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Disney Pixar Shorts: Read About Them Online …

You can read about all the Pixar shorts

Reading about them only – they’re NOT available to view – since they are on DVD’s and available for purchase on iTunes.

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6 November 2010 Film, Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 7 Comments


  • kdthomas says:

    PIXAR Day was a blast!!! Well worth the $149 entrance fee for the VIP level. Ran into fellow Take Fiver “Nikko” in line to see Toys 3 in 3D. He was wearing a Tow Mater shirt and I was thumbing through my “The Art of Cars” book. Got to shake hands with Lee Unkrich, photo op, and signature. He also did a Q&A session before the screening before jetting off. Their theatre…obviously…was just breathtaking. I literally shook in my seat to the Dolby sound system. They “solar system” lighting on the roof was cool and we started the movie by doing “Ohhhs and Ahhhs” to the shooting stars per Pixar ritual. After the movie I met with Guido Quaroni who is their technical master and also lends his voice to our one and only Guido! I couldn’t get Guido out of my head as I was listening to him. He’s working on Monsters Inc. 2 right now. Spent an hour in line to get into the company store and shelled out another $150. Picked up a Reyn Spooner “Cars” Hawaiian shirt. It was all about Toy Story 3 around the campus so I can’t wait for next year and Cars 2 displays. Oh, you though Target/Walmart/Fill-In Here Store was slow on Cars merch. They only had old Car Toons, Lents, and Color Changers at the company store!!! And to top it off they were platered in white price tag stickers 🙁 They had 2 art pieces related to Car Toons shorts up for auction. Mater PI and El Matador. My $300 bid on Mater PI was beat by $50 🙁 My wife would have killed me but I tried. Fun fun fun day!

    • PirateDad says:

      Jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!! and to top it all off, you got to meet NIKKO!!!! What a GREAT day! Pictures???

      • kdthomas says:

        He saw the Cars book and asked, “You like the movie Cars?” I answered back and said, “Do you get on Take 5?” LOL. Small world huh.

        Yeah, plenty of pictures. I’ll send them along to Met tomorrow.

        • John in Missouri says:

          LOVE the line about all the old Cars for sale AND they had white stickers on them. The only thing missing would have been John Lasseter walking in, pulling you aside, and telling you to “Drink More Ovaltine”.

          • kdthomas says:

            That would have made my day to finally meet him. Hopefully, next year. I was surprised about how friendly the Pixar employees were. Even when I was taking pictures where I wasn’t supposed to (didn’t realize it), their security guard was cool about it and let me keep a few. Nobody was snobbish and you could tell they love and appreciate working there.

  • BMW says:

    Thanks Met, a great link to read the stories about the shorts. Hard to pick a favorite, all unique.
    Burn E – just because he was so determined.
    Party Cloudy – the stork!
    For the Birds – a great lesson.

  • kdthomas says:

    Read??? Who wants to read when you can go to the studio today! 😀 I’m up at 5am because I can’t sleep and too excited…

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