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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Final Lap Visual Checklist – September 2010

Someone asked about re-releases of ‘new’ Final Lap CARS – so far? Not a lot of Final Lap ‘new’ CARS have appeared in subsequent cases, it’s pretty much one and out  – will that change? Perhaps …

After 8 cases and 25 “NEW” Final Lap releases, that leaves us with @19 new CARS on the official list not released yet.*

Presuming CARS2 CARS will be out around April 2011, that leaves us about 8 months or about 2 a month. Since we probably won’t see anything new in January at the minimal, that 7 months and 19 CARS or nearly 3 a month which is about average for the release pattern so far.

* The official list does not necessarily mean anything – they could easily add or subtract a vehicle. For instance, adding a Pitty is not very hard, it’s just a repaint and some decals but for now, it is what it is.

So, here’s what’s left.

Now, there have only been 9 re-releases in the 8 CASES so far on Final Lap cards …

But the official list now numbers 33 additional re-releases …

So, will we actually see a total of 42 re-releases (9 + 33)? Some are not much of a stretch, everything at the top of the re-release list has been re-released over & over again but some are interesting and some seem really, really unlikely (Trunk Fresh Pitty?) AND if anything, the Final Lap boxes are moving towards very FEW re-releases and more or ALL new CARS so this might be an old list and new plans are afoot. We might see a sprinkling of releases from the re-release list so we will get 7-8 more cases of Final Lap CARS spread out over the next 7-8 months with about 3 new CARS in the case of 12 with an occasional re-release … but not 33?

The FULL LIST is here (slightly out of date).

And now, the visual checklist of the new that’s been released.


Just hitting the shelves.


Might be the easiest Final Lap case to find, seems to have been re-shipments.


Relatively easy to find.


Not much left on the shelves but Wet Lightning McQueen should still be hanging around. Vern is the next easiest to still find. Not likely to see many Damaged Mood Springs.


Not shipped in great quantities so not easy to find.


Also not shipped in great quantities.


Low run.


Low run.

You can compare the original list from SDCC + the latest additions.

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27 August 2010 Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 15 Comments


  • jambouk says:

    Soooo glad they finaly decided to release these in the UK, just found the latest ones this week, bring on the rest.

  • Samuel says:

    Nice update, thanks Met!!

    Wow, seeing Stacy (LeakLess pitty) and Cactus Mcqueen on the scheduled re-release list already has me in “high anticipation mode”!! 😉

  • FINAL LAP Case G was everywhere on Thursday. Haverhill and Methuen MA

    and Nashua NH on Amherst not DWHWY–did not make it there.
    I heard they were in Woburn too.

  • cac1959 says:

    Case G has just turned up in western Ohio and Indiana… 8 to 10 weeks after it appeared in other parts of the country… We were way behind on cases D, E, and F as well.

    Pit Crew Member Sarge is the only new Final Lap (Case C) that has be re-released in another case (Case E)…

    I’ve had to rely on friends for most of my Final Lap purchases… I only saw cases B, C, and D in stores when they were newly released…

    Target distribution makes no sense…

    I did receive some Final Lap G case Cars from UK friends… I’m hoping they get Case H and future cases as well…

  • MiaSenorita says:

    Sort of off topic… but MET… when will you make a mini adventures checklist magazine??? I may be the only one to buy it…. but I NEEEED it 😉

    (MET: This would require actual work on my part so um, don’t hold your breath but anything is possible …).

  • MiaSenorita says:

    Man…. I just wish they weren’t freakin’ $5 a piece. They are worth it I suppose… but it was funner with they were like $2.50 or $3 🙂 We have hit or miss a couple of the cases so I think we may never have gotten them. I am the only one who shops at our target it seems because the whole case usually warms the pegs until I buy them. Did not see Case F ever…. Hopefully H will come this way!

  • matt says:

    NE Ohio has none of these!!!!!

  • BMW says:

    Hooman, Houser Boon, and Dash boardman, maybe in a 3 camera car gift pack?
    They are on ebay as a loose set.

    No doubt about Case A,B cars being “low run”. D,E,F were plentiful here, but G has not been easy to find at all. H is too early to tell.

    • hollywood7 says:

      I have also seen these on ebay, does that mean they are backdoor cars and then they will be released at some time? I always want to buy them but have held of for now. Any thoughts would be great.

      PS – All our shelves are now empty now in Ballarat Australia. As toyworld bloke said he didn’t know of any releases soon

      Have a great weekend

      (MET: Yes, if they are not on card, they are ‘factory backdoor’ CARS …).

  • jambouk says:

    Off topic but i have just noticed, i picked up boost yesterday and hes back to the purple wheel rims (or is that just the one i got?)

  • MrBrownstone says:

    Chick Hicks was part of Case G (re-release?) int he UK

  • Daniel says:

    What happened to Milo, Rev N Go Pitty, Green-Flag Dexter Hoover, Houser Boon, and Timothy Twostroke?

    The last 2 are currently on eBay (loose, from China).

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