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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Disney Store Dinoco Heli Comparison

If you can’t find the Mattel oversized-deluxe Dinoco Heli, the Disney store one will be a nice placeholder …

Thanks for the nice pic, “Micky.”

Though, of course, strictly speaking, the Dinoco Heli should be large enough to fit Mater and presumably Tex, King, Mrs. the King and the Dinoco Crew Chief?

Thanks, “Micky.”

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18 January 2011 Disney, Disney Pixar, Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 15 Comments


  • Shawn says:

    The plastic “playset” Dinoco helicopter released a couple years ago seems to be the perfect size.

  • babychristianscars says:

    HMMMMMMMMM wondering if we have megasize copter or just regular size one.

    Will definitely buy the disney one, still trying to get a white tractor.

  • quercy says:

    Stop by WalMart tonight to see how the reset is going… I was shocked to see the bottom shelf filled with what???? About 12 GIL and 6 MOOD SPRING Haulers…AGAIN!!! That shelf was empty couple days ago. I was sure we were definitively done with GIL. Not only at WM, but at TARGET and TRU. I hope I won’t see that in the other stores too… Too add to my astonishment… Colors change pegs? FILLED-UP, lenticular pegs? FILLED-UP and repeated TOONS? FILLED-UP up…. So back to square one!…

    Question to MET: If CARS2 are out mid may and the movie premiere is 6/24. Does it mean K-Mart day #6 will be CARS 2 exclusive since it is expected to held somewhere in June ??? That will be horrible since KM is not all over the places like WM, TARGET and TRU. What a way to start collecting CARS 2 then…. Hope that won’t be the case.

    (MET: The KM CARS Day in June 2011 won’t be all CARS 2 CARS … ).

  • Later Mater says:

    Does everyones “ransburg” Dinoco helicopter have the different shade for the tale, like mine, and all others in the Disney Store?

  • Sam says:

    New Disney Store Heli and new White Tractor are Cars 2 Disney Store items, they just havent changed to new art yet, should see it very soon

  • rpag says:

    So is that a Ransburg paint finish? Also, is the Disney Store version the same size as the Mattel version?

    • Micky says:

      Yes, the shiny blue one is the Disney Store so called “Ransburg” finish. The other one in the picture is the Mattel mega size Dinoco helicopter. The Disney Store helicopter is just a bit smaller and lighter in weight than the mega size Mattel one. The blades are different too. Also the wheels on the Mattel mega size roll while the Disney Store’s do not.

  • Jack says:

    Not bad for those collecting the Disney Store line but man do we need some new cars. I know there is another case of final laps just put out but the main line releases are far and few in between of late.
    For the most part we are just getting repeats and very obscure characters.
    It feels like we are running on fumes. Cars 2 can’t come fast enough for us. We Neeeeeed new stuff!

  • collectormom says:

    The metallic finish is nice but I don’t like the visible seam

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