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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Target NCF Crew Chief Pit Crews

“Cac1959” sends along a pic of the Target in-store inventory screen …

NCF – Not Carry Forward which means that Target inventory-wise is counting them as not an item they are going to stock on a regular basis “going forward.”

What does it really mean?

Well, there is the obvious, they are not going to get in any more Crew Chiefs & Pitty’s.

But it can also mean that they are going to more shipments but beyond the next shipments, they are not going to get anymore.

Or it means nothing as they can always reinstate and change the coding from NCF.

Since it’s not a seasonal item where you can presume yea, after the season, who would want it anyway … so … while it’s not the best indicator – that would be there’s 24 in the backroom but it’s like the red sky thing, it might mean something or …

But thanks for the heads up, CAC1959 … hopefully more answers are coming …

CAC1959 says that, “I know that Octane Gain and Nitroade Team Crew sets have been found at Zellers stores in Canada.”

What’s the inventory situation there?

(On a related note, does anyone have the Leak Less “Night Skyline” Team Hauler Box (not the crew chief & pitty and not the first release) who can snap a nice high res picture for me? Shoot me an email at metroxing (at) gmail.com – thanks!).

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28 September 2010 Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 30 Comments


  • I-am-speed says:

    Even the newest MTT set, Heavy Metal Mater, rings up as “NCF Cars” on the scanner and receipt, so it’s hard to say what NCF really means long-term.

  • jmularczyk says:

    At the Target museum, I’ve never seen anything but the first 3 (Dinoco, Leakless and HTB) I still haven’t bouth the Leakless set – I’m waiting for clearance price. What a bummer, I’d really have liked to pick up some different ones. Also they need to throw the mega size cabs aside and get some new ones.

  • mike says:

    The last time something like this was posted…. “the dragon mcqueen” fiasco… the car showed up in quantities at TRU.

  • sootyhull says:

    at least you can get them. we get nothing like that over here in the uk. still not seen team bumper save or shiny wax haulier over here. got everything else thou.

    • jammywin says:

      i havent seen any of the team sets over here in the uK 🙁

      Shniy wax hauler i would love

      i havent even seen no stall or RPM haulers they seem to have escaped me here in the North west england!!!!!! 🙁

      help anyone….????

      still want three pack here in the UK any one knoe where i can get them in the uk!!!!!!!!!!

      chick mia and tia
      finishline mcqueen
      waitress mis and tia

      etc……. the list can go on and on

      also the 4 pack of cars toons…??? anyone spotted then anywhere in the UK…???

      email me


      Peace and happy cars collecting

      James xox

  • 5oclockshadow says:

    I am sure they will turn up somewhere. they always do.

  • Dunroamin says:

    Next up on eBay

  • kdthomas says:

    Glad I got Octain and Bumper Save then.

  • From what I can see on an inventory side of things here in Toronto Canada… Zellers is the only store that has them Chief and Pitty sets… Not all stores have them – Some are stockin’ only those and some are stockin’ only the Haulers and crew sets… Like Bumper Save, HTB, Leak Less too… Some stores have both and some have NONE!!! I must have hit about seven stores in the last week or so – and some of them twice – simply ’cause it seemed they were stockin’ these so I thought I would get there first… The box seems to hold two each of the followin’ Chief and Pittys sets: Dinoco, Nitroade and Octain Gain.

    Don’t have anymore to hand out until I find more… PS – Them Hauler and crew sets are runnin’ a bloody $34.99 each – Plus %13 tax!!!!!!!

    • deal or nocars says:

      Of course Zellers is the only store, and you will not see these anywhere else, limited to only 1 case per “some” stores.. Not all of them will get these!

      .. you want to know the reason .. Target is “signing-up” to buy all Zellers .. within’ a few months a few years you’ll see.. TARGET are deploying in Canada , just like they did in Australia! Some Zellers store are already closing up.. look around .. TARGET is coming !

      (MET: Target Canada POST … Just to note, Target (Australia) is not part of Target (US) – simply a licensed name).

  • cac1959 says:

    I also stopped at a Target in Indianapolis this afternoon on my way home from a conference… I scanned a MTT 4 pack, hoping that they’d have the new Heavy Metal Mater one in the back stockroom… They didn’t… and those also scanned as NCF… maybe it’s a mistake in their system… or by raising the price to $29.99 they aren’t selling and they’ve decided to pull the plug on the 4 packs…

    I didn’t spend $24.99 for the MTT 4 packs at TRU… I spent $22.49 for a few at Kmart, and got others I needed at Meijer (when I could find them) for $19.99…

  • Jinzo says:

    I still don’t own any of these… I wouldn’t mind picking up the 4 they have overflowing… These sets were nice but priced @ $20 was a bit too much… if they hit clearance @ 14.99 or even $10, I’ll pick them up.

    Problem with these was that overproduction on the first four sets… seriously.. how many of them do you need? I never saw Team Octane Gain at all… 🙁 and some of the pittys & crew chiefs came from the mainline so making them a bit too much… I really hope it comes back as something else…
    Really wanted all crew chiefs & pittys. If this line failed, they should just put them back on the mainline like before. Problem solved. More expensive, yes indeed 🙁

  • L8rM8r says:

    I guess it is no big shocker that they are not going to carry any more of these for now with so many just sitting there. Even when they were whittled down a bit they just brought in more of the same. Very discouraging and I almost forget to even look when I am in Target to see if they have anything new.

    • Mariela says:

      All Mattel’s fault! Too much of these, too little of that..
      Target is not carrying any more mega sizes as well because of the repeats they put in the cases, and then they are peg warmers, and nobody buys them!

  • Carsaholic says:

    Next time you are in a Target with a working scanner, look up 087-07-1005. . . due to set 10-10-10.

  • I always thought that NCF was short for New Cars Found. ROFL

  • cvc1968 says:

    The team crew sets cost $19 plus tax (Chief crew plus 3 pitty’s) the Hauler, pitty and car is $40

    Most Zellers have the Dinoco and Chick Hicks crew sets in stock
    Octane Gain and Nitroade are sold out and not expected in until mid Nov
    Each store only gets one case in at a time- it contains 2 each of Octane Gain and Nitro, and 1 each of Chick Hicks and Dinoco
    I am looking for cac1959 and others…

    • Dekoy says:

      Sorry, help out a newbie here, what is cac1959.

      I will keep my eyes open, as i have a few Zellers in proximity…….

      Would anybody have any UPCs for these?

      I guess they would have to be for the international ones……..

      • cac1959 says:

        Hi Dekoy.

        I’m cac1959… I’m a collector from eastern Indiana and I’ve helped cvc1968 with some Cars… and he’s trying to help me out with the team crew sets…

        These team crew sets would be a perfect item for Mattel to list for sale online… those of us who want them would order them… stores would not be stuck with inventory that does not sell… A $20 toy is not an impulse buy for a parent… I’ll spend $20 if I can find something i want to spend it on… As the Octane Gain and Nitroade Team Crew sets come with 3 or 4 new Cars each, I’d spend $20 for these sets… The Team Leakless crew set came with only 2 new Cars and I only bought 1 of those sets.

        We can’t collect them all if Mattel does not make them available for us to collect.

  • Dekoy says:

    How many different sets are available?

    I saw 2 at a Zellers yesterday, but was in a rush (as always) and couldn’t remember which crews they were.

    I do recall some absurd price like $40.?

    Canadians, help out on this one, does this sound right?

  • John in Missouri says:

    Maybe NCF means “New Cars Found”.

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