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Disney Pixar CARS: Lightning McQueen & CARS Story – Now an iPad-iPhone App

“Cars Lightning Was Here: My Puzzle Book App” is now available on the iTunes App Store for iPod Touch, iPhone and for iPad. (if you have an iPad, get the iPad version which will auto resize for iPhone or iPod Touch “free.”).

It’s about Lightning’s decision to stay in Radiator Springs (skipping out other parts of the story) and pretty much intended for younger readers.

There are a couple puzzles and some finding” games … but nothing too complex. This is the “hard” setting on the puzzle settings. 🙂

But the coolest thing is YOU can re-record the book with YOUR VOICE … or if you know John Ratzenberger  …

So, here’s that voice-over acting break you’ve been looking for! 🙂

Only $.99

Kids can also just read along themselves with the audio off.

Cars Lightning Was Here: My Puzzle Book iPad

Cars Lightning Was Here: My Puzzle Book iPod Touch- iPhone

There are others from Disney Digital Books including: Toy Story ones that are aimed at slightly older kids  – all with interactive elements (the Toy Story ones have video!) and all include the RECORD your own voice feature.

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Toy Story3 iPad

Winnie the Pooh iPad

Princess Dress Up iPad

Princess & the Frog iPad

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Disney Epic Mickey iPad

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