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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Next & Last (?) Lenticular Cases

This next lenticular case looks interesting with 4 NEW CARS (including 2 CHASE CARS) … which leads me to believe that it might be an endcap-sidekick for WM?

(no assortment quantities).

The reason I suspect is because of the two CHASES? But maybe since there are three Chase CARS left and only two cases, they just crammed two in here just to geter’ done?

And this certainly looks like the last case (again, no assortments) as it looks like a last chance and goodbye to the townie favs?

No case code or assortment info. But these two should take us through March … and hanging on the pegs while CARS2 CARS arrive will serve as a nice peg transition?

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31 January 2011 Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 25 Comments


  • moltar7117 says:

    I’m new to this site, so I’m sorry if this has been asked before…..Do you feel that the original cars line will go up or down in value once Cars 2 comes out and the inevitable flood of new cars that will go along with it.
    Just wondering what other think on this. (and yes, I have a fairly large collection of the original cars!)

    (MET: Here’s our thoughts on the original lineup … but in general, I think this Desert Art series will always hold its value …).

  • Rac151 says:

    Did mattel forget N2O pitty and Mood Springs pitty and a new kori turbowitz they are putting new ones out but no older ones

  • lou says:

    Whatever happened to Marco Axlebender and Stu Bop? Are those ever coming?

  • I hope those are the last lenticular cases because I hated the lenticular cars. Also, 2 Chases in 1 case? Awesome! Guido with Paint Brush sounds nice. I will find him when he comes out. Whatever happened to Race Damaged Fabulous Hudson Hornet? I wanted that one for my collection!

  • crazycarsmom says:

    I think I missed a case somewhere…what is the complete case list with Mater with Hood as the chase? Chief RPM and what else??? Thanks.

    (MET: That case is out already – Yep, that’s all that’s new – Chief RPM & Mater with Hood).

  • Monica says:

    I am happy to be saying goodbye to the lenti’s. Never was a fan. They would have been a cute little sideline for the tots as originally intended, but making them the main line was lame. Watched Cars this weekend on blu ray for the first time and it was magical. Reminded me of why I became a collector in the first place. Can;t wait for Cars 2, weehoo.

  • Mcmean says:

    What happened to race damaged FHH?

  • christianscars says:

    I’d just be glad to ever find all the lenticulars, over 15 I’ve never seen in my town let alone any new toons or haulers.

    At least there is a pit row launcher spot now.

  • Sandy says:

    My guess to the cars we havent seen yet is that Mattel will keep making cars from the first movie and add the Cars 2 to the mix. Making us collectors spend more and keep our collections growing.

    • MWH80 says:

      They’ll most likely go about with keeping Cars 2 as a separate property for awhile, and maybe down the line smooshing both movie lines into one. Maybe they’ll resurrect the ‘World of Cars’ logo-type, since it’s all-encompassing.

  • TarheelBill says:

    So I guess we’re out of luck on Dexter Hoover with Checkered Flag, Blowing Bubbles Mater, and Chase Van with Bumper Stickers that actually has the Bumper Stickers. 🙁

  • BMW says:

    Guido with paint brush. He will come with paint can, paint roller and paint tray.
    I have had a custom Guido with paint rollers for several years. He is painting the windows in my diorama of Casa Della Tires.

    Nice to see Mattel make this one, even if its lenticular.

  • TarheelBill says:

    I only see 3 new Cars in that first case??? And, 1 in the second???

  • madbob says:

    That’s rubbish, wheres our race damaged FHH we was promised way back in last years collectors book. 🙁 🙁 🙁

  • Alex says:

    So, which ones are new?

  • Chris with tray says:

    So it’s looking more and more as if the space I’ve been saving on the shelf for a race-damaged FHH can go to another car…lame-o.

    • Jack says:

      Yep that would be bad if they didn’t give us the damaged Hudson Hornet we were promised. Maybe it will be the chase car for Knart day 6? Or how about a the crash scene No stall and Leakless I thought we had coming?
      The closer we get to Cars 2 the more I am worried we won’t get some great releases we thought we had coming. Like where is Albert Hinkley and the RVs.
      Just so many unanswered questions. I know one thing- Mattel is really doing a great job of trying to discourage some long time collectors of Cars to not collect for Cars 2.
      I guess the best method is to just accept whatever they release and don’t expect a collector friendly and logical distribution method.
      I am happy the end is near for the googlies. Just too bad the end of our chase collections have to have different eyes than the first bunch of chase Cars.

      • Chris with tray says:

        No doubt, to all the above….That’s a good call, maybe wrecked FHH will be in K6- it’s something to hope for anyway (although I wouldn’t hold my breath)…

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