There will also be an ultimate build Francesco Bernoulli & Lightning McQueen.

This is the Ultimate Build McQueen

Only a low res photo of Ultimate Build Francesco so far …

Our original post on what’s coming for Lego CARS 2 is HERE. The Set #8424 – CARS Mater’s Spy Zone might now be called the Spy Jet Escape set shown above.

There is one more big set they are probably saving for Christmas: Set #8426 – CARS Escape at Sea

And there will be Duplo sets also … for those who like to keep track of all the detailed info:

Set #5817 – Agent Mater
Set #5818 – Italian Luigi
Set #5819 – Race in Tokyo
Set #5828 – Big Bentley
Set #5829 – Pit Stop

Looks like a crazy busy years for CARS 2 collectors. 🙂

And perfect to attach to my iPhone case.

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