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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Hard Target Shopping at the Soft Opening

This is the weekend of 10 Target GRAND OPENINGS around the country …

But Target, like most retailers have ‘soft openings’ to make sure everything is working correctly … Mariela P. can attest to this from her easy-pickings haul from her new Target …

Just your average shopping day …

So, here’s the list of stores opening Sunday 10.10.10 (though not at 10 AM):

* Sacramento East: 6507 4th Ave., Sacramento, Calif.

* Simi Valley West: 51 Tierra Rejada Rd., Simi Valley, Calif.

* Bakersfield Central: 2901 Ming Ave., Bakersfield, Calif.

* San Jose North: 95 Holger Way, San Jose, Calif.

* Azusa: 809 Azusa Ave., Azusa, Calif.

* Salt Lake City: 1110 S. 300 West, Salt Lake City, Utah

* Little Rock University: 420 S. University Ave., Little Rock, Ark.

* Christiana: 800 Christiana Mall, Christiana, Del.

* Flushing: 4024 College Point Blvd., Flushing, N.Y.

* Braintree: 250 Granite St., Braintree, Mass.

Most likely the stores are already open so you might not be first to the CARS but check it out and let us know if you can top Mariela P.

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8 October 2010 Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 36 Comments


  • NascarFan says:

    Anyone see this?:


    Disney Pixar’s Cars the Movie Monster Truck 3-Pack – Frightening McMean, Icscreamer, and Ice Cream Mater with Hat

  • boots says:

    Michigan is always the last on the list. most of the target stores around here (detroit) area have been getting the last case 2 diferent times W/ bert, shovel mc queen,ect… but one here i founf the heavey metal mator set & the newest final lap W/matti, matthew ect… hey for me BRING on the holidays! happy hunting

  • Paul Mass says:

    I was on the Toys r Us website and saw that they have the Radiator Springs Supercharged Five pack in Stock that has Lizzie in it. I did not know if this was old news as i am somewhat new to collecting.


    • Fillmore1234 says:

      OLD NEWS DUDE OLD NEWS. That was released maybe 3 years ago. Lizzie hasn’t been released for about 2 years so if its not out of stock I’d nab it if I was you. I would know because I’ve been collecting since the beginning of time!!!! lol jk just since the Movie came to Theaters.

  • Awesome score! I want to find that stuff!

  • Nicole H says:

    I found the Heavy Metal Mater 4 pack today at Target but only an empty hole for rest of Cars aisle. They were also putting out Christmas linens so hopefully soon they will start re-stocking toys for the holidays.

    • John in Missouri says:

      The Christmas lights have been out for a couple of weeks now, but the toys won’t be put out until after all the Halloween goodies are clearanced out (like after November 1 or 2).

      • Nicole H says:

        I meant re-stocking the toy dept. One Target I have been to has had the same cars on the shelf for months. And to top it all off-it’s one of the Target’s that has the collector signs up. The one where they will not bring out any Hot Wheels or Cars products so they can be fair with all their guests.

        • John in Missouri says:

          Oh, I see what you mean now.

          One of these days, I’m going to bring 30 of my closest friends to Target, and one at a time we’re going to ask the stock person to go to the back to bring Cars items. That’ll show them… 😉

          • Nicole H says:

            They only have the signs up at 1 of the 6 Targets in the Des Moines area. They must get hit with alot of ebayers at that one because all the other ones will go get them if they got them. When I worked at Target if it was a little kid that was asking I would go look. But I did have a guy give me a hard time about some Hot Wheels. He was in his 40’s and I told him sorry I can’t bring more out when the pegs are full and he was not happy. Needless to say I ended up walking away from him before I said something that got me fired.

  • Jack says:

    Oh and I would keep on the lookout for the rerelease of some Storytellers as well.

    • Sandy says:

      Hi Jack!
      You really think story tellers will be available? The pegs at one local target is bare. Makes sense now. Im ready for any new final laps. Bring’em on!

      • Jack says:

        Yes I do believe the Storytellers will be rereleased soon. Met has gotten word of this and posted already. I don’t know if there will be any new ones though. I wouldn’t be suprised if last years Storytellers showed up in Europe as well. That also happened last year.
        So far I have seen absolutely no difference between last years Cars distribution and this years. Last year first TRU got the toons first and had a couple exclusive sets like Sarges boot camp. Target was dead last Summer early fall as well.
        Then right around this year last time Target started getting final laps, crew chiefs, storytellers and more. Target stayed hot right up until Christmas and then started cooling off a bit.
        I think we are seeing an instant replay.
        I also think you will see some Christmas singles at Disney stores UK, Target and TRU but only Target will carry the set with the Santa car. So no singles for me. I think you will see The first Christmas sets as soon as Holloween passes. The singles in the UK maybe a bit before.

  • Jack says:

    Yes that’s because the official set date on these sets has always been 10-10-10. The same day as Tge official grand openings of the new Targets. Hopefully this will mean a whole new reset for Target toy depts. and all new products.
    I’m thinking we should start seeing new crew chiefs and another case of final laps next weeks as well.

  • Chris with tray says:

    Awesome, Mariela!

  • NascarFan says:

    Hey guys, heres a tidbit:

    just called around my local targets….I spoke with the toy lady and she says:

    something that no one has even said to me from target before….

    about the 9 pack Speedway sets

    “”these are officially released next week””

  • kdthomas says:

    The Sacramento store is opening across from where I work. It is still not open but I’ll be there on 10/10. Hopefully I can score as well.

    • HOOKEDonMATER says:

      Hi KDTHOMAS I’m from Stockton, I will let you know if I see something new over here, can you please give me your email address or you can email me EDMYBRAT@yahoo.com…..thanks

      • kdthomas says:

        Decided to check just in case they were open after all this morning and they were. But according to one employee it was for “friends and family” of the new employees today only. I snuck in and dashed to the toys section. I immediately spotted two “Speedway 9-Packs” and grabbed the best one. Due to the high cost I don’t see them carrying too many of these (i.e. Christmas Pack). They had about 3 cases of the latest Final Lap, latest Color Changers, Mater The Greater 4-Packs, 1st wave of Tokyo Toons, lenticular case that came with Chase Metallic DJ (way behind), but no new haulers, and ZERO Crew Chief sets.


  • Jack says:

    My prediction is we will see all the new crew chief sets very soon.

  • CORINNE says:


  • NascarFan says:

    Yea went to ours and they still had 0, but another target 35-40 miles away had our new stuff.

    I would like to get the Spare O mint box set and No Stall pitty set again some day along with the BumperSave and Nitroade, Easy Idle.

  • clasp99 says:

    I already found the Heavy Metal Maters set, I don’t really care about the color changers but i really want the crew sets for Nitroade, Octane Gain, Bumper Save and any of the other hard ones to find currently. I am also still looking for Paul Valdez but I figure he will eventually end up like Gil.

  • Kevin W says:

    Flo looks good in pink! Ah ha! There’s hope for the pit crews here in the states!

  • Alex says:

    Awesome scores.

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