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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: The Kmart Only Rubber Tire 3-Pack

Only available at Kmart and I believe – supposed to be set aside for release closer to the Kmart CARS event Day on 10-23-2010 but … perhaps not the best hiding place in a retail store …

If you can spot – you win – the chance to purchase one so if you’re at a Kmart, look around and up …

At the Kmart here, it was $11.99 which was a lot lower in price than I was expecting – I guess they went with $3.99 x 3 equals …

Yes, Gask-its & Faux Wheel Drive will be released on singles cards in a few weeks (for Kmart CARS Day) BUT Lightning McQueen is NOT scheduled to be released with rubber tires on the 23rd nor scheduled on any other list so … as of now, the only place to get Lightning McQueen with rubber tires is in this 3-pack – certainly for 2010.

Well, no one else seems to have opened it – so here ya go. I looked them over with a fine eye and outside of the usual production minute mini differences, these rubber tires are essentially identical to the plastic tire ones.

Same base, only difference are the rubber tires …

They were briefly listed on the Kmart.com website but pulled – they should be back – maybe even in time on Monday for you to add onto your sealed case order. More info and details on the SEALED CASE Pre-Sale MONDAY, MONDAY, MONDAY …

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9 October 2010 Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 52 Comments


  • Rich says:

    Ok, any tips on getting these rubber tires off.
    Hey Mattel, send me some of the good tires in the mail
    and I will replace them.
    Send that message to them Met and see what they say.


  • CGBSpender says:

    BMW has excellent analysis here and I thank her for pointing this out.
    Yes, they are just toys, but some of us collect these because of their beauty and quality paint jobs, tampo applications, etc.

    Many people will often make the rejoined “but these are just toys,” which is not a justification for sloppy quality. Regardless of these being toys or not, quality should be paramount in any item that is being made, especially, since these promo cars at Kmart are meant for collectors first and foremost.

    I know from first hand experience that in the Star Wars collecting community, poor quality items are not tolerated or accepted. Hasbro does a good job and rectifying their mistakes and making high quality products (most of the time). It should be no different here. These are not Hot Wheels cars, but $3+ collector cars. Does that not mean something to you “just toys” people?

    The SOTS set was made the same way that the Hot Wheels collector factory case sets from the Red Line Club are made. Mattel hand picks the best cars off the assembly line to include in the case. The quality is excellent (I know from first hand observation). The SOTS quality is just as high since this is what was done for this set (being a Red Line Club exclusive).

    Granted, we should not expected mainline quality to be as good as the hand-picked SOTS cars (nobody should expect this), but surely a medium quality level is in order, IMO.

    So, while these are just toys, that is not an excuse for the quality to be bad. Just as saying “he is just a politician” is no excuse for dishonesty and corruption.

    Now, an adaquate justification for the poor quality could be the argument that these only cost ~$3 while the SOTS cars cost a lot more. I would by that argument more than the “just toys” nonsense.

  • Brandon says:



  • BMW says:

    What is apparent immediately is that the paint quality is not very good on Faux. it just jumped out at me when I looked at this car. I then compared him to the UK promo Fauxs in my collection. The Faux in this rubber tired set has lots of orange peel in the paint, so it has a flat look, it doesn’t gleam like the SOTS car. Its Not nearly the paint quality of the promo Fauxs which again paled in comparison to the quality paint of the Faux in the SOTS set. If SOTS FwD is a 10 I would rate this one a 2 and the UK promo Faux a 5.

    Gask its has some obvious crinkles in the tampos covering the wheel well but the paint is a bit smoother than on Faux. dimpled flaws in the paint and something that sticks up on the side like a spot of glue?. Again, by comparing this one to the French promo Gaskits, and to the SOTS Gask its, it goes back to the old saying, you get what you pay for. Great set for kids to bang up and play with. . I would give the Rubber tired Gask its a 3 of 10, with SOTS Gask its near flawless and the French Gask its a 6 because of some small flaws in the paint.

    When I look at a car like Komodo from the same factory with his beautiful smooth irridescent paint, it makes for disappointment, that these could have been like Komodo but are not.

    So for 12 bucks, no one should expect collector quality finishes. The more I see these reissues, the more I appreciate the originals. But for those who have never had the original they have nothing to compare the cars in this set to. Just wish everyone could see what these could really be if Mattel had taken some time and care at the factory. They could have been really gorgeous. The box is nice. Kmart needs to insist to Mattel, on quality, but somehow does not have the clout or even really cares. Don’t plan on getting any more of these, and now questioning what the singles will be like.

  • Rich says:

    Hey Man-I-Fold,

    79th and Harlem, Bridgeview, Il
    I know your pretty far north and that would be a drive.

    That is disappointing. Met, let the higher ups know they can’t pull
    a fast one over on us without us knowing.

    Maybe I’ll pull the tires off of some of the extras I have and swap them out.

    • Man-I-Fold says:

      Thanks, Rich! They did finally get them in nearer me, at least to the west (Des Plaines, etc.). On a possible upside…. the “Lightyear” logos rub off very easily if handled directly, at least on the Day 3 and 4 cars. Perhaps a harder synthetic rubber like in these Day 5 cars will preserve the logos better? I remember beating the heck out of my Matchbox and Hotwheels cars with rubber tires in the early 80’s and the “Goodyear” and “Firestone” logos staying on pretty well. A lot of those seemed a bit firmer type of synthetic rubber. So maybe a good thing?

  • Rich says:

    Ok everyone, HUGE UPDATE here!!!!!!

    I opened mine and to a large disappointment, the tires SUCK!

    The tires seem to be not as SOFT as the origianl RUBBER TIRE CARS.

    They feel somewhere in between, not plastic and not rubber.

    As if they wanted to give us a rubber tire that can still slide across the floor. I know the good rubber tire cars you can’t do drifts with them
    but these you can. But still, I wanted the god rubber to be used.

    MET? Any knowledge of this my friend? I bet the New Factory has something to do with it.

    Now I’m worried about Saturday’s cars.

    (MET: Yes, the tires seem a little harder but the others are not real rubber either – they are soft plastic – but yes, these are a little more hard plastic in appearance).

    • NascarFan says:

      tires……oh well, I am more disappointed that they are not as glossy as a the standard finish

    • BrianD says:

      The cars for the K-mart day are the same consistency as the 3-pack. How do I know? I went to my K-Mart today and they were hanging on the pegs!

      I agree that the tires are not nearly as soft as they used to be and do not feel synthetic. A little disappointed.

      I don’t know about a new factory, but it just isn’t the same.

  • Rich says:

    Found Them Today!!!!!!!!!! Woo Hoo!
    I figured that a few days before the Kmart day event that they would have them out, and I guessed right!

    Chicago baby! Oh, I bought two.

    Who knows if Mc Queen with Rubber Tires will be out again. Probably,but I’m not taking any chances.

  • NascarFan says:

    Paint finish on these is NOT glossy, at least on the ones I have seen

    except for Mcqueen which looks okay

  • jestrjef says:

    I found these in Daytona Beach today πŸ™‚

  • Rebecca says:

    Went to Kmart in Colorado today and didn’t find this. πŸ™

  • coop says:

    The Kmart in Braintree, MA has several of these, so I picked up 1. I also used the $5.00 coupon and only had to pay $7.00.

  • old hippie says:

    McQueen with rubber tires. Cool. I’ll buy it.

  • Kevin W says:

    My daughter went to a birthday party an hour away. The party ended up going to Toys R Us to spend some of that birthday money. My daughter phoned to say that there were lots and lots of Disney Cars that she knew we didn’t have. She described it in such detail that I felt confident enough to make the hour drive to see what she had found. Sure enough, there was a new “cube” different in format from the previous one recently released. (The previous cube was sitting next to it.) The new cube was chuck full of ALL NEW RELEASES! There were cars from Tokyo Mater, Monster Truck Mater, Mater the Greater, and Rescue Squad Mater — new cars that haven’t been choking the pegs for months and months. Well, this was all very exciting and I’m sure Met will have pictures soon. I should have taken some but how can you think of that when you are scooping up the new releases.

  • BBIG MIKE says:


  • TarheelBill says:

    Is this Radiator Springs McQ (Fin) something new?????

    (MET: No, that’s the “listed” name of Radiator Springs – has been since 2007).

    • 5oclockshadow says:

      maybe they say that to differentiate Radiator Springs McQueen from Cruisin McQueen (which has no number or fin) .

      I doubt it is something new.

    • John in Missouri says:

      Maybe Radiator Springs McQueen is the surprise, since it has a new name?

      And who’s the wiseguy with the online petition to get more Kathy Copters and Pit Crew Sarges?

  • Rich says:

    Hey Mara,
    What city are you in?


  • kdthomas says:

    Radiator Springs Lightning McQueen (with Fin) – Anyone know what the “with Fin” is?

  • Mara says:

    I found this at kmart yesterday. I picked it up for McQueen and for making kmart day a little easier to get all of the cars. They had four if these and I bought one.

  • Slap an “Only at Kmart” sticker and there you go!

  • babychristianscars says:

    Can anyone pick me up the kmart day cars and this 3 pack? I am nowhere near a kmart or target.



  • Piston Car Hunter says:

    Is the presage scheduled on Monday now? Has a link been posted?

    • NascarFan says:

      Yes it is, I posted it on other posts.

      reposted here for you:

      this JUST IN FROM KMART:

      Hi everyone,

      A couple of updates on the upcoming Cars Event:

      We are going to release the Case Assortment this Saturday (10/9) on MyKmart.com

      Officially, the presale will start on Monday (10/11) but as soon as my online contact sends me the link to the presale, I will forward to you and we can start spreading the word.

      You can expect this sometime Sunday afternoon.

      Event in-store is 10/23, so I will keep you posted.

      Please let me know if you have any questions.

      Thank you!
      Kmart Rep

    • NascarFan says:

      Just released on Mattycollector.com:

      Cars Collector Event at Kmart 10/23
      October 8, 2010
      By Matty
      Cars Fans,

      Join Lightning McQueen, Mater, and the rest of the gang from Radiator Springs at the next Cars Collector Event happening Saturday, October 23rd at 11:00 AM at participating Kmart stores nationwide! Click here for the full list of locations.

      Collector events at Kmart are always a blast β€” you’ll meet other collectors who share your obsession with Cars, plus get a chance to purchase previously-released vehicles decked out for the first time with synthetic rubber tires! There will be 24 total vehicles in every case. Here’s the complete list of vehicles and the number of them in each case:

      Painted Masked Lightning McQueen (Chase) β€” 1 Limited quantities!

      Race Tow Truck (Tow) β€” 1 First time with lenticular eyes!

      #54 Faux Wheel Drive β€” 3 First time with synthetic rubber tires!

      #74 Sidewall Shine β€” 2 First time with synthetic rubber tires!

      #82 Shiny Wax β€” 2 First time with synthetic rubber tires!

      #28 Nitroade β€” 2 First time with synthetic rubber tires!

      #80 Gask-its β€” 3 First time with synthetic rubber tires!

      #39 View Zeen β€” 2 First time with synthetic rubber tires!

      #101 Tach-o-mint β€” 2 First time with synthetic rubber tires!

      #36 Tank Coat β€” 2 First time with synthetic rubber tires!

      Kathy Copter β€” 1

      Pit Crew Sarge β€” 1

      Radiator Springs Lightning McQueen (with Fin) β€” 1

      Dash Boardman β€” 1

      So when Saturday, October 23rd rolls around, you’ll want to pause that tractor tipping, put the pedal to the metal and race into your favorite Kmart. Until then, ka-chow!

      β€” Matty


  • Monica says:

    Hey guys, I have a little theory, tell me what you think about this. I think Mattel is not going to get the diecast license for Cars 2!

  • NascarFan says:

    Just a note: the EAA factory also made the Speedway 9 pack set and the paint jobs are gorgeous

    some of our 3 packs are 12.99 and others are 14.99

  • cac1959 says:

    I received this set in the mail yesterday and opened it up… This is one McQueen I was glad to add to my collection. I also have a set of the 8 racers already thanks to a trade with a friend in Australia… I’ll still go to the event and get what I can… and buy one case for myself on pre-sale… but there are too many lenticulars in the case for me to buy more than 1.

    My rubber tire McQueen has a production code of 1900 EAA… all my KM5 racers are from the EAA factory, and the paint quality seems much higher than the Kmart 4 racers from the EAB factory.

    I think the only way we’ll see Chick Hicks and The King with rubber tires are going to be in 3 packs… It would be great to see Tach O Mint with one of them in a 3 pack… I think we’ll see Dale Jr in the 3 pack with The King… and since McQueen has to be in every set…(see Target 9 pack… see Target Speedway 4 packs)…

    I looked at our Kmart on Wednesday – no sign of this 3 pack or the event yet… I may check out a few more later this weekend if I head out of town to a city with Target and TRU stores…

    Thank you, Met, for yet another great story and photos.

  • karen says:

    Ooh, I am going by KMart on Monday. Usually mine is a massive mess with lots of old stuff. We’ll see.

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