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Disney Pixar CARS: Elitist Cinemphile Guide to the Film CARS

Some people are quick to dismiss CARS because they somehow believe it’s a movie about talking CARS and its story is “simple.”As if Romeo & Juliet or Butch Cassidy & the Sundance is simple so it must not be any good. (Boy Meets Girl, Two Guys Being Chased).

But now, you have ten reasons why you can be a film snob and still love CARS. (or of course, you can be a regular film fan and love CARS … or if you’re a kid at heart but to be an elitist, it must be above emotions – hence Toy Story 3 is also no good at all – what with all that blubbering by moviegoers – what’s up with that?).

CARS is really a philosophical debate with inanimate animated objects as a metaphor much like ANIMAL FARM. (No, not ANIMAL HOUSE, a fine movie but different).

10) It is the ultimate humanity triumphs life in a cyborg world. That beneath the veneer of exotic metals, technology and life in a machine world – what ultimately drives us is our humanity.

09) That blindly following the world and path set before you is a path that needs to be questioned. Are you really born as a “race car?” Pushed to that path by surrounding forces? A true destiny? Or believe that its material gains are what you want as part of what society wants – is that the path? Is that the righteous path? Is that your path? Should it be?

08) And the collorary question? Do you drive on the road before you? That deviations should  be frowned upon? By you? By others? By society? Should you make your own roads or even turn right to turn left? Perhaps this is not subtle symbolism but so is playing chess with death in that Bergman film …

07) Does achieving your “goal,” to cross the real or metaphysical “finish line” the ultimate validation? Are you the ultimate winner to drive furiously at all costs with reckless abandon? Does that make you the winner? Or are winners crowned by society? Or are winners crowned by friends and neighbors? Do you win in the heart first? Do we need validation on a winners stand surrounded by cheers? Does that make you better a man-car or is that an unjustified goal?

06) And of course, are you your environment or your inherent inner being? Can you change? Should you change? What spark do we need to change the course of our lives and or history? Are there accidents or do we need to create the need for an event to change the daily course? Is our destiny in the stars or do we make our destiny?

05) In our race for modernity – what do we leave behind? What do we embrace and do we discard?

04) Why when confronted with a new situation, is our natural recourse ‘flight?’ Is our first feeling the best & right feeling? Is that an ingrained belief? Does an external force have to act upon that flight sensation – in this case – being physically detained until … we come to our senses? Or is the reinforced notion that when we are accustomed to a new surrounding, it no longer triggers our flight sensation?

03) Are we already machines with changeable shells? Or veneers?

02) Perhaps one day, you too need to look around and stop, be in unfamiliar surroundings but make the best of the situation instead of struggling just because it is beneath your self appointed station in life – and repair all those those around you – not just physical potholes but emotional and traumatic … and ultimately repair yourself. And perhaps the journey is the reward.

01) The movie poster and version of CARS film elitists would have embraced …

And of course, the Top 10 reasons to like CARS, the movie*:

10) It’s funny.

09) The animation is technically brilliant, breath-taking and dazzling in a world where we thought we’d see it all. After 5 years, it’s still awe inspiring.

08) The characters are true to life and more real than 95% of “real” movie characters and 18% of the people in my life.

07) It’s got talking cars in it.

06) It’s entertaining after 25 viewings.

05) It’s made by true storytellers, it’s filled with passion and makes you laugh.**

04) It inspired Mattel to make 1,000 different diecast CARS.***

03) The details.

02) It’s laugh out loud funny.

01) Um, what’s not to like?

* Only if you like movies, good storytelling and-or are a kid at heart.
** Only if you like laughing.
*** True soon. 🙂

Ten things I don’t like about CARS, the movie:

10) Movie too short.

09) We should’ve had about 2 sequels by now.

08) Stupid CARS LAND is not open yet.

07) Instead of shutting down Pontiac, GM should’ve started selling McQueens with eyes road cars (though never lenticular).

06) CARS 2 is not out yet.

05) There are ************* ****** ****** that don’t understand CARS.

04) I can’t think of 10 things I hate about CARS.

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