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Disney Pixar CARS: New Panini Sticker Book #2

“Madbob” was nice enough to snap some pics of the next Panini Sticker Book …

And some shots of the inside pages …

It looks Panini has bought Donruss but for Disney Pixar CARS, still branded Panini.

The US website has no mention of the Disney Pixar CARS cards and the UK site has minimal info … the series will be, “The World of Cars sticker collection consists of 172 stickers including 12 holographic glitter + 16 transparent pvc stickers and a 32 page album.”

But good luck collecting! Thanks for the nice pics, “Madbob.”

For those interested in collecting the first set, you can find the starter book here at Amazon. Good luck!

For those missing some to complete their set, apparently you can order them online through Panini.

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30 August 2010 Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 5 Comments


  • madbob says:

    The book is £1.25 in the uk and sticker packs are 40p each. If any collectors would like any then just get in-touch… they are really easy to get hold of over here at the moment. Postage should be ok aswell as it can be sent as international papers.


  • boogity says:

    boogity here, I got these in italy last year, but the book was in italian, I got the uk book yesterday, which is the same, except it is in english!!

    If you check on the pannini website you can order the book and all the stickers as long as the stickers arent on sale in your own country

    What I should have done was order the complete book last year as the product wasnt out in the UK, but I sort of way …forgot

    ps mater in italian is cricketto!

    all the geordie


  • Dolly says:

    I have this one already full, i order it on the panini web site because you don’t get it here anymore or is going to be release later, i don’t know, nobody could tell me in the stores here about it.
    The full price with all the stickers plus shipping was €33,50 (around $42,70 USD). The good thing is you don’t have any extra stickers and don’t have to get crazy to find them 🙂

    Met, i’ll try to make some pics and sent them to you.

  • Carlos says:

    First! Anyway, will these ever be in the U.S.? By the way, I found the cube with all the new toons. I passed.

    • por356 says:

      The first book is available in the U.S. I found my first book in an “everything’s a dollar” type discount store. The only problem was that it did not come with the starter pack of stickers that was supposed to be attached. Later, I found the book in WalMart with the stickers (for the same price as the first one) and individual sticker packs. Look in the aisle in the middle of the cash registers that has collectible card packs (sports cards, Pokemon, comic book characters, etc.) Often, these aisles are near the book and magazine section if the book section is at the front of the store. I never went there until I heard about these stickers, never thought I would want any collectible cards! It sounds like you might be able to order the second book with all of the stickers if it is not available here, yet.

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