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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Mater Holiday Christmas Box Set

The Mater Saves Christmas Holiday Box Set 5-Pack is finally revealed and found by “Toyzindahood.”

I think it’s $29.99? Target only.

Thanks for the nice and first! pic from ‘toyzindahood.’

(from the rest of the photo (edited), it looks like the main danger from his hood is being run over by a Porsche or the frappicinnamaccahito is just too darn hot 🙂 ).

In case you missed the post from last night …

These are NOW ONLINE & ALREADY ON-SALE ($6.29)


Decked Out Doc Hudson.

Holiday Spirit Sheriff.

Snowplow Lightning McQueen.

Whee-Hoo Winter Mater.

Whee-Hoo is available in the 3-CAR Santa pack, Sheriff is new in the green hue, Doc is a repeat from last year and McQueen with Snowplow is new.

Now that the box is out, the singles of “green” Sheriff & Snowplow McQueen are unavailable elsewhere and Doc Hudson is unavailable elsewhere this year.

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29 November 2010 Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 62 Comments


  • Vicki says:

    Well this set has not shown up in Illinois yet. The only set I have been able to find is the 3 car set from TRU. I know a lot have been saying they are disappointed, but honestly if my Son is happy that is all that matters. Is there anywhere else these can be found instead of at target stores?

    • jestrjef says:

      Hi Vicki, if you would like help with one of these sets, I would be happy to do it. Send me an email at jestrjef AT hotmail DOT com. I am a long time Take 5er and can give references if you like. Hope I can help you guys!! 🙂

    • NascarFan says:

      Only at Target is what it means short of ebay and fellow TFAD people to help you. Jesterjeff is a great trader and always willing to help others!

      • Man-I-Fold says:

        Vicki, the 5-packs are definitely in Illinois. I just saw a big bunch of them at the Target on Roosevelt and Clark in Chicago (South Loop). I think I’ve seen them at other Targets in the Chicagoland area too. I’m trying hard not to see them, though. If I see them, I might buy them. If I by them, and my wife sees them…. I haven’t looked in the Christmas section, so can’t say if the xmas singles are in the Chicago area. I would definitely help you out with the 5-pack if JestrJef hasn’t already. I’m in Evanston. – Mike mchlhff @ hotmail.com

  • gsb says:

    They are at Target in S.CAL. in North San Bernardino if you would like to get

  • Dekoy says:

    Just out of curiousity, what after Christmas prices are anticipated for these, based on last years sets?

    • jestrjef says:

      Target always puts Christmas stuff on 50% off after Christmas. After a week or so it will go 75%. That doesn’t mean that any of the 5 packs will be around then, but if they are … that would be a great deal!! 😀

      On the other hand, they do have these in the NORMAL Aisle with the Cars stuff … NOT in the Christmas section … they might not go on sale at all 😆

  • carscrazydd says:

    These just showed up in Central Ohio, got Snowplow LM and Sheriff in the globes @ TRU and 5 pack @ Target (Fillmore is too cool).

    Giving the extra Hot Shot McQueen and Ramone to my son, he’s being wanting them since last Christmas, so the 29.99 kinda works out for me.

    Sorry to all that are upset about the price/assortment, I wish too that it would have had snowplow LM and Sheriff in it – would have been better!

    My wife sets up a Christmas Town scene every year and had to purchase the 5 pack, wouldn’t be complete with-out Luigi, Guido and Fillmore! The scene should look really nice this year!

  • snosno says:

    Got mine today. They had a number of them if anyone is still striking out. I need a number of things so let me know.

  • John in Missouri says:

    Remember, Disney has a big say in all of this as well, so since Lightning McQueen has become as obligatory as Mickey Mouse, he has to be in every multi-pack they can think of. But Ramone again?

    I have a better idea: I know he’s not a part of the Story Tellers line, but it would have been funny if they had instead put Yeti with Sno Cones in this package.

  • Nitroapolis says:

    I like the 3 new cars, but I hate the price and Ramone and McQueen..

  • Rebecca says:

    I won’t be buying this. Very disappointed. 🙁

  • Stig McQueen says:

    This set hasn’t hit my Target yet, but the grey sticker is gone from the shelf and there’s a pile of old lenticular Target-exclusive multi-packs sitting there; surely they can’t think those are the Christmas sets and charge $30 for them, can they?

    On the bright side, if anybody still wants to pay full-price for the Target-exclusive 9-pack, I counted 25 of ’em on the shelves last night! seems they arrived just in time for the end of the half-price Black Friday sale…

  • babychristianscars says:

    This is a really nice set and if you think about it the price is right where all the new cars are priced.

    These started in 2006 and I paid 2.99 for the first 8 and by the time the next few came out they were 3.49. For most of 2007 and into early 2008 I was still paying 3.49 a regular car. By mid 2008 cars had gone up to 4.24 each and the megas were 5.97. Whenever octain gain mega came out is when mega went to 6.97 and been that way ever since.

    Whenever the lenticulars first came out they were 4.54 a car and I bought only Mater and filmore at that time. Sometime this summer they went down to 3.97 and pretty much stayed there.

    The toon singles have always been 5.24 and lately 3.97 roll back to clear out the original 1st ones.

    The toon deluxe have been 7.97-8.64 since the 2nd set came out.

    Final laps are only at target and I always get them from take5ers at $6 each. Kmart cars I’ve always paid $5-6 each from take5ers.

    Mini 2 pack was always 5.97-6.97.

    Haulers started at 9.97 than quickly 10.97 normal is now 13.97-14.97 with rollback to 10.97.

    So these Christmas cars are a limited item only out for a short period, demand is high and they are charging just about what a single final lap is. $8 each instead of the $6, its steep but if you already own all the cars it will be hard to say no to these.

    I know I’m struggling with not getting them. I probably will but right now its hard to justify it.

    Especially when wood cars are now the same price LOL.

  • Kdthomas says:

    I just saved over $30 by not buying this set! *

    * may not be true if found on clearance 🙂

  • Indykjt says:

    Well, at least they aren’t lenticular!!! 🙂

  • handoe213 says:

    Wow im very very very DISAPPOINTED!!!! I had faith that Mattel would really make us happy this xmas season with a better 5 pack and the price really Scrooge, I mean Mattel whats next another 5 pack with a lump of coal as a bonus.

  • rpag says:

    Hey, Guido has a present. Does that make things a little better? LOL!

    • BMW says:

      I had hoped we would see the decorated Christmas Tire Tree in front of Casa Della Tires from the Mater Saves Christmas book. That would have been a cool accessory in this pack.

      Another idea I was wishing to see in a 3 pack,
      Mater pulling the sled with the mailbox. Santa Car and Snow plow McQueen.

      I will get it but will watch for clearance, and return the full price sets with my receipts. It will depend on how hot these sets end up.
      last years 6 car set Mater Saves Christmas was 29.99 not 39.99.

    • Hostile Takeover Banker says:

      Rumour has it that inside some lucky presents is a free Apple I-Car!!

  • Jack says:

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. No one is right or wrong. To those that think the price is too high, then they are right. For others that think it’s worth it- then they are right too. Cost, value and worth are all relative to peoples incomes, wants and tastes.
    I personally love the three new cars, hate the repeats. I of course will buy it. We have to have the three new releases. However I am disappointed to have the pay 30.00 + tax for the three we need but am well used to Mattel doing this by now. It’s the price you have to pay for wanting them all.
    I do beleive that with the economy being one year worse now and between the high price and late release date in relation to Christmas that many stores will have extras after Christmas to put on clearance price after Christmas.
    So just as I advised with the 9 pack many weeks ago; I suggest everyone keep their receipt. Then right after Christmas buy a couple clearance sets and return one or two you buy at the clearance price with your 30.00 receipt. Then you will be getting these 3 new Cars a whole Lot cheaper. Just as many people including myself did with the 9 packs.

  • PVHauler_16 says:


  • 5oclockshadow says:

    may pick a set up during after Christmas clearance.

    There were plenty of Christmas sets left over from last year. Can imagine this year will be much the same.

  • Rippers says:

    Well as Luigi and Guido are normally packaged together as a single you could argue this pack only has two new cars.

    ..anyway, I didn’t expect anything different from Mattel, it still looks a nice set and I can’t miss out of Guido and Luigi looking so cute

  • Hostile Takeover Banker says:

    Quit yer complaining everyone. Over here in Australia car toys start from $10 per car just for a single. No wonder you guys never buy anything from us, even at cost price. 🙂 Gee, imagine if I tried to sell a car to you guys with a dollar or 2 extra for fuel, postage materials, etc, what an uproar that would create (which I would NEVER do!). So here is hoping someone can pick 1 up for me (and fellow Aussie collectors) around cost price!!!
    People need to either buy it if they want it or stop complaining and leave it there on the shelf. Start to look at the positives and realise that Mattel could quite easily have made it a lot harder for collectors with these if they really wanted to. Finally, I am sure most would agree with me that the cars you buy are likely to hold their value, especially those Christmas exclusives.

  • BMW says:

    Well,if you look up this thread, I posted the same breakdown cost wise.

    $64.00, its still way too much money and people are still on tight budgets this year. Hence the success of the the plastic Squinkies because they are cheap. See hot christmas toys of 2010.

    Sure Christmas giveaways are great I gave a sealed SDCC Mater set to the local Fire Dept last Christmas. You can’t give away open toys easily. Most places who take toys want sealed in package.

    • Lorri says:

      I actually think Cars at $9 per car are a better value than Squinkies! The small sets work out to be about $1 per tiny blob of plastic. I know this because my daughter loves them.

  • Eric says:

    First of all, NEVER trust anyone with an e-mail address that is a bad play on an Ice Cube movie title… duh!

    Secondly, I think that the 3 new cars are pretty kick arse (from the picture of course because I have no association at all with some “toyzindahood” dude).

    Thirdly, if you missed Ramone last year, you get 4 “new” cars for $30. You remember that the 6 pack last year was $40, right? I really think they are trying to drag it out another year. I bet we see a pack next year with Flo, Sarge, Red (fingers crossed), and of course LMQ … maybe they can add Sally since she is now the only one not re-released this year besides Mater with antlers.

  • Knightrider says:

    As much as I don’t want to spend $30 on 3 new cars, I will still do it.
    So if anyone can help out a UK collector with this box set I’d be truly grateful.

  • Uncle Skip says:

    Oh my… I have some much I would like to say, but I don’t want to offend anyone…

    Well, maybe just a little…

    Wah Wah… big bad Mattel and or the big box retailers are trying to make a buck… wah wah… don’t like it, don’t buy it!

    Life would be perfect if everything of a collectible nature were packaged exactly how the collector would like it to be… this is not real life or retail life… I won’t even get into a cost analysis or product shipment or retail cost to sale cost to clearance cost that probably goes into anything marketed for the holiday season. Suffice it to say I am sure that there are reason’s over and above pissing off a collector into how these type exclusives are made, priced and distributed.

    I have seen a lot of kids in my travels either really excited about these sets or couldn’t care less… I have talked to A LOT of frustrated parent’s trying to collect these for their kids who cannot or will not spend auction prices for last year’s set… so to have some repeats mixed in with new ones and a little bit more knowledge of these this year, those parent’s have a shot at getting some of these for their kids. Also to those who do not have TRU near them or Target near them… at least they have a shot at getting some. Better than average if they use the websites! TRU has had the Santa set up for a long time and now has the single globes…

    Not every retailer exclusive can be as “new” related as what Kmart has been doing with the collector’s days… just not cost effective I would think. Mixing old molds with new gets new stuff out there. Could it have been better? Sure, but things are not always fair. I am quite happy to be able to get these new Christmas Cars… my nephews will be even more excited to get last years leftovers!

    All in all: $20 Tru 3 pak, $30 Target 5 pak, $7 Globe and $7 Globe for the sets and singles to make one set

    $64 total $9.14 per new car if you do not have any deals or discounts… if you just think about the 10 cars total needed to buy to complete one 2010 set… $6.40 per car (not that bad when you consider we are spending $5-6 for a Final Lap car that has a much broader selling time across the whole year!)

    3 cars to give away or sell… never know who might want another Ramone or McQueen… donate them to a local day care or church… write off the extra $19.20 on your taxes… go ahead make it $20, I won’t tell…

    Mattel if you are listening… I was really hoping for the reindeer… I’ll ask my Santa car and maybe if I’m good this year, you’ll make it for us next year… just not as a single, you’ll just upset some collector’s… but not me, I’d buy ’em… buy ’em all! But if you are listening… a nice box set… maybe with a Ransberg Santa pulling up the rear!

    Merry Christmas to all. (if you’ve made it down this far)

    • Eric says:

      I’m gonna agree with your comments, Skip. Well done

      • Steve AKA: Poppa says:

        Amen! And if you are betting on an after Christmas sale, you may get skunked (or your kid). This year’s set seemed to have delayed a month. Just maybe Santa Mattel and Elf Target kept it back so the “toy” (yes, toy) would not be sold out before Black Friday. And, if you’re looking to view this as a multi year Christmas collectible to be displayed year after year like Hallmark series ornaments, you may wish you had bought them. I expect next week many of the disgruntled people on this site may be begging others to pick one up. Santa’s covered at our house already.

    • flophunter says:

      i have to say again. there’s all sort’s of colector’s. but met this is the site for them all!!!!! that’s y ur the man. some get let down, some r happy! every one there own.i agree with the news, he has to say. but how long can this go on? skip is right it is bad news. my little girl has moved on to barbie and BABY ALIVE. but i still like hearing her say (i want that one) like polly and chucki or cho. because she loves all the launhcers, so she can smash all them. one day we will have them. some start some, some finish. looking like the end is near. can’t collect lent’s never have!!!!!


  • Kevin W says:

    Waiting for the “sale” price!

  • I-am-speed says:

    Here’s what happened, if you ask me.

    You have Target and TRU both wanting an exclusive set for Christmas.

    Mattel has put together a 6 pack with this year’s Mater, Snow Shovel McQueen, Guido, Luigi, Fillmore, and Santa Car.

    Both TRU and Target want the complete set, but they reach an agreement where 2 sets can be made by breaking up the 6 pack into a 3 pack with Santa Car, Mater, and last year’s McQueen……..but TRU gets the singles of Snow Shovel McQueen and Green Sheriff. Target gets a 5 pack out of it by re-using McQueen and Ramone, but adding Guido, Luigi, and Fillmore.

    That’s what I think happened, at least the basics of it.

    • BMW says:

      Yup, I posted a very similar idea on Carsthetoys.com a little while ago.

      I suspect that Target negotiated the 3 new singles Luigi Guido and Fillmore as exclusive for this set with Mattel.
      TRU negotiated the other 4 new cars with Mattel
      Santa Car, Whee Hoo, Snow plow single and green Sheriff single, with last years doc and mcqueen to fill out the case of 6.

      Its so typical Mattel. But think about the parents and grandparents who will buy this for their kids presents. That is what Target and Mattel is banking on. And why not let us know ahead of time what is coming out so we can plan?

      • I-am-speed says:

        We got spoiled by having things so simple last Christmas with Target having the only Christmas set, the singles, and the 2 and 3 packs to round it out.

        The only “oddball” in last year’s offerings at Target was the 2 pack with Bubba and New Mater. Everyone wanted Bubba, but there was a lot of grumbling about having New Mater as the other vehicle.

    • flophunter says:

      u want too think huh….

      man i’m almost MAD. DON’T LET CARS TWO BE ALL LENT’S..

      I’M DONE.

      NO AND IF’S


  • I’m disappointed! Oh well, at least it has Luigi, Guido, and Fillmore.

  • Stig McQueen says:

    Are Guido, Luigi and Fillmore exclusive to this set? Or were they available at TRU as singles?

  • Steve AKA: Poppa says:

    For all of you that are not totally disappointed, reside in Pierce County, WA, and want to spend $29.99 plus tax there are twelve sets at the Bonney Lake Target.

  • BMW says:

    Just so we get this straight, if we want all the new cars this year we would have to buy:

    the 30.00 Target set for 3 cars,
    the 20.00 TRU set for 2 cars,
    and still have to buy 2 singles from TRU at 6.99 each or 14.00
    thats 64.00 at regular retail prices.
    $64.00 / 7 new cars over $9.00 per car.

  • snosno says:

    In all honesty it works out for new collectors like myself. I did not collect in time to get last years Cars so all of these are new to me. I do understand where you are coming from though. ……the prices are stupid high though. They should be on par if not close to those of a matchbox car. Maybe a little more because of the greater detail but …. yeah…. a little high.

  • Dingo says:

    Having Ramone isn’t that bad, but not even putting in Snowplow Lightning McQueen (esp. after having LMQ with the 3-pack) is just plain dumb. I hate to say it, but I will have to pass on Fillmore, Guido, and Luigi this year. It is not worth the money.

  • I-am-speed says:

    MET, aren’t there going to be any Story Tellers SINGLES at Target this year? TRU got the lock on ALL of those?

    (This set is a tremendous disappointment. I’ll be hard pressed to even buy one at that price.)

    (MET: Yes, no Storytellers at Target except for this box set).

  • Nitroapolis says:

    3 new cars for $30. Mattel is going to far, next it’ll be $17 for one new exclusive in a set that they’ll say has NEW cars. I really want to stop collecting, but I’m not. This is just BS.

  • JOHN ZUBLER says:


  • L8rM8r says:

    Yeah I must say that I am not impressed that they couldn’t have put Mater and or Snowplow McQueen in there. But now the issue is are you only going t be able to get Luigi, Guido, and Fillmore from this set???

    I waited on getting the TRU 3 pack with the Santa car thinking that this set had to have it included. I guess I was wrong now to order it asap form the TRU site.

  • christina says:

    aww, that’s kind of a letdown, I was really hoping they would be all new cars! 🙁 I dont know that I wasnt to spend $30 on 3 new cars… oh well saves me $30 this christmas!

  • GotFrank says:

    Unbelievable! This is the kind of BS that will force me out of collecting Cars! Merry freakin’ Christmas Mattel.

    $10 for a Car, seriously…

  • Shawn says:

    God forbid that it have FIVE previously unreleased cars. God forbid it have Snowplow McQueen and Holiday Sheriff, instead of McQueen and Ramone from last year. God forbid it be priced at a more reasonable $25 or even a nice $20. God forbid. Over $6 for singles now. I’m about ready to give up on this.

  • jestrjef says:

    Nice find! 3 of the 5 cars are totally awesome … not sure why they would do that with the other two … oh well … I will still be looking for a couple!! 🙂

  • Sandy says:

    WOW, I think this is some what disappointing.

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