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Disney Pixar Toy Story: The Thinkway Toys Story 3 Collection

Thinkways is a small toy company that specializes in high end interactive toys … that go way beyond just saying hi if you say something … for instance, if you set down the giant Thinkway Lotso down without turning him off manually, after 10 minutes, “he asks where you’d go off to …” or after a little longer, “he mentions he’s going to take a nap.”

So, not quite him asking if you’re going to leave the house wearing that – but getting there 🙂

Each of these are large scaled – Woody is the tallest at 15″ …

Available at the Disney Store Online & Amazon.


# Fully poseable including fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulders, waist, ankles, knees and legs!

# Push his red oval chest button for classic “Buzz Toy” phrases.

# Press the blue oval chest button and he responds as “Space Ranger Buzz”! He even knows if you’re talking loudly and reacts.

# Talk to Buzz and he’ll respond to your voice in Talk Back Mode (green oval button for ON/OFF Talk Back feature).

# Press his red chest button for pop-out wing action and light-up wing tips. Level sensor knows when Buzz is in a horizontal flying position or standing vertically and responds with flying and landing sound effects!

# Press his arm button for laser light-up and sound effects.

# Open or close his helmet or arm communicator and he reacts with related phrases and sound effects.

# Soft rubber waist and glow-in-the-dark green trim.

# Includes a Toy Story Collection Certificate of Authenticity.

# Original voice (Tim Allen).

There is also the ULTIMATE BUZZ LIGHTYEAR that is essentially a programmable mini robot. Disney Store & Amazon.

And of course, Woody – sadly, it does not seem like Woody is voiced by Tom Hanks (‘original voice’ is not listed as a feature).

Available at DisneyStore Online & Amazon.


# Everyone’s favorite Cowboy comes to life like never before!

# Highly detailed deluxe film replica from DISNEY/PIXAR’s digital data.

# Pull his string for classic “Woody Toy” phrases. 30 Phrases!

# Talk to him and he responds as “Andy’s Room Woody”. He even knows if you’re talking loudly or softly and reacts.

# Includes a Toy Story Collection Certificate of Authenticity.

# BONUS: Sheriff star display stand.

And Jessie, the rootinst tootinst gal pal … and voiced by Joan Cusack!

Available at Disney Store Online & at Amazon.


# Pull string for “Jessie Toy” phrases and yodeling.

# Talk to Jessie and she’ll respond with “Andy’s Room Jessie” phrases.

# Jessie responds to the tone of your voice and knows if you’re shouting or talking softly.

# BONUS: Horseshoe shaped display stand.

# Includes a Toy Story Collection Certificate of Authenticity.

# Original Voice. (Joan Cusack).

And Woody’s horse, Bullseye … Hey, where else are you gonna get the clip clop sound?

Pre-Order at the Disney Store Online (Coming in 3 Weeks – Scroll Down to Order).


# Gallop into the sunset with Woody’s trusty steed!

# Neighing and clip clop sound effects.

# Detailed vinyl saddle and stirrups with floppy rag doll legs.

# BONUS: Unique Woody’s Roundup stand to display Bullseye.

# Includes a Toy Story Collection Certificate of Authenticity.

And the irresistible Lotso from TS3 … strawberry scented and built for lots o huggin’ – Impressive technology wrapped in a bear shape.

Available at the DisneyStore Online and in stores at Target.


# Soft, huggable and Strawberry scented!

# He loves when you give him a hug and he reacts!

# Lotso responds to your voice and even knows if you’re talking loudly or softly.

# Press left paw for “Live Lotso” phrases and he responds to your voice in talk back mode.

# Press his right paw for “Toy Lotso” phrases.

# Tickle his left or right foot to make Lotso laugh.

# Includes a Toy Story Collection Certificate of Authenticity.

# Original Voice (Ned Beatty).

And some other favs including Mr. Potato Head with Don Rickles voice …

Available at the DisneyStore Online and Amazon.



# Mr. Potato Head comes to life like never before!

# Has detachable eyes with eyebrows, ears, nose with moustache, mouth, arms and hat.

# Press his hat for classic Mr. Potato Head banter with wacky face and body movements.

# He also reacts to the sound of your voice, but be careful, loud noises activate his POP OFF Action! His arms, eyes, ears, nose with moustache POP OFF!

# Press the button on his back for manual pop off action.

# Includes 2 sets of eyes and mouths for happy and angry facial expressions.

# Includes a Toy Story Collection Certificate of Authenticity.

# Original Voice. (Don Rickles).

And Rex the Dinosaur though it’s not Wallace Shawn’s voice …

Available at DisneyStore Online & at Amazon.

# Turn his tail to activate his talking/roaring feature with motorized arms and head.

# Talk to Rex and he’ll respond with voice and movement.

# He even knows if you’re speaking loudly or softly and reacts.

# Includes a Toy Story Collection Certificate of Authenticity.

Yea, they are a little spendy at $40 and up each but they are not made in huge quantities and once they are done producing them, prices should start edging upwards – especially for the main characters – they are all nicely done with a lot of interesting & clever technology.

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21 August 2010 Film, Toys 15 Comments


  • buckland-blowouts says:

    Hey there Dude-Met-Dude… You who is musically inclined (So to speak) Might know the answer to this…

    Did Tom Cochrane and red Rider actually write the song where he sings the lyrics… “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, just like Ali..? Meaning the Boxer… Of course…

    I find it only ironic since the great man who’s song LIFE IS A HIGHWAY which was remade for CARS, was actually quoted by McQueen in a round-about-kinda-way when he said: “Float like a Cadillac, sting like a Beemer”…

    (MET: Yep, listed as composer Of course, Ali’s famous quotes in German).

  • Dorvack1 says:

    Dorvakc1 is my father, he’s a disney’s Cars collector, but i grew up with Toy Story and the only one i need is Lotso for the full collection.

    • John in Missouri says:

      Do you need the 13″ version of the 20″ version? My Target has the 20″ version for $49.99 + sales tax (about $54 total). I can get one for you, but shipping to Europe will be substantial, probably another $40 to $50. If interested, please reply with your email address.

  • The only one I have is Buzz Lightyear. I didn’t get the others because they were very expensive. Although they do look awesome.

  • Mike H says:

    Strangely, whenever I’ve gone to Toy Stores and cruise the aisles for Toy Story stuff, there’s always been one kid who wants a Bullseye figure.

    It seems he has his own little fanbase out there, but then again, some kids love horses.

    I still prefer a non-talking Rex, since I’m sure that the one that Andy has is just a hunk of plastic with no battery-operated features.

    Btw, I’m still not sure that they got Hanks to voice Woody. I remember hearing that in some instances, Woody was voiced by Tom’s brother Jim (who also was a running double for Tom in ‘Forrest Gump’). Tom it seems will only do the major stuff like film work, but I also believe his brother did that Wall-E Superbowl intro a few years ago.

    I still wish that they would release a separate-eyed Mr Potato Head.

  • Piston Car Hunter says:

    Oh, and there was a Toy Story Collection RC race car that came out about a year ago. 🙂 That one was a little pricier though.

  • Piston Car Hunter says:

    Also, Toys R Us sells all of the ones pictured here except Rex for $49.99. We were able to get TSC Mr. Potato Head and TSC Lotso on clearance at a Target for $35. Rex appears to be a Disney Store exclusive, for now.

  • Piston Car Hunter says:

    There’s also the TSC toy soldiers and the TSC Little Green Men. Bullseye and Jesse are hard to come by right now. If you want go check Toys R Us, here are the item numbers:

    Bullseye – 81305
    Jesse – 437894

  • Micky says:

    We have all these toys and I think the voice on Woody is Tom Hanks. (if not it’s a darn good imitation)

    • Micky says:

      I got this description off the TRU site:

      Product Description
      The Toy Story Andy’s Room Sheriff Woody is in scale to 12 Buzz Lightyear, approximately 16 tall and is the most film accurate Sheriff Woody ever produced! Highly detailed deluxe film replica from DISNEY/PIXARs digital data. Pull his string for classic Woody Toy phrases. Talk to him and he responds as Andys Room Woody. He even knows if youre talking loudly or softly. Features 50 sayings in original voice. Includes Bonus Sheriff star display stand and Toy Story Collection Certificate of Authenticity.

  • collectormom says:

    My son had a Toy Story birthday a few weeks ago; I got him the Woody dress-up from the Disney Store (on sale thankfully) for his party. He also got the talking Woody; this one is a lot nicer and bigger than the ones they had out previously. It’s nice to hear Tom Hanks voice and not a “voice-alike”

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