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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Speedway #9 + Final Lap Check List 2010 (UPDATED!)

Yes, the mystery Target box has been solved … DanversMA sent in the first pics …

It’s the new Speedway 9-pack with 5 Piston Cup Racers along with camera guys & one fan – all NEW releases (not the racers). $39.99 – Target DPCI code – 087 07 1005 – thanks NascarBronco.

Then “Mariela P.” sent along great pics from her haul on the other coast …

What’s the 9th power of niiiiccccceeeeeeee.

Oh snap!

Nice expressions …

So, happy hunting and happy shopping … keep in mind Target is implementing their 5% off discount if you use their credit card starting this Sunday or next …

And as promised, the Final Lap Checklists which might actually raise some questions but so far, the easy checklist first.

Here’s everything released so far on single cards. And for those collecting full sets, here are the re-releases of ‘classics’ CARS previously released but re-released on Final Lap singles cards.

Now, this is where it gets complicated … next, this checklist reflects all the “classic” CARS released this year – cars with non-moving “classic eyes – they are not technically Final Lap CARS since the box set art does not say Final Lap so technically, we’ll call these “classics,” and they do include the 4 previously un-released CARS from the Speedway 9-Pack above.

You’ll notice that Tim Rimmer & Dash Boardman both have been assigned SINGLE CARD NUMBERS so does that mean they’ll be released as singles also? They are not listed on the 2010 list so it seems unlikely they are going to be released as singles this year but in 2011, will we see a release of them on singles card? And of course, just because they were assigned a number when the Collector’s Guide went to press may not necessarily mean anything – changes happen all the time but just so it’s noted, the other “classics” releases do not have assigned singles card numbers.

So basically as of today, the three checklists above list ALL the Final Lap-Classic “non-moving” eyes CARS released so far in 2010. Of course, the people who can check off the three “new” Octane Gain Crew Chief & Pitty’s do not number a huge percentage but hey, if collecting were easy – we’d be buying 5,000% markup rubber bands and RC CARS masquerading as rodents. (just a hypothetical example, of course 🙂   ).

And one final checklist – Final Lap CARS scheduled for release before the holiday season is over.

(Only Duff Wrecks got an assigned number in the Collector’s Guide). Previous post on scheduled Final Laps.

Of course, we could still get some surprises and more classic releases in other formats – HERE’S HOPING!

HOPPY SHOPPING! Thanks for the pics and info, DanversMA, Mariela P and NascarBronco.

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7 October 2010 Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 41 Comments


  • Carlos says:

    I’m glad I didn’t EVER buy a Clutch Aid launcher, I hate those ugly “wheelies”. Big mistake, now they’re all gone. So, $40 for 5 new ones, $8 each is expensive. Tim T., Tim R., and Dash B. have #s, 78, 29, and 137 respectively, and the last 2 are also lenny singles. So, will Bert and Hooman be the only 2 camera cars to be on non lenty singles? Maybe we’re due for a cardback change? Only time will tell.

  • Jack says:

    The NCF – not carrying forward should mean they are done after these. It docent mean they won’t be carrying now until supplies last but I do believe it probably means they won’t make anymore after this.
    Maybe the Carstoons four packs and The crew chief and pitty sets will not be made after The ones we already know are coming.
    They are probably going to be released in different ways after this. The toons will probably will not come out in 4 packs after the ones they already produced. Mattel will probably do 3 packs, singles, deluxes and maybe even something new eventually with the toons. Maybe the 4 packs didn’t sell well enough.
    I haven’t heard anything new other than the crew chief sets we have known were coming for almost a year so it looks like they might be done too. Maybe they will continue the hauler, crew chief and pitty sets instead.
    Whatever market research says does the best that’s what they will do.
    I could be wrong but I think the not carrying forward means just that. After they get rid of the ones they made already that is.

    • Carlos says:

      All Mattel’s fault. The first 3 were overproduced, overpriced, and full of duplicates. I hate Mattel and exclusives! If the 9 pack wasn’t exclusive, it would probably be $30 at Target and Walmart, $35 at Kmart, and if anyone had it for $40, It’d be Toys R Us. They are always way overpriced. This is a decent starter, though, and I like the packaging.

  • If I get this thing, I’m keeping the 4 new cars and trashing out the old racers. If I don’t, I’m waiting for the 4 new cars alone as Final Lap cars.

  • Uncle Skip says:

    No luck finding the 9 pack today, but some local stores did update the planogram area for the Cars…

    Hopefully this will be easy to get once stock has arrived…

    Interesting to note… with the change of the shelf, there is still a label and spot for the Crew Chief/Pitty packs… the scanner still says NCF, but maybe this will be changed and continued into the Holiday season????

    • I-am-speed says:

      How about the fact that the newest MTT 4 pack, Heavy Metal Mater, rings up NCF Cars? So much for NCF indicating that it’s an item on it’s way out.

      Bought 3 MTT HMM sets the other day, receipt shows the same DPCI for 4 packs, item description NCF Cars.

  • I-am-speed says:

    Keep the 4 newbies, donate the rest to Toys For Tots this Christmas. Money well spent for kids that don’t have much.

    • Uncle Skip says:

      That’s what I do with things like this… I’ll take some of the lenticulars that will be in the Kmart Case and replace with the new ones from the 9 pack… drop it in a donation bin and feel some holiday spirit!

      • I-am-speed says:

        I’ve even taken Toys For Tots items straight to the Marine offices near us. They’re always very appreciative, and I know they didn’t disappear from the drop box in some retail store.

  • Lee says:

    Is anyone else unable to see the checklists?

  • Shawn says:

    I’m glad to see more and more people are feeling cheated by the B.S. packaging of new cars with staples and other previous releases. Hopefully, this $h!t will stop.

  • jason says:

    PROMO FOR 5% starts on the 17th at target

  • Rebecca says:

    As several others have said. Thanks but no thanks.

  • I-LUV-RACE-CARS says:

    AAAARRRRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I really want those four cars!!! But considering the fact that I have to buy it from another Take5er (since it will never come here) pay a little extra for their gas and time, AND THEN PAY FOR SHIPPING????!!!!! I don’t have that kind of money!!!

  • NascarFan says:

    Well I guess this is still cheaper than buying them from Hong Kong sellers with shipping to the US or UK… and your can you see what your buying with no chips or paint flaws and they arent factory 2nds or mattel backdoor items…right?

  • Sandy says:

    I have to say Im disappointed. First the repeat of the same old cars except for the 4 new releases. Then the price tag. So if this set does go on sale I will get one and open mine very carefully and take out king and chick and replace with gaskits or FWD, or maybe tachomint. Maybe if they did something like this these would be flying off the shelf like the Heavy Metal Mater 4 pack.

  • TarheelBill says:

    Thanks but No Thanks!

  • RICK says:

    If the 4 new releases are coming out as Final Lap Singles then I will wait for them. If this is the only way to get them then I may cave in.
    Met, do you have an answer for this?

    • Mara says:

      I want to know that too…if they are coming out later as final lap cars, then I’m going to wait.

    • Shawn says:

      The 4 cars up top are Tim Rimmer, Timothy Twostroke, Houser Boon and Dash Boardman. Rimmer and Boardman are available as singles and I’m sure I’ve seen Boardman on a list of those coming out (I can’t see the lists posted above, either).

      (MET: Checklists should be fixed – All IE users? )

  • jambouk says:

    Have all the new cars been on EBAY? probably cheaper???

    Cant see the FL pictures.

  • jambouk says:

    Here what your saying but nice paintwork wont save it, if a collector in the UK wanted this What would it cost after postage is paid?

    Like someone has already said…..this is ripe for the picking.

    They should warn staff to check returns really well.

  • NascarFan says:

    All the top row cars are metallic paint, they are nicely done too.

    Pictures do not do these justice

  • NascarFan says:

    I have taken a real close look at the paint jobs on these. Compared to the previous Mattel paintjobs like Sarges boot camp set….

    This set is very very well done all the cars look as if they are wetsanded and buffed to a nice shine.

    Mattel really did a nice job here. I would put these up against the MCSotSS anyday and super nice quality. I definite step up from previous sets and singles

  • Wrap it up, I’ll take it.

  • madbob says:

    I would probably keep it unopened and leave them all in the packaging, looks good… shame there are loads of single repeats in this pack!

  • cac1959 says:

    I am disappointed in the selection of Cars in this 9 pack… Basically Mattel is forcing us to pay $10 each for the 4 new Cars… Very few of us need Sidewall Shine or Clutch Aid… none of us need McQueen, Chick, or King.

    Did Target not learn their lesson with the Team Crew Sets? Very few Leakless sets sold because with 2 new Cars (pittys) it was $10 per new Car. Very few HTB sets sold because there was only 1 new Car, the crew chief, so it was $20 per new Car… Dinoco sets sold a little bit better because with 3 new Cars, it was $6.67 per new Car… The Octane Gain, Bumper Save, Nitroade, Easy Idle, and N2O Cola would have sold better with 4 new Cars in almost every one of those sets – $5.00 per new Car is a much better price point than $10 per new Car…

    As much as I would like this set for Timothy Twostroke and the 3 new Camera Cars, I am not going to spend $40 plus tax for this set… Had one of the racers been Gask-Its or Tach O Mint, I’d have bought it in a heartbeat… If 2 of the racers would have been Easy Idle and Vinyl Toupee, I would also have bought it without thinking… with this configuration, I’m going to wait – perhaps if enough of us don’t buy it right away, it will be marked down to $20 or $25 as a Black Friday sale item…

    The packaging is nice, but the packaging is not a $40 item… The Speedway 4 packs (with 4 racers) are $14.99 which is $3.50 per Car… They came up with the $40 price by going with 4 Final Laps @$5 each, and 5 racers at $4 each, for a $40 total… But a $40 purchase is not an impulse buy, and not a buy that this Cars-a-holic is going to make.

    • Jack says:

      Very well said Chris. I totally agree. I will buy the set because I can’t pass up the 4 new Cars but like others have said if Mattel ever deserved a swap out if cars and the set returned this would be the one to do it.
      I personally wouldn’t do it nor am I advocating doing a swap out but can’t say I wouldn’t understand a hard working collector wanting to.
      I am probably more disappointed with Mattel than ever before. 11.00 each for the 4 new cars we need. Give me a break. It’s time to stop making these sets with the same racers over and over.
      Not to mention the slap in the face to all those that mailed in for The “exclusive” Sidewall Shine. What a joke.
      I said it before and I will say it again. Mattel is lucky we love the Cars and Disney or I wouldn’t give them a cent for anything they were peddling.
      Hey Mattel here is a clue. Give the collectors an Apple soon. Maybe you can save some face.

    • Daniel says:

      Bravo Chris!

      I think it was extremely lazy of Mattel to NOT throw in 1 or 2 (plastic-tired versions) of the KM5 new racers i.e. Gask-Its, Tach-O-Mint, or FWD.

      You’d think they were shaping up with all the new and great releases lately, but then they go and pull something like this.


    • GMinNJ says:

      So well said. You speak for many of us.

    • quercy says:

      If only ONE of those racers was replaced with the Apple car… $40 will sounds like $5 Isn’t it ???

    • quercy says:

      This pack is good only for new collectors…. $4.44 per car!

    • BMW says:

      So buy them off ebay and pay double or triple what they will cost in the 9 pack.
      This is a silly argument said over and over. Buy what you like.

      I will buy this set as its sanctioned Mattel, and not back door cars and it will be cheaper than the parted out cars on ebay for sure.

      • BMW says:

        Those who buy them off ebay end up paying double or triple what they will cost in the 9 pack with shipping per car. What did these end up costing you buying off hk sellers on ebay? I will bet it was more than 10.00 per car.

        This is a silly argument repeated over and over about the pricing of the single cars in these team packs, gift packs etc. Simple, if you don’t like this price don’t buy it. Buy what you like.

        I personally will buy this set as its sanctioned by Mattel, and not back door cars and it will be cheaper than the inevitable singles from the set that will be parted out and sold on ebay.

  • CORINNE says:

    gotta have 1 of these, awsome !!! great pic !!

  • John in Missouri says:

    Great packaging!

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