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Lorenzo Z From Italy Says Hi & How To General Lee Your Charger + Kit Car Batmobile

Lorenzo Z. says hi from Italy …

Lorenzo says …

But let me tell you it’s sure hard to collect from here….many items never made it here
so i had to get a lot of stuff from the US, but it gets expensive!
It all started after i saw the movie sometime in 2008, yes 2 years later!
Next day i went in to a store and bought a woc McQueen and Mater…………
…a few hours later i came back and got Doc and Sheriff……….well I was hooked!

It looks like he has items many US collectors don’t have … 🙂

Just yesterday i drove in to the big town next to where i live, 25 miles distance,
cause i heard a new disney store had open there,
i walked in and guess what i found!?!?!!!!!!!!!!
a nice help for my collection!

Pretty sweet … though his ride for real isn’t bad either …

looks mint in box …

Thanks Lorenzo Z. and good luck!

BTW, if you have an orange Charger, this place will sell you the … Confederate Roof flag, Right & left Door Decals, Right & left Roof Name, squeegee and instructions.


If you have a spare 1973-1979 Lincoln Continental Town Car & $6,500 – you can build your own 1966 Batmobile.

Batrodz will sell you a kit to drop over your 1970’s Lincoln Continental.

Send us pics if you convert your car! 🙂

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12 December 2010 Mattel Disney Pixar CARS, Retail 14 Comments


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