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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Lenticular CASES R & S + Int’l CASE Q

There is some confusion in the lenticular singles shipments and of course, the CHASE CARS that go with it … it looks like most cases are going to the major retailers or they’re being reconfigured into cubes, pallets and hanging sidekicks so if you spot some of the “new” releases, you can figure out sort of what also came with it …

While this is NOT really new, in some parts of the country, this case or parts of this case are just appearing now.

“Rippers” reports in that the UK market just got CASE Q which is a mixture of our CASE CASE P, the Kmart CASE (no rubber tires except at Disney stores) and CASE R.

“Rippers” also points that lenticular Van’s mouth is the same as Van San’s …

Thanks for the nice pics, “Rippers.”

And what looks like the last case for “2010.” (not calendar year 2010 but Mattel CARS 2010).

The infamous we-never-use-S-because-it-might-be-confused-with-a-5 … S CASE …

Yes, some of these CARS seem to have appeared on a WM sidekick so it’s hard to say when and if we will actually see this case as it is listed but here ya go.

Other than some CHASE CARS, this pretty concludes the list of announced lenticulars but presumably in the next 6 months, we will get the Final Lap releases as lenticulars until May 2011 when we switch back 100% to classic non-moving eyes CARS2 CARS.

Here are the Final Lap CARS scheduled before 2010 ends … so in theory, we should see a Final lap case with Duff Wrecks any day now if CASE S is immenent …

Maybe for the post Halloween reset?

You can read more about the current state of the state regarding FINAL LAP CARS in this post.

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26 October 2010 Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 36 Comments


  • jammywin says:

    how do i start a new post on here guys….????

    have had a great find here in the uk and want to share my find….

    J x

  • I can’t wait for Mater with lamp! That’s the one we were giving ideas for after seeing Mater and the Ghostlight on the Cars dvd.

  • Knightrider says:

    Has anyone else noticed that Chase Paint Mask McQueen has one Whitewall wheel?
    Is there any particular reason for this?

  • Carlos says:

    I thought Mattel skipped letter S. So……….
    Q Paint Mask McQueen
    R Mater with Oil Can
    T Mater with Lamp
    And, let’s guess..
    U Wrecked Hornet (I hope we can get 3 piston cups)
    V Mater with Hood
    W Yeti with Cones
    Y Signature Dinoco McQ

  • madbob says:

    When is wrecked Fabulous Hudson Hornet coming out!

  • Jus10 says:

    Hi Everyone.
    Is there any news on when we might see Wrecked Hudson Hornet?
    Many Thanks.

  • Jinzo says:

    Hmn…. Yay! on Tim Rimmer 😀 Probably pick up 1 or 2 of him.
    By the way, speaking of Tim Rimmer, how many cars are left exclusive from the Target 9 pack? Tim Rimmer coming out lenticular & Dash Kmart case… Only two left is Timithy??? & the red camera guy?

    I might pick up Lenticular Van if I see him… already got two of the non-lenticular but one can’t have enough Vans… Just 1 would be okay 😀 The same I could say about Chief No Stall (Roman Dunes if I remember correctly).

  • quercy says:

    I do not know how many years they will keep the SEMIs and Luigi/Guido duo as peg warmers… They are all over the place in every single stores!!! It doesn’t help to have new orders to be placed.

    Ohhh! And that will be nice to see the “COLOR CHANGE CARS” to be relocated to an other department such as CRAYOLA section let’s say… 😉

    • John in Missouri says:

      How many Luigi/Guido’s do you have hanging in your stores? Are they Lenty 1.0 or 2.0 cards? Are they nice cards? If so, I will buy all that you can find. Please email me at JohnJurgovan @ aol.com (remove the spaces). Thanks!

  • TarheelBill says:

    Found case R at Target this morning along with the 9 Car set.

  • Chris with tray says:

    Since the new Vans are just Van San repaints, I guess we won’t need to be checking them for errant “nice butte” stickers.

  • Eric says:

    I can confirm the “normal” US version of the case R assortment that MET posts above, as it was all hanging on the pegs at Target yesterday (well most of it anyway). Unfortnuately this Mater with Oil Can is the new Fred with Fallen Bumper or Hydraulic Ramone with Metallic Finish.

    So now we have 2 lenticular camera guys from the “exclusive” 9 pack. Are the other 2 are due out lenticular? Are all 4 coming out as Final Laps, or is the 9 pack the only way to get fixed eye versions?

    • John in Missouri says:

      Eric said: Unfortnuately this Mater with Oil Can is the new Fred with Fallen Bumper or Hydraulic Ramone with Metallic Finish.

      Don’t forget McQueen with Rust-Eze can!

  • rpag says:

    What is McQueen with cones in Case-S? Is this different than McQueen with cone in previous cases?

  • Rippers says:

    Case Q has

    1 Paint Mask LMQ Chase
    3 Van
    3 Tow
    2 No Stall Chiefs
    2 Tim Rimmer
    2 Marlon Clutches McKay
    3 Cruisin’ LMQ
    2 Ferrari
    2 Mater
    2 Pit Crew Fillmore
    2 LMQ wIth shovel

  • snosno says:

    I saw at my local Wal Mart:

    No Stall Chief
    Snot Rod

  • BMW says:

    Met, what happened with some of these Cars, did they not make the final lap cut? Do you know? I recall from your earlier lists that most of these were supposed to be Final laps.

    from the blu ray finder list and Meet the Cars book. *appears in the book.

    19. Houser Boon Camera Car Copper Color. coming soon: Final Lap *
    23. Hooman (Reporter) : coming soon Final Lap
    34. Duff Wrecks Full Size Pickup : Final Lap (lenticular version on ebay)
    35. Dan Sclarkenberg: coming as Final Lap
    46. Leaf Face Lightning McQueen coming as Final Lap
    56. Derek “Decals” Dobbs: coming Final Lap*
    59. Timothy “Timezone” Truecoat: coming Final Lap*
    61. Mildred Bylane: Coming as Final Lap*
    77. Chuck Choke Cables: in 2010 Collectors Guide as Megasize*
    79. Timothy Twostroke: coming as Final Lap*
    84. Tim Rimmer: in 2010 Collectors Guide book *
    85. Swift Alternetter: Final Lap
    89. Valerie Veate: coming as Final Lap *
    90. Marilyn: coming as Final Lap
    113. Kit Revster: coming as Final Lap*
    127. Wilmar Flattz: coming as Final Lap
    130. Jonathan Wrenchworths coming Final Lap
    141. Coriander Widetrack: coming as Final Lap

    (MET: The short list in this post are ONLY the ones coming out in 2010 … AS SINGLES – there are more Final Laps scheduled for 2011 and we should be getting them until April/May 2011 … but of course, unless it’s immediately scheduled, one can never be absolutely certain it’s actually released).

  • jestrjef says:

    Enough of THESE …. when is the next final lap case due out!!! It should hit sometime this week … right???? 😀

  • Man-I-Fold says:

    I’m very much looking forward to Jonathan Wrenchworths! Dekoy, who is “Tim Tow?” Same as “Tow” and Race Official Tow Truck Tom?

  • dekoy says:

    We just got another case here in Canada, that includes the Pain Mask LMQ, and most of the above mentioned cars, with other notables such as Tim Tow……..

  • Mhowe1980 says:

    What happened to Derek “Decals” Dobbs? I thought he was still coming in FL.

  • John in Missouri says:

    Thank goodness Yellow Ramone will be back to join his Lenty 1.0 twins on the pegs!

  • Rebecca says:

    I will be glad the return to non moving eye Cars. 🙂

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