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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Mater Wrestling Rastacarian On Shelf

“Dorvack” has found Rastacarian on the shelf – presumably from the TRU Cube?

The Cube has MTT singles, MTT Deluxe, lenticular singles and the elusive megasize singles …

And Rastacarian body is ALL METAL … his hair is a cool soft plastic – “rubber-like.”

So happy hunting!

Thanks “Dorvack.”

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20 August 2010 Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 20 Comments


  • por356 says:

    Take5 to the rescue again! Since I was forewarned on this site about “The Cube”, I have been checking TRU regularly. I hit paydirt in southwestern Indiana today. Got the wrestlers, Komodo, Cho, Kabuto Ninja, and Dr. Mater with Mask Up. There were also a bunch of other Cars, but I had them already. The wrestlers have very large axle holes so that the wheels can be placed at different angles and the body can lean. Thank goodness the markings and eyes are high quality, not cheap stickers like the two larger series. Finally, the drought seems to be lifting.

  • racerguy says:

    Found the TRU Cube. It had everything MET said. Found Rasta, Dr. Feel Bad and the rest, and also Cho, Komodo and Kabuto Ninja.

  • I want this car! I’m so checking TRU someday. I will get either the 3 pack and this guy or all four new ones including this guy separated.

  • babychristianscars says:


    My trip to WA was a bummer all I found was mood springs and sidewall haulers. NO fun new cars.

    I did get the newest lenticulars in our town yesterday, nice to find lightning with cone.

    Even better a grandma was there buying cars for her grandson, he’s 3 and owns none of them. I helped her find the coolest even with wiggly eyes he should enjoy them.

  • Carlos says:

    Now, I do like the Toons. I just decided I won’t buy the cars. And, just wondering, will they stop making Cars 1 Cars when Cars 2 comes out? I hope not. I love the Piston Cup racers, pit row launchers, haulers, pitties, crew chiefs, camera cars, and RV’s. Will they make all of them? I heard someone at Comic Con said they would. I hope so. I like Piston Cup Racing. I hope, in a way, Cars 2 gets delayed. I hear it might even be in trouble, since John Lasseter is going to co-direct. Naybe he didn’t want someone else to take over.

    • kdthomas says:

      You seem to ask this every day. Your guess is as good as anyone else’s on the board. You are just a fish like the rest of us looking up at that bobber called “Mattel”…as soon as we think we’ve “Collected Them All” they lure us on to more….buaaaaahahahahaha

    • Jack says:

       Another collector has told me that in the beginning of the next movie they will show highlights of Lightning winning some Piston Cups. That is how will be brought up to date on what has happened to Lightning since we last left off and the present. In which he agrees to go on the world tour racing championship. We all know Lightning is going Global(like everything else these days).     
       I have not verified this information nor do I have any proof, however this scenario seems very likely. 
       I strongly suspect that you will be seeing most of the piston cup racers again early on in the next movie. 
       This would be a perfect way to bridge the movies and keep the piston cup racers, pitties, haulers etc. Relevant.
       Perhaps that is why Mattel is in no hurry to release all the pit crew teams.
       I don’t believe there will be a clean break from Cars 1 to Cars 2. More like an extension while being able to again incorporate many original characters into the toy lines. 
        I don’t think we have seen the last of the No Stall, Vinyl Toupee et. al  logos when the next movie gets made. 
       Just my hypothesis anyway- in a few months we should start to see some previews. Maybe a Christmas present?

  • Steve AKA: Poppa says:

    The TRU cube at the South Hill Mall, Puyallup, WA as fresh and had NO wrestling Car-Toons in it Plenty of Franks, Elvis and such.

  • Jack says:

      Oh they are definitely making these shorts to capitalize on the tremendous success of the regular Cars line and sell much more merchandise including many toy vehicles. 
     Some collectors of the original line want to down this route some don’t. For us the line just an extension of the Cars line. It gives us more to collect as the regular line has some very slow periods. 
      We enjoy the shorts and toons. I just wish the shorts were a bit longer. Like the old 10 minutes or so Bugs bunny cartoons. 
     Hey Mattel, Disney and stores know what they have. The most successful merchandising movie and character in the history of Disney movies. They will try and milk that Cow for all it’s worth. 
     Just wait until Cars 2. They will be making that movie with selling toys at the forefront of priorities. There will be hundreds and hundreds of characters, racers, fans, announcers, track workers, flying vehicles, everything and anything they can incorporate into the movie to give them as many vehicles and toys as we can buy. 
     Anyway , My son has been enjoying these since we found the TRU cube- a note about the TRU cubes recently and currently still being delivered to TRU. 1st is as reported by a long time collector is they are being delivered via UPS to the TRU. Not the regular truck so they could show up anytime. 
     2nd- not all cubes are created equal. Some have monster truck mater cars filling the bottom rows and others don’t. The ones that don’t have the same old mega size Cartoons in the bottom rows. I found both types already. 
     The cubes with the Monster Truck Maters seem to have more newer Cars Toons also. 
     Both cubes have plenty of Franks though. 

  • Carlos says:

    I hate Toons. I’m not buying them. They were made just for the toys. And they seem dumb as if Mater was just dreaming. Any word on new megasize and pit row launchers?

    • buckland-blowouts says:

      … And movie about a world where Cars are like people… That doesn’t seem a little far fetched… Non…

      A dream maybe – finding one in Canada that is also a dream…

  • John in Missouri says:

    This ironic, because if I’d found him on the shelf, he’d still be there!

  • jestrjef says:

    He is AWESOME … but I will wait for the three packs … they are MUCH cheaper!! 🙂

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