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Disney Pixar CARS: UFM Mater & Mator UFO Lights ‘Em Up in the UK

The UFM Mater (aka: Dr. Abshlepp Wagen) along with Mator UFO has arrived in the UK … the UK Disney Stores gets the two pack on cards instead of the horizontal box in the US.

“Mad Bob” sends us some nice pics of this shiny new arrival.

But otherwise the same …

Of course, these two are extra cool as the LIGHT UP!


Speaking of nice, “Steven HB” sends us a nice snapshot of shopping at the Uk Disney Stores – nice and convenient to find everything in ONE place!

So, unlike a visit to the US where you have to budget 4 days to cover 18 stores and hope to find 5 items, one 2-hour trip to the UK and you can just go back to your hotel and start filling out VAT refund vouchers. 🙂 …

Thanks for the nice photos, “Mad Bob” and “Steven HB.”

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6 November 2010 Mattel Disney Pixar CARS, Retail 17 Comments


  • gsb says:

    Where is the Target Disney Cars Christmas 5 Pack ?

  • oliversmom says:

    it is really nice…

  • mattmartin says:

    The big heavy pack of Toons is now available at UK Disney Stores. But waaaay to heavy to walk around a mall with.
    El Materdor Tia and Mia look good in it.


  • quercy says:

    I am in Dallas for the NASCAR triple event. To kill the time between the races my friend and I visit no less than 29 Walmart, 6 TRU, 11 Target, couple KOHL’s and Sport Academy (crazy but true) !!! Got 3 CHASE and 3 CHUY only…. Yes, this is now official: CHUY is our new Bessie!!! 🙂

    (MET: That’s impressive shopping coverage! … so how many steps into a WM before you recognize which way toys are 🙂 ).

    • quercy says:

      There is no more secret for us to recognize WallMart 5 different layout. But today no shopping. It is the big day at Texas Motor Speedway. In one hour we are gonna be in the pit crew area. Willie Nelson will do the pre race show then the big battle for the Piston… Euh sorry :-), the Sprint Cup Johnson, Hamlin (-14) and Harvick (-38)…. Collect…I mean… Watch them all.

  • buckland-blowouts says:

    Unfortunately i am starting to hate these awesome Disney Store exclusives that light up!!!!

    I LOVE the Tunerz they came out with but now this!!!?????!?!?!?!


  • Mary says:

    What do you guys think is better? This light up set, or the regular mattel separate sets? Already invested in one, the Mattel UFM, and wanting to get Dr. Abschlepp Wagner, but debating it because these light up ones look really neat.

    (MET: The Disney ones are larger so if you want everything in relative scale 🙂 ).

  • Mara says:

    So is the Rescue Squad Mater set finished and is Mater the Greater almost finished? Do only lug & nutty remain for that set?

    (MET: There’s also the McQueen with flames).

  • alond1 says:

    I found the DISNEY PIXAR CARS HEAVY METAL MATER 4 PACK at TRU today for $24.99, was the only one set . 🙂

  • Destiny says:

    can you take a picture of the cards, please? I want to see it

  • Jack says:

    Be very nice if the US Disney stores get this set in time for their once a year buy one get one free sale. Provided that they do have the sale this year again.
    Very nice set. Dr A looks awesome lit up.

  • Jambouk says:

    Just found this today….really nice detail and the fact it lights up is great.

  • babychristianscars says:

    Awesome, can’t wait to get all of these.

  • Dunroamin says:

    Ginourmous Toons set with exclusive eL Materdoor mia and tia found at disney store in massachusetts…thing is huge…didn’t even bother to lift it to check the price tag…
    Did pick up the Heavy Metal mater 2 pack. it’s nice

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