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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Kmart CARS Day #5 – Solution Straight From the Top …

From Dev, President Toys & Seasonal

“Dear Kmart Cars Collector Community:

Thank you for all the feedback on the recent Cars Collector event.  I
apologize on behalf of my team and Kmart for the order/shipping problems
a number of you experienced.  These events are quite complicated to
organize and run, both online and in the store, but we believe in the
Disney Pixar Cars movies and in you as a community that have been our
loyal customers and partners in improving these events.

Why are they complicated to run?  Well, there’s a lot I could share with
you on this topic, but the shortest explanation is that our business
like the other big retailers is about selling large quantities of
similar products across a very large number of stores to millions of
customers.  However, we know that there is a lot of interest in more
specialized products and collectables that don’t have anywhere near the
volume but are still very important to many of our customers.

I’ve personally wanted to support these businesses because I’ve
experienced myself the pleasure of collecting and – perhaps even more
importantly in today’s world – being a member of a community that shares
the same interests.

To get back to the current problem. I am grateful to everyone who
provided feedback. It does help us improve and we do want every customer
to have a good experience.

So, we know that there are a number of customers who have mistakenly
received the Kmart Cars Collector Day 4 Series in place of the confirmed
Day 5 pre-sale order from the week of 10/10.  This was due to a
warehouse issue on our part as we tried (but didn’t) separate the two
sets of products.

To fix this, we’re asking anyone who received the wrong Cars Collector
Pack to follow the steps below so that we can make the exchange.

Steps to exchange your order:
1. Call our Customer Care Network at 1-877-235-9959 explain you have a
Cars Collector Pack that you would like to exchange. The Customer Care
Representative has the necessary steps to help you through the process.

2. You will need your order number from the confirmation or the packing
slip so they can look up your order.

3. A pre-paid shipping label will be issued and sent via email to return
the item back to Kmart.com

4. Apply the shipping label to outer carton.  Please note that the
merchandise must be in its original packaging to process the exchange
with the original cars. If you send us the wrong package or forget some
of the cars we’ll simply return it to you with info on what’s missing.

5. You can track the return via the Shipping Tracking number provided on
the shipping label

6. Once received and checked, your replacement case will be sent via
2-day shipping, and we’ll send you an email with the tracking details.

If you have any questions about the process, please ask your Customer
Care Network representative.

I hope this process helps us fix the mis-shipments. We do value the
excitement, feedback and support we get from the Cars community and
intend to do everything we can to serve you better in the future.


Thanks and I hope this alleviates and resolves everyone’s issues.

Dev Mukherjee
President Toys & Seasonal
Sears Holdings”

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3 November 2010 Mattel Disney Pixar CARS, Retail 54 Comments


  • NascarFan says:

    This is what a “pick ticket” or packing slip looks like at the FINAL order pulling.


    whats wrong?

    NO SPECIFIC order information was given to several crucial order checkpoints FROM the ORIGINAL ORDER.

    Result? Wasted time, and employee hours, shipping costs, customers unhappy

  • michad says:

    Okay, I’m not sure if this is the proper place to post this but I just received a package from UPS, ordered from KMart.com, should have included Vinyl Toupee Hauler, Vinyl Toupee Launcher, View Zeen Launcher and Sputter Stop Launcher. What was in the box you say? Sidewall Shine Hauler, Chick Hicks Launcher, Lightning McQueen Launcher and a LeakLess Launcher.

    Is there any assistance from someone in Kmart that understands one UPC covers multiple items? I just got off the phone with someone at 866-562-7848 listed on my invoice and their options to me 1) I could go and fill out a return form for receiving the wrong items and *if* they confirmed that I would be given a credit back for the items purchased or 2) I could take the items to a KMart store and receive a credit for all but the freight.

    Any other options to just receive what I ordered without having to go through a ‘process’.

    Michad at mac dot com

    • NascarFan says:

      I did a post on this already, maybe you missed it:


      And there was one on the Paul Valdez and Vynil Toupee Hauler too….(which I turned into Kmart for a typo and not having them in stock.

      This UNSPECIFIC items being sent from POINT OF ORDER is boing worked on.

      • michad says:

        I absolutely did miss this post. Nascarfan, is there anything I can do at this point to receive what I paid for or should I just take the full credit and call it a day?

        • NascarFan says:

          Credit probably….

          But I did copy your post to in an email to the people at the top

          • michad says:

            I’ll just return them and keep watching to find them in a store. Thank you for the email to the people at the top. It’s really most frustrating that the CSRs think they have to verify the mistake, there is no obvious mistake when they look at the UPC. Anyway, thanks again, it feels a little better that someone somewhere will look at the problem and attempt to correct it.

            • NascarFan says:

              No offense Kmart:

              But this “Selective Use of the UPC” including Toys R Us and Target is a bunch of BS.

              Use the son of a thing for what it was intended for and 20x things would be RIGHT with orders and whats ordered and whats “picked for orders”

              I have asked and asked for that job to handle nothing but Disney-Pixar “Cars” stuff and still no reply.

              I can guarantee beyond a shadow of a doubt that whats on the web for toys is what you would get if I were at the helm.

              Id start with the web people: If you cant photograph it and SPELL correctly: DONT LIST IT.

              Shipping: If its NOT what they ordered DONT SEND IT.

              I sent a new motto to Kmart too:

              “If it isn’t what they ordered, It isn’t shipping”

  • Frank says:


    Same here. Apparently, the CSRs are not aware of the replacement policy that was sent by Dev. After 2 calls and 1 email to KMart, they issued a UPS call tag for the item but didn’t provide any shipping labels at all. They told me to just leave it outside the front door and someone will pick it up and a label is not necessary. Umm, is that really how a call tag work?

    Anyway, none of the 3 people I spoke or emailed with knew how to handle the replacement for the case. They either instructed me to send it back and place another order or told me there is no way to ensure that I would get a KMart Day 5 since the item numbers are the same. I appreciate that they care about us collectors and would like to correct these problems but it doesn’t help when the CSRs themselves aren’t even aware of any replacement program.

    Kevin? You mind if I send you my info as well?

  • Nora says:

    I just called Kmart and they want to charge me again for the mistake that they did. I was told that I have to sent back the cases and place a new oder for the DAY 5 cases. Which I don’t understand, because I what to exchange the Day 4 cases that were sent to me for the ones that I ordered. any help?

  • buckland-blowouts says:

    Wow – Wow – Wow!!!

    What a crazy day i missed folks!!! EH!?!?!?

    Any word on what’s up for cars day 6?

    I was also thinking about the SDCC cars exclusive… I hope its (I know what you’re thinkin’ – Not another Mater) an oversized version of the Death-metal “Bat-Mater” that flies away at the end of the Heavy Metal Mater episode!!! Not the blow-up doll that floats over the stadium…

    That thing ROCKS!!!

  • lucie st.pierre says:

    I just called that number twice and both time they told me I have to pay for shipping and if I did recived the wrong item that they would replace it and then give me money back for my shipping cost and no 2 day shipping just regular shipping so 2 more weaks or longer before I might get the right case and then she says oh I am sorry for your inconvineice now I pay to ship it back and maybe I will get that money back!
    so how is that stepping up
    I will try calling again tomorow maybe the night crew does not know what they are doing

  • babychristianscars says:

    I just wish they’d sell the singles online for those of us with NO want for duplicates, NO desire to pay 4 times the cost per car secondary market, and NO ability to get to a kmart store.

  • Rebecca says:

    It is nice to see that they are working on fixing this. I was just glad to get my money back. Since I got more than enough at the event itself I decided that I didn’t really want the case after all.

  • Uncle Skip says:

    Just to play the other side of the issue (not that I believe what I am about to write…)

    The website did, I believe, make mention that there was no guarantee as to the case assortment received. Also, WE call it Day 5… the website, if I remember right, just calls it a collector’s case… Aside from the box of someone’s laundry received, all those receiving case 4 product, still received 24 cars from a collector’s day.

    Kmart could have stood by their website description and simply told all to return the unwanted product and not do anything about offering a replacement exchange.

    So offering free shipping for the return and exchange is doing a bit of something good and decent… (from their point of view)

    Please don’t shoot the messenger… not trying to incite anything, just offer another theory…

  • Jack says:

    To me this doesn’t exactly consitute stepping up to the plate. They sent the wrong darn product- Again. They have to take them back. Kmart is liable.
    So there sending a prepaid postage. Big deal. It’s the least they can do. They should be discounting the right cases they are going to be supposedly sending. How is this doing anymore than what has to happen?
    The warehouse doesn’t separate the cases. Nice inventory control there. Try telling your boss I mixed up the deliveries all into one big stack.
    I’m sorry but I am in agreement with the others say after this many mishaps there should be more accountability.
    Furthermore, what type of apology offers excuses? Not a sincere one. I did not have to hear how hard it is to ship out all the right boxes in their letter of apology. Yes We did wrong but only because it’s so hard to get it right.
    Please I was taught when you are wrong just accept responsibility, don’t make excuses and offer an act of contrition. Money talks BS walks. So if Kmart really wants to say sorry give all the people who were wronged and have to wait for their product a 25.00 gift card or something. At least some people will feel like that Kmart at least tried to show remorse.

    • NascarFan says:

      I think that being open about its mistakes is stepping up to the plate.

      I think that even coming forward to be closer to collectors is stepping up to the plate

      I think admitting its a pain in the behind AND STILL wanting to do it is stepping up to the plate.

      Inventory control: Everyone makes mistakes

      Apologies: Usually DO come with excuses of some sort.

      (IE: Sorry man I just got a new job and it takes priority over anything hobby wise… I was sick with the flu and not moving that fast and got these out late sorry….. was in the hospital and had a heart attack six months ago and forgot all about it etc etc)

      Accepting responsibility: I think that Kmart has several times now and its time to “let it go”???

      Money talks / BS walks: Yeap. this is in reference to…??? just the return shipping labels?

      okay lets talk money…

      an average case will cost about 7.00 UPS with a UPS account to send back, and lets figure conservatively a total of 20,000 cases were made, and 1 out of 4 were sent wrong…….

      5,000 wrong cases x 7.00 = $35,000.00 Now.. in my opinion thats not BS money. They could make us pay for it.

      What about other BS money? the 5.00 off 5.00 or more purchases Birthday coupons that day?

      I dont even want to think of what that saved a bunch of collectors…(IE one coupon per 2 cars you could have and people DID use) and they bought 20, 40, 80, a hundred, 200 cars? at a pop?

      They could warned ALL the stores that coupon was NOT to be used, they didnt….

      Even more BS money?: Pricing error on Columbus Day:

      10% off boys Toys and Free Shipping and ebillme discount and cash backs on Discover and Paypal debit cards?.. they could have CANCELED ALL of those orders and made everyone start over…. They didnt.

      They could have NOT partnered with anyone and made NO deals for any discounts PERIOD. ….they didnt…..

      So…. Anything else that we can beat kmart up for?

      Or are we just going to say thank you and move on…????

      Might want to think about this come next Kmart day, on what it COST to even get this off the ground…. if that in itself isnt serious money, I dont know what is

      I think they are doing just fine.

      and no…I dont even get a discount for all the work I do for free either.

      Thank YOU KMART. for what you do DO…



      • Jack says:

        Your entitled to feel satisfied. However I have the right to my opinions also.
        I don’t believe Kmart has done good enough with their on line selling.
        That won’t change anytime soon. Just too many incorrect products shipped to earn my respect.
        It does not matter to me who shares my beliefs or not. I form my own opinions.
        I do wish good to all collectors well that had to experience this inconvenience.
        As for appreciating them holding the event. I buy what they sell. So no one owes anyone anything.
        I would be more than happy if Kmart stepped aside and let TRU carry the piston cup racer cases.
        TRU on line ordering isnt perfect. Nothing is but they have reached my satisfaction level. So has Amazon with their price adjustment and over all performance.
        Last month people walked into TRU and found 7 new Cars toons in one case. More than the amount of actual new cars(rubber tire variation aside) with 100/th the drama of this overhyped and mistake ridden day.
        Kmart does do a better job at the in store event and I enjoy it. Their on line selling is not for me though.

        • NascarFan says:

          “”Just too many incorrect products shipped to earn my respect.””

          “”with 100/th the drama of this overhyped and mistake ridden day.””

          Agreed, its being fixed

          My point is: NO OTHER retailer lets us have exclusives (what ever math you use) to have us collectors have a “day” and bring kids, posters, etc.

          “”As for appreciating them holding the event. I buy what they sell. So no one owes anyone anything.””

          You wouldnt feel slided when people buy something from you and not even a thank you… not ever ONCE???

          Come on Jack, I know you way better than that.

          The main point of mine above was and is:

          Lets not beat a dead horse, its still a dead horse. Lets give CONTRUCTIVE criticism and stop beating that dead horse

  • TarheelBill says:

    Thanks Dev ! 🙂

  • Piston Car Hunter says:

    Were there any reports of any stores getting Day 4 cases?

    • NascarFan says:

      So far, none that I have heard of, to my knowledge this is an isolated Fulfillment Center problem.

      maybe Met can confirm this:

      Is the Master Cases with the Dated labels done BY MATTEL employees or Mattel higherups or by Kmart?

      (MET: The stamped dates are from Mattel’s factory. The giant white stickers are presumably from Kmart since they are not on the cases from the master cartons opened at the event).

  • scott says:

    did you expect any different from all of the previous pre order events

  • Gostlight says:

    Ok folks, this takes the cake:

    I received my box from UPS this morning. I opened it up and it wasn’t a Cars Day 5 case, Day 4/3/2/1 case, but….a box of women’s clothing, most of it old/dirty and none of it with a tag. No packing slip either. WOW, this really threw me for a loop. The top tape doesn’t look tampered with, but the bottom looks like it may have been reopened and resealed. Ugh! Definitely not what I was expecting.

    So I called the number above. No replacement, just that they are going to get a UPS “tracer” on this to see what may have happened. I’ll get a follow-up by e-mail next week. Seriously, I hope I even get a case.

    Wow…I’m now speechless

  • Frank says:


    I hear ya. I called this morning and the first thing the agent asked after getting my email address is if I’m interested in a survey. Obviously, this is more of a concern to them than trying to find out what my issue is!

  • cac1959 says:

    Last night I called the toll free number and spoke with Quintara D… I received an e-mail shortly after the call… it was asking me to fill out a survey.

    A few minutes ago I received another e-mail… which appears to be a standardized form letter.

    Dear Christopher Carter,

    Thank you for contacting Kmart.com.

    We apologize you have received the incorrect item. In order to better assist you we do require a bit more information from you. If you could please let us know what exact item it is you received. Please include any item numbers, model numbers, and names for the incorrect item. As soon as we have this information we will set up a time frame to pick up the incorrect item. Thank you for your cooparation.

    Look for great bargains throughout the store and find Kmart exclusive brands like Thalia Sodi, Joe Boxer, Route 66 and Jaclyn Smith.

    Thank you,
    Elizabeth B.
    Kmart Customer Care

    I had given all the information to Quintara in the phone call I placed last night.

    I replied to the second one the best that I could and included photos of the incorrect and correct package labels and included a link to the letter/e-mail from Dev… I will keep you updated.

    Thanks to Kevin and Barbara for all their efforts on this… Hopefully all of us who got the wrong product receive the proper product and we don’t have to go through this again the next time.

  • TrboTrex says:

    For those of you complaining that they should get it right already. They have improved the ordering and the organization of the events. It’s not Kmart’s fault that someone didn’t perform their job correctly and seperate the items. Nothing on this scale of an operation will ever run completely smooth, there will always be some unforseen glich that comes up and bites Kmart in the @$$. I am filled with confidence that they are stepping up and fixing this, and quickly at that, they even are offering free return shipping. I am sorry for those waiting for their Cars, but now they WILL get them. I wish other retailers and companies would be so kind.
    They could have said, “sorry we ran out of wave 5 but you can return them if you don’t want them…at your cost.”

    • por356 says:

      I have to disagree. It IS KMart’s fault if KMart employees did not do their jobs correctly! I appreciate the way they are stepping up to the plate and accepting responsibility for this problem but that does not relieve them of blame in the first place.
      Customers will speak with their wallets and keyboards by not buying from KMart.com in the future. This is a shame because KMart is doing all of us collectors a big favor by offering this merchandise in bulk.

  • Glenn N says:

    I would say this is a great step for any merchandiser. As for any of the other comments whereas they ask that this Never happens again. In business, it will occur again. You have wage workers who careless about what they are shipping. Programers which do not know what SKU’s are for what and the marketing department that cares about sales. Error’s that happen are called human error, becuase a human did no think of it first. Stores can only keep so many SKU’s otherwise its a headache for the buyers of the merch.

    My 2cents.

    Glenn N

  • Stig McQueen says:

    i didn’t order a case, but it’s still nice to see Kmart steppiing up and dealing with things in a straightforward manner, instead of the blamestorming that’s become all too typical in the business world (“It wasn’t our fault; we hired a contractor to handle distribution, go talk to them”).

  • materrocks says:

    Thornton, Co

    After 5 events,you would think Kmart would have the kinks worked out by now. Every event, there is some kind of issue. The website is not running correctly, the cost of pre-sale orders are listed incorrectly, the cars take so long to be sent out, etc. Something needs to be done. You would think this should all be resolved by now. If they can’t handled it-give the honors to another store that can. I think that some kind of discount so be given to those who received the wrong cars. Shame on you–KMART.

  • John in Missouri says:

    Nice to see someone trying to resolve this, but I’d like to see what steps Kmart is going to take to ensure this never happens again on any item from their website — need I remind anyone of the Paul Valdez Hauler?

    • NascarFan says:

      These were to be isolated from other items in the warehouse the day they arrived. They were not and they are looking into why.

      When orders are fulfilled they have a crew of people pulling from multiple pallets, first person makes boxes, passes it down, 2nd person puts bottom packing, third and fourth persons etc put items in and final people put in invoices and tape it up.

      this 2nd and 3rd pallet for the 3rd and 4th persons wasn’t checked for its codes and contents to be sure they match the items that were to be sent out. No one caught it as the actual bar code on the boxes are the same.

      Just the small white labels are different, along with the blocked out white labels on the tops of the KM Day 4.

      My “guess”… and this is purely a guess… is that someone thought that using “opened unwrapped pallets first” may have happened. Its logical but nevertheless was wrong

    • NascarFan says:

      In the case of the Paul Valdez Hauler and Lightyear launchers… that is actually being looked at now to be improved. From Mattel themselves to the final fulfillment centers.

      I have sent in a few suggestions to get this resolved.


      Specific cases for specific items (Pickles and shampoo mayonnaise and other items have their own specific cases, why not toys?)

      Reduce old produced items (stop producing 3 year old items and clear pegwarmers BEFORE they even start)

      Example: Haulers and Launchers: Last years items should be last years items PERIOD

      If you get a new item in January great, make this have 6 ALL brand new haulers or launchers SPECIFICALLY.

      Then in February a new item comes out, make it half and half, then change it for March with a NEWER item and DELETING the January item, and so on…

      “Times are a changin” (look at the recent political shakeups)

      Time that retailers TELL Mattel what they want versus what Mattel will sell them.

      Retailers are buyers the same as us, just different quantities.

      Thats part of my .02 cents

  • pwschuh says:

    Thanks NASCARFan and whomever else stepped in to help clear this up. I only ordered one case and I got the right one. But I’m sure that if my shipment had been messed up, this would be a welcome announcement.

  • Hostile Takeover Banker says:

    This is great of K-Mart and another good step in the right direction. Who knows, by Kmart Day#46 we may actually have this thing running smoothly!

  • slicepie says:

    At least they’re stepping up to the plate to make things right. Good to know!

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