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Lego MiniFigures Wave 2: The Secret Barcode Database Checklist

The new wave of MiniFigures are out – this time available at Target …

There are 16 in this wave …

They are in “blind” packages but there is a hidden codes … so if you have time to kill to get exactly which one you want (and the clerk is not standing watching you pick through a jar 🙂 ) …

The UPC are all the same but there is a secret barcode on the right – here’s the grid …

Formatted for your phone so copy it off and email it to yourself or look it up here in your browser at the store. Thanks CollectorMom for helping me fill in a few blanks – thanks!

BTW, #9 is a Mime, I thought he was a Pirate Ghost with his skull collection.

If you love the MINIFIGS, the MINIFIGURE ULTIMATE STICKER BOOK is very cool. It’s got thousands of stickers of Minifigures, unless you’re willing to spend a few grand to buy the sets with them, just a little cheaper to peruse the photos …

(If anyone has an extras of Wave 1, drop me an email – thanks!)

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13 September 2010 Toys 46 Comments


  • me says:

    this barcode stuff is crap feel 4 the bits

  • oliversmom says:

    Does anyone need Samurai? Have 1 extra, used dots, got what I wanted
    Samurai- ended up with 2 ( lil’ one would not let it go-lol)
    Sumo wrestler
    Dots worked perfectly. If anyone needs link to key – dots,
    email juliabaum4cars@gmail.com
    will email you link

    • Quoc says:

      Yes, I need the Samurai, Sumo Wrestler, Snowboarder, and Mummy. I’ve only been moderately successful with the bumps; many of the packages I’ve seen are so faint that it’s difficult to tell where the bumps are, and even when they match the chart, it’s not always correct.

      Thank you so much!

  • Mark says:

    I found series 3 at Target for 2.99. They had 3 boxes in Seasonal section.
    I spent a good 30 mins figuring out which is which and got all 16 figures in 1 shot.

    How I figured it out what item is very distinguishable by feel

    1. Tennis Player – Tennis Raquet
    2. Hula Dancer – 2 maracas
    3. Space Alien – Head and the purple space gun rod
    4. Samurai warrior – sword and body armor
    5. Sumo Wrestler – Trophy
    6. Rapper – Boom box
    7. Fisherman – fish and fishing pole
    8. Tribal Chief – Spear and Head dress
    9. Snowboarder – snowboard
    10. Elf – Shield + Bow/arrow
    11. Racecar Driver – helmet
    12. Pilot – Parachute backpack
    13. Baseball Player – Bat
    14. Mummy – Scorpion pet
    15. Space Villain – Leg + Helmet + red rod for space gun
    16. Gorilla suit – Banana and Mask

    Ohh lego.. having no barcodes didn’t do you any good.

    (MET: Nice, thanks! That bump thing is crazy!)

  • Amanda says:

    We used the barcodes at Borders & they were all spot on. Thanks so much! !!!!

  • Matt says:

    On this site the mime and weightlifter are listed with identical barcodes, but on this youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLihZrZcueg

    The mime is listed with a U.S. barcode which jives with the ones I am seeing in the box my mother bought for my brother. Haven’t been opened yet, but I expect it to be all right. Just thought I’d let you know that either the mime or the weightlifter is wrong on this website, and that I have a reference says it’s the mime.

  • Michigander says:

    Finally found some of these at Target for $2.99 + tax each.

    Tried using the barcode guide listed above –


    The barcodes did NOT match the list.

    I have tried reprinting the guide several times in color and B&W but, still too fuzzy.

    (MET: Not the UPC for the register but the bar code to the right. Sorry, the resolution is really for the internet and a smartphone. I can look around for the file and email it to you directly – metroxing (at) gmail.com).

  • Jon says:

    These would seem to be American only codes. I have got a couple of series 2 (UK) for my little boy but none of the codes match this list.

  • scott says:

    1.99 if you have a fivebelow around and no limit

  • Jake says:

    These are so cool do these really work i only have the spartan warrior but i want to get more

  • Mark says:

    I would like to know which Target is this available from. I have never seen these outside TRU and now at my local TRU they keep them behind customer service and limit the quantity. Last time I was at TRU I bought all 3 remaining boxes and had a dispute with the manger because they will not sell me all 3 boxes.

    (MET: Halloween section).

  • Quixotequest says:

    Turns out TRU has this series, too. My wife stopped by yesterday and guess what? They had them at the Customer Service desk already organized into 16 different piles. Nice!

    But they’re $2.99 ea. Price went up from Wave 1. Ouch.

    They claim the Spartan has been the most popular.

  • Jacob says:

    Are the first series still being sold? Other than paying $6.00 plus shipping on ebay

    • SJT says:

      You can find most of the minifigs for sale on Amazon.com. They are expensive though, and the shipping is outrageous so ask the vendor for a break on multiple sales.

  • PirateDad says:

    Used the codes tonight to find out the remainder of the box…got a few we wanted, NONE we did knot but sadly knot the one we really wanted…The Spartan…oh well NEXT time!

  • Jacob says:

    When you scan these does it just come up as lego mini figure or does it say which one it is?

    (MET: Yea, same UPC’s for all – the code on the right of the back is the ‘secret’ code that is not read by the price scanner).

  • erno2 says:

    Does anyone want to trade series 2 minifigs:

    I have extra:

    Pop Star x2
    Ringmaster x2
    Karate Kid
    Life Guard

    I need the rest!

    • Kate says:

      I would love to trade– I only bought some hoping for the Pop Star for my daughters– I would take both if you are interested and the life Guard. The extras I have are the Skier, the Wrester (is that your karate kid?), the Spartan Warrior, the Ringmaster, and the Cop. If those didn’t interest you, I would be willing to trade my not duplicates– the disco guy and the explorer.

  • Jacob says:

    What part of target are these located? How much???

    (MET: Halloween – $1.99 each)

  • L8rM8r says:

    These are very cool, but not sure if I can get into collecting another line of anything. Very tempting. Maybe tomorrow when I am at Target we will see. Thanks for all the tips I will be sure to make sure I get a full set if I do grab them.

  • Monica says:

    Oh man, how did I miss the first set?

  • PirateDad says:

    Thanks Met, I was actually bidding on this on eBay and the auction got pulled…YOU ROCK!!

    • collectormom says:

      I think you’re better off going to bricklink.com for Lego. The prices are way better than eBay and it’s nothing but Lego. You can shop by country too

      • PirateDad says:

        Actually, I was bidding on this bar code list…never bid more than $1.25 but the auction got yanked for going against ebay rules for something…knot sure, and don’t care cuz Met and YOU are my new heros!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for doing that!

        • collectormom says:

          Awe, you just hugged my heart 🙂

          And I just read on brickset.com some people are finding them at WM now, I believe in the Lego aisle. Not in their box but on a hanging display

  • clasp99 says:

    I did completely by touch. took me 5 mins to find a complete set. does anyone have a set of series 1. my son is just getting into lego at age 5.

    I love it!


  • Roswell says:

    ive already got about half of this series,
    i did use the barcodes before, but it took ages and some are almost identical, so i decided it be quicker to just feel around the bag, as each figure has a unique accesory,

  • Aaron says:

    I was in Target in Nashua,Nh last night and saw these for the first time in the halloween section, I passed on them, but they had tons

  • Quixotequest says:

    Does anyone have a Target DCPI number?

    The Targets in my area (Utah) do not appear to be familiar with them. The bar codes posted are not recognized when scanned into price checkers.

    (MET: 204000360 – about 4 or 5 of the 16 do not scan correctly. They are in the halloween section).

  • BMW says:

    Wave 2 definitely seems to be in abundance compared to Wave 1 in the USA.
    Lego stores limited wave 1 to 5 per customer per day.
    This time around Lego stores were not as limiting.

    TRU sold Wave 2 for 1.99 ea when they first came out, then upped the price to 2.99 ea 4 days later.
    I returned all the 2.99 ones to TRU, since Target’s price is 1.99.

  • collectormom says:

    Series 3 will not have barcodes. Apparently Lego thought kids would trade these with their friends to get the ones they want/need. Demand has far exceeded supply but it seems they made more of series 2 than 1. There is an iPhone app and Android app too, just scan the barcode and it’ll tell you which figure it is. I think it only has series 1 though. The iPhone app is called Z Bar.

    Met which series 1 are you missing?

    • Quixotequest says:

      Lego has a HUGE adult collector’s base. It’s silly to say they are removing barcodes to make it child friendly. If they remove them it is only to try to add fuel what may be a hit on their hands.

      (MET: Exactly – now, instead of selling 30 in hopes you get 16 … you are just buying 16 … or just the ones you want).

      • collectormom says:

        I agree, I meet “AFOL’s” (Adult Fan of Lego) all the time when we’re out shopping. I think what may wind up happening is people will buy more, but in a hoarding sense, just to get the ones they want and save the rest. I see people buying up series 2 in the hopes of using them to trade for series 3.

        Rumor has it Wal-Mart will have these also, I think you can take the package to the store scanner to get more info (or probably from an employee)

      • Stig McQueen says:

        Yep — AFOLs. Adult Fans Of Legos. Even Stig Jr. knows thr acronym!

        I suspect that if the next wave has no barcode or other means of figuring out which is which (say, in a plain box with no code, so you can’t see or feel to find the one you want), Lego will sell less of them, not more. If Stig Jr. Knows he can get all 16 if he looks hard enough, he’l try to get all 16. If it’s truly a shot in the dark, he’s ending up with multiples of ones he doesn’t really want, and has to buy 30 just to get at least one of each, he’ll spend his allowance elsewhere. Why turn it into an exercise in frustration?

        I also predict a lot of “shrinkage” loss as frustrated youngsters tear open boxes and leave the remains on the shelves.

        Or frustrated parents buying multiples, and re-packaging the duplicates and returning them to the stores (not that *that* ever happens…).

  • Victoria says:

    Thanks for the info…but five days TOO late! I spent a good 45 minutes at Target last week feeling my way through bags. That was fun. But I did get them all 😮

  • Hostile Takeover Banker says:

    These are cool. My boy is very much into Lego right now and I;m very for grateful for tips like these to make collecting the stuff easier.

  • Stig McQueen says:

    Thanks for this! Stig Jr. will be thrilled! Assuming he’s got any of his allowance left…

  • Kevin W says:

    A couple of days after Met’s last article about the Lego characters, we happened to be in the Lego outlet store in Kitchener Ontario. They had a huge rack full of these character that were being sold as decorations to key chains. It was tempting not to buy the whole display. If you ever get to Kitchener, the Lego outlet store is very worthwhile. Every time we go, we spend hours. Also, the Menonite market is just a few hundred yards away… also a good visit. At one time (maybe it still is), the Menonite market was only open on Thursdays so it would always be our “Thanksgiving” treat when visiting Canada for the holidays.

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