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How Stuff Works: How Muppets Work

Everything you wanted to know how to operate a Muppet …

(okay, spoiler and magic of muppets alert – if you don’t want to know, don’t read, cover your ears and go lalalalalalalalala).

Via HOW STUFF WORKS … and yes, EVERYTHING and MORE than you might want to know.

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23 January 2011 Film, Toys, TV 17 Comments


  • Stig McQueen says:

    So…Al Gore and the Muppets are responsible for Mattel’s lousy distribution system? Target’s funky inventory system? Both?

    It’s a conspiracy, man!

  • Jack says:

    First we are counting dots on the back of cars and now muppets?
    This has to be an historic all time low in Cars collecting.
    I dont know what else I can say about Mattels distribution that hasn’t already been said but it’s horrible!
    Give us some new damn cars Mattel. Collecting not a very fun hobby when you can’t actually collect anything. It’s like being a golfer this winter in NY with three feet of snow covering the course.
    By the way if this “global Warming” scam gets any worse we will be up to our necks in snow. Although now the are saying “Global Warming” is actually making the world colder. Man some people will buy anything.
    Since it’s a slow day and we are freezing here in NY I would like to know how letting the richest people in the world collecting global carbon taxes would help global warming if it were true( which it’s not).
    Maybe Al Gore could make another movie and we can pay more taxes. Yeah that will make it better as we freeze to death due to “Global Warming” oh I forgot it called “Climate change” now because the warming thing isn’t actually happening.
    Also here is a tip. If you stop taking temperatures in the colder places and take more readings in the warmer places- the average temperature appears to be higher. Oh if only the people knew the truth.
    Ok rant over. I am going to get ready to watch frozen football now. Maybe my Jets will finally get it done before this weeks blizzard hits as it Looks like we are going to get another storm. Anyone want any snow?

    • Chris with tray says:

      Jack, how did we go from Muppets to global warming? Maybe a different forum for the tea-bagger conspiracy theories would be more appropriate. No offense.

      • Jack says:

         No far from a conspiracy theorist there Chris, just an american family man who can see clearly. 
         Why does it bother you that I express my opinion and spoke a little reality?  Anti free speech are you? 
         What are you some kind of big brother employee that trolls web sites and has to try and discredit anyone that goes against the agendas of the corporate billionaires? 
         No need to name call. That’s what people do when they don’t have a rational rebuttal. What’s  next you say I am crazy? And what the heck is a tea bagger? I drink coffee.
         What’s your point?  You believe our children should pay more carbon taxes and be less free?   You don’t actually buy into the scam and are worried the earth is getting too warm do you? 
         The only conspiracy here is the wealthy coffee Clutch that is pushing this fake global warming BS to institute new taxes and place further restrictions on our freedom.  I am not benefiting from the scam. As ancient knowledge teaches just look who is benefitting and you will find who is guilty. 
         The ones collecting the cash conspired. Yeah go green, pay more taxes. 
         Yep Chris you have it all figured out. We should only have free speech sometimes. 
         We can speak how muppets work on a slow day but I cant point out that I can’t go Cars shopping all winter because we are buried in snow. Yet at the same time the taxes on most things including my Cars hunting gas is increasing because a bunch of billionaires are telling me the earth is warming? 
         Perhaps communism and just going along with any agenda being pushed forward by the real
        Powers that be would be better for you. 
         And please don’t write back that you don’t want to read this kind of stuff here because you simply could have kept scrolling, just like on a trade proposal that didn’t interest you. 
         However You taking the time to post, try to silence and name calling tells me you are the one with some type of political
         Like I said Chris I am just an American dad that loves Cars collecting but also can see through the nonsense. So peace out and please stand up
        For any Americans right to speak up on anything anytime. As long as it’s not insulting or dangerous to others free speech and debate should never be squelched. The day I stop speaking the truth is the day I die. 
         I love the first amendment even if you don’t. 

        • Chris with tray says:

          Holy cow, Jack. I suppose I do believe in global warming. If that makes me an idiot, so be it. You can say whatever you want, and you will (obviously), I was just pointing out that maybe this wasn’t the proper forum for the rant. Is that anti- free speech? Really?

          • Mariela says:

            See Chris…that’s the problem..Jack is not liking the snow at all and the Jets lost..so he is no having a good week. 😉
            Take it easy Jack, I don’t think he meant to bother you…let’s be amigos again! 😀

    • Dunroamin says:

      I didn’t know you owned the Jets.

      • Jack says:

        You didn’t know I was part owner? LOL. No my team means the team you root for to most people including me. Like when the 1980 US hockey team won the gold medal and everyone said our team won.

        • oliversmom says:

          Well, sorry, I will take some beating as well together with Jack.
          Publicly known fact that Al Gore invented internet, definitely, is not adding any credibility to any “new and old ” ideas coming out of his mouth.However,in discussion of “global warming or cooling”,whichever way you would like to approach the subject, I strongly agree that we should save people first before we save the whales.
          I guess that what Jack was trying to bring to the table.

          (MET: Ok, who let the adults in? 🙂 ).

          • Chris with tray says:

            For one, Al Gore never claimed to invent the internet, although this fallacy is gleefully trumpeted by anyone and everyone who’s purpose is served by it. Two, Al Gore didn’t invent global warming, either, so it’s sortof a moot point, no? Three, are you saying that global warming only affects the whales? Surely you know that the ecosystem as a whole is connected? Right?

            (MET: I saw the documentary where Kirk took care of everything with a Romulan warbird … and he can get us cheap hotel rooms … as long as the bears and bison don’t let Yellowstone blows up, we’re okay …).

  • Eric says:

    You know MET, it’s okay to take a day off… 🙂

  • Hostile Takeover Banker says:

    Are you telling me these things are not real?

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