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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Where to Shop for CARS

“Por356” was nice enough to make a chart for visitors and travelers on shopping for CARS.

Feel free to add to the list in the comments. Thanks! “Por356.”

It is a list of places to shop for Cars.  The idea is that others could add to the list.

I believe it would be good for travelers, especially those wanting to know about regional chains and local stores.

I have only included brick and mortar stores but web stores (eBay, Amazon, your sponsors, etc. could be added).

I have added a couple of British terms for overseas readers who might not be familiar with American terms.

Name of Store Type of Store
Big Lots Discount department store
Burlington Coat Factory Department store
Disney Store Specialty store
Garage (Yard) Sales and Swap Meets (Jumbles)
Gordman’s Department store
K Mart Discount Department store
Kohls Department store
Macy’s Department store
O’Rielly’s Auto parts store
Schnuck’s Local grocery chain (Southwest Indiana)
Sears Department store
Target Discount department store
Toys R Us Toy store
Walgreen’s Drug store (Chemists)
WalMart Discount Department store
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