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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Collecting … The Easy to the Hard … To the Rare …

With 282 official releases* (including some variants, haulers, oversized, singles, box sets, exclusives, and mail aways), if you weren’t here at the beginning, it’s not always an easy slog to collect them all … (* Not counting lenticulars nor Expanded Universe Toon-Storyteller CARS).

Some are obviously easy to collect as they are essentially re-released in every two-three cases such as Lightning McQueen, Doc Hudson or Radiator Springs McQueen. Some are common and frequently re-released but still sell fast enough they are not easy to immediately pick up such as Mater, King or Chick Hicks … but a couple trips should do the trick.

Some are not often released or proved to be not so popular like Trunk Fresh Pitty or small Al Oft that while you might not be able to find it on your nearestΒ  store shelf, you should have not a lot of problems finding someone to sell you at a nice price or for no more than original retail.

Some are not exactly common but not really ‘uncommon’ but because of their popularity – it only seems that way such as Frank or Bessie … pretty much no one can resist passing them up so they never last long on the shelves …

And due to distribution issues, sometimes “common” CARS get lost in shuffle and there are gaps in releases … so some releases get a giant bump in price until a re-release such as Lizzy or Wingo or View Zeen … though sometimes even though a CAR is not often re-released, the demand is not very high so there is not a huge run-up in price like Yeti or even many of the CHASE CARS.

So, out of 282 official releases, there are really only a handful that are hard to find … so here’s the updated hardest to find and sought after including the super, super duper exclusives** …

** Final Lap CARS are not counted here as the final verdict is too early to finalize.

The @20,000 Gang
Milton Calypeer, Sally with Cone, Fred (original), Todd Pizza Planet & Patti

There are not a lot of singles that have only gotten one release but these are pretty much it. Except for Fred, these all came with Kmart Day cases so because of case sales, the on-shelf qualities seem much lower – especially since many of them are still locked and sealed in cases … Fred has been rescaled to the smaller size – one of the few CARS retired – especially released only once.

The 15,000 Number
Blu Ray McQueen (Mail Away)

The Disney Blu Ray DVD Mail Away. You can read more details HERE.

The 7,000 Number
Lightning Storm McQueen (SDCC)

The 2008 SD Comic Con Exclusive

Probably Less Than 4,000? Maybe a tad under?
Spare Mint Pitty, Hank Hallsum, Flik & PT Flea, Dirt Track Doc Hudson & Faux Wheel Drive

Impossible to guess the actual amount but each has only gotten one release in a multi-pack configuration which are produced in much fewer quantities, it’s probably around this number and unlikely to be much more. Faux Wheel Drive was available in two overseas promotion (along with the Motor Speedway of the South release of 1,000) but the quantity is unknown but probably not much more than 2,000-3,000 but of course, it’s just a guess.

Probably 3,000 or Fewer?
Bubba, & Gask-Its

Bubba’s release in the Storyteller’s multi-pack was in pretty low quantities. Gask-its was also only from the Motor Speedway of the South plus a very low quantity in the French mail-away promotion …

Less Than 2,000?
Pixar Motorama Event CAR

Of course, not an official release but part of the super exclusive collection of CARS not available to the general public … this was a giveaway to Pixar employees at their recent 10th anniversary Motorama event … an annual event where employees bring their tuner and spiffed up CARS … no is sure of the exact count but it’s presumed that no more than 1 or 2 were given to each employee.Β  (Pixar has about 1,000 employees).

BTW, like every exclusive CAR, there are “non-authorized” versions … the original CARS produced have a production code of 1410 EAA M.I. – when the back door gang at the factory realized there were more profits to be made – they went back to create some more so any other production date makes the provenance more questionable … and of course, the official Pixar giveaways came in a box with a sleeve. Like verifying original art by the parts hidden by the frame, we will withhold precise detailed info about what that box looks like, how it was marked and what the outer sleeve says πŸ™‚ … so keep in mind, there are factory look-alikes, factory look-alikes second production runs and the official Pixar giveaway in its box & sleeve – you can decide its value.

Around 1,000
Apple Piston Cup Racer, & Tach O Mint

The Apple CAR and Tach O Mint have only bee released so far in the Motor Speedway of the South set so their official release is only in 1,000 range. You can read all about the factory seconds and later back door ones that seem to be from a random factory HERE.

The 50 and the ONE
Red Ransburg

Without going over every detail, you can read this post.

Thanks for the reminder to update, Jason V.

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11 August 2010 Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 84 Comments


  • ACE says:

    I’m always wanted to own Todd, the pizza planet car! I’m from Finland and I haven’t found any Todds from finnish shops. Is here any place in web to buy it? PLEASE AWNSER IF YA KNOW!

  • wendy says:

    dose anyone know where to buy a bessie from? thanks

  • pixarcars8191 says:

    i need bubba tach o mint maci car and gaskits also faux wheel drive

  • Carlos says:

    Any results from the Top 10 Poll? It’s been over a month. I hope they make those Cars. Also, how will the RV’s be made? Will they be Megasize or a box set? And, any word on new Haulers, Megasize or Final Lap. I don’t care for toons, and I think it was another way to make more toys, and more money. I’m not collecting them. They’ve completely shifted from focusing on Cars the Movie to Toons. I hope they can make all the racers’ haulers, and all the pitties. Also, I want more single crew chiefs. No Stall and RPM’s were like that, so why couldn’t they do all 36. And, at least 1 pitty per racer will do, but I’d love to see them all.

    (MET: Busy, crazy month – we’ll let you know as soon as we know).

  • Carlos says:

    When will P.V. come out? I keep on seeing pre-sales, but he hasn’t shown up. Also, we’ve seen him loose and in packaging in China and Australia. He was sceduled to be out last November. Almost a year late. I’m excited about him. They also showed a proto at Comic Con. Also, both K Mart and Sears removed their pre sales for him.

  • Piston Car Hunter says:

    I agree with an earlier poster who mentioned Mini and Vitoline Pitty could have made the list. Unlike some of the other K-Mart “firsts”, they were not released to the other retailers as far as I know.

  • Carlos says:

    This is a great post, and it’s fun to read. Will Milton Calypeer ever be rereleased non-lenty? I haven’t bought any lame-ticulars except for the chases. Will all the chases released as lenticular be made non lenticular? I found the G Case w/ Milton twice. Once I found 1 Andrea, and 1 Kanju Package Chase Chuki. Another time, at Wal Mart I saw 6 Andreas, 4 Chase Chukis, and I looked everywhere, and NO Milton Calypeer. Seriously, only ONE Milton. Look at what case G was:

    Case G released March 2009
    Radiator Springs McQueen (1)
    Cruisin’ McQueen (1)
    Lightning McQueen (1)
    Mater (1)
    Doc Hudson (1)
    Chick Hicks (1)
    Dinoco McQueen (1)
    Bling Bling McQueen (1)
    Ramone Lightning Phase (1)
    Race Damage King (1)
    McQueen Tires (1)
    Chuck Manifold (1)
    Hank “Halloween” Murphy (1)
    Tumble Weed McQueen (1)
    Andrea (2)
    Chucki with Kanju Package (1)
    Milton Calypeer (Chase) (1)

    Look, 7 out of the 18 cars were McQueens. Look, they could’ve taken out a McQueen, and put another Milton. Oh, well. If they did, I’ll bet he would have been easier to find.

    • NascarFan says:

      Milton Calypeer WAS rereleased non-lenty, last year Chuki with Kanju Package was the chase, not Milton Calypeer

      re released dont know

      • BMW says:

        This list was posted on Carsthetoys case list. I fixed the typo for the list. Milton was never a chase car in this case. Just Chuki. He only seemed like a Chase car. One to the case.

    • Sandy says:

      Hello, I do think Milton Calypeer will be released as a lenty. Seen a couple on ebay as lentys. So Im waiting on those to come out to had one over to my son. He doesn’t care if there fixed eyed or lent, he’s only 3. He just wants to play and crash them all up. πŸ™‚

      • Sandy says:

        But they sure did feel like chases. I was only able to find one at my local Walmart and never found another. They did have plenty of the real chase Chuki on hand. But someone always beat me to Milton. So in order to keep my daughter happy I had to purchase one on ebay. Too bad I didnt know about this site many years ago.

        • Carlos says:

          I think I’ll get the lenty Milton and cover up the eyes. And, I meant to put Milton as chase, since he felt like that. All the McQueens killed the mainline, and the next 2 cases after that had to be cancelled. I passed on every chase package car I saw. They don’t deserve their own number, in my opinion. And, I never saw Milton, not even once.

  • flarf says:

    LOVE this post! I need to figure out how to use your trading forum, as I have many extras I’d like to throw out there to fill some of my gaps (I have many Elvis’s & Freds). I actually opened one of my MIlton Calyper’s because he’s just so cool. Seeing all the posts about the PT’s, Fliks & Freds available in the UK makes sense, since I found mine while waiting for a connection at the Hamley’s store at Heathrow Airport a number of years ago. So be sure to check that out if you’ve got some time to kill between flights in London – they were at the very back of the store. Also picked up Red & Lizzie there – and the package looks like it has Russian (?) on it…
    Please tell me, will they ever ditch the lenticulars and go back to non? I have bought only one – Jay LImo, since I cannot get to a Target early enough to get the Final Lap version. Otherwise, I would have none.
    Thanks so much, TFAD!

  • Lee says:

    here in the UK we keep getting boxes at our Tesco of with old fred(always with NEW on the card) sally with cone + others & the full set of the US Kmart first release? never seen Todd, milton or Patti anywhere.
    Also lots of Flik & PTs & at TRus lots of Buzz & Woody WOC at only Β£2.99
    Looks like maybe after a couple of years the old unsold stock is moved on to another country?

  • Rippers says:

    Speaking of rare cars, a while back I got a backdoor Apple and Tachomint from a Hong Kong ebay seller thats since disapeared and also bought this from them


    Its like a gold chrome Ransburg does anyone else have one? I was told it was part of a ‘set’ from a midnight run?? where there other colours or something? set of what?

  • doug says:

    in the UK, flick and PT flea are the most common movie moments in places like ASDA, some have been on the shelf for well over a year now along with ron hover and cathy copter movie moments. the only cars i have in that list are sally with cone, large fred, flick and PT flea and dirt track doc. i think it would be impossible for us people in the UK to keep up on cars if it wasnt for this site, thanks TAKE 5 A DAY!!

  • lou says:


  • kdthomas says:

    70% of my collection has come from off the peg while the other 30% has come from the great folks of TFAD. I would almost say it’s impossible to have all releases without trades or buys from here or elsewhere. When I started collecting (Oct. 2009 a few days after KMart Day 3) I was lucky to find most of what I needed and also after donating around $800 to Kmart, Target, and Toys R Us. A year later I probably have close to $1,500 into this addiction. Probably more…I stopped counting and saving receipts so I wouldn’t go in shock later in life. I sometimes sit and look at it and think of all the other things I could have bought with that….then run back online to check when the next Final Laps will be on the shelfs and look at my KMart Day 5 Countdown Clock πŸ˜›

  • Lorri says:

    Many months ago I was at a Big Lots and I swear they had 20 or 30 each of Patti and Todd’s. Who knew?! I thought she was one of the ugliest Cars so I didnt get any. Huh.

  • John in Missouri says:

    Where is Rollin’ Bowlin’ Mater on this list?

    (MET: Sealed, not a lot but open? I think there are a lot – like Elvis RV … they are out there – probably dented, damaged … check Goodwill or thrift shops … so, not really low in numbers but yea, good luck tracking down where 80% of the game where Mater was a game piece).

    • 5oclockshadow says:

      I agree with Met.

      I remember pallets of Rollin Bowlin games at TRU and KBToys when they came out. I picked up some when they were cleared out at $8. Wish I would have bought the whole stack now.

      He was also released in the 6-pack and the 2006 factory set.

      Some of the others I am not too sure about.

      I can still find Pattis and Todds at Hastings stores.
      I would put Hank Hallsum closer to 8,000-10,000 range.

      • Jack says:

        Yes and Rollin Bowlin was also available in two different 5 or 6 Car Character packs. I have one but too lazy to go look as it’s not displayed. They were available as an exclusive I beleive in a certain store.
        Wheres BMW? Barbara knows about these Cars/sets and their distribution very well.

        • BMW says:

          BJ Warehouse exclusive 6 pack #2 was the USA release of Rowlin Bowlin in a set in 2006. Pretty rare set as most places did not have a BJ’s.

          The Rowlin Bowlin Game at independent toy stores like KB, and was at Walmart for 20.00. Never popular, I remember the parents reviewing it back in 2006, and the car itself (well, it was strange looking) When the game was clearanced out, many stores dumped them for 8-15 at Christmas 2007. They came out in 2006 and just sat on the shelves for a year or more.
          I only bought one on clearance for 15.00 and there were 20 or more on the shelves at one toy store close out. Silly me.
          Lots of people bought them up on clearance and traded them for needed cars.
          No EA code on the car itself.
          Met did a nice recap on the Rowlin Bowlin here a while back.

    • Jack says:

      When we got the game we removed the Rollin Bowlin Mater and played with a regular Mater. Very happy about that because it is a nice peice. Later we found a good use for lenticulars. Smashing them into Bowlin pins.
      I have came across several unopened sets in the last year. They are out there but some people want alot more than others. Kevin( Nascar Broncos fan) found one on Ebay for less than 50.00 buy it now about 6 months ago.
      I would say anything between 55.00 to 75.00 is a decent price for an unsealed game.

  • buckland-blowouts says:

    Love this kinda info!!! Thought if we are talkin’ international availability I would have to say that PT Flea and Flick do not fall under that limited edition stuff as wee see tons up here in the Great white north…

    • buckland-blowouts says:

      …Same thing with FRED in large formation…

      I have to say if u discuss Minty-Mints on Card backs, that’s when u can see the relevance of sortin’ the US releases from the International ones…

      But as openers? I think it is a totally different issue and the Internationals have to be made legit… We know they are out there and we know they have been abundant…

      I would like to think that when u go on Ebay and see a few Freds on Supercharged backs, one might be apt to think that he WAS released more than just once and thus is way less valuable than say Todd the Pizza Planet Truck or Conned Sally…

      If u disagree than should we not put Gask-Its and FWD in the same category as Tach-O-Mint and the Icar?!?!? Since technically they only made it out in the US in the MSOS set… Non?!?!?

  • Man-I-Fold says:

    Great post! My son and I have been having a lot of fun with Bubba since reading about him in Boom Comics. Ours is a regular Mater + construction paper, tape, and penciled-in face and details. Curiously, Man-I-Fold Jr.’s Bubba has a happy face – a true variant? Anyway, we will look forward to Storytellers coming out again later this year. Hopefully they will make Timmy, a central character in one of the storylines.
    On a more serious note, I wonder if Sparemint Pitty is the only pitty with this expression – is it a unique expression from all of the other pitties released thus far?

  • Piston Car Hunter says:

    I also must have seen around 10-15 each of Sally w/Cone, Fred, Patti, and Todd when those cases were floating around. Patti and Todd showed up at Wal-Greens and Target stores. Fred and Sally w/Cone showed up at several Super and Neighborhood Wal-Marts.

  • MiaSenorita says:

    Love the wealth of knowledge on this website!!! I also love the willingness to help that is honestly genuine. I know I am missing a few of these. . but also I have some of the most rare. And some of them the only one I have is in a toy box in my sons room – GASP! LOL The joy of toy cars collecting. . . πŸ™‚

  • GeorgeHP says:

    Is this “0619EA” stamp on the underside of a Gask-it to the true French promo car?

  • Piston Car Hunter says:

    I’m pretty sure Milton Calypeer was released at Target stores in the Andrea case. I saw only 3 of them though.

    • BMW says:

      That is what I recall too.
      Milton was in Case G released March 2009
      G had one Milton in it with 2 Andrea. It was the case that had Chase Chuki Kanju Package.
      I was able to find 3 Miltons; 2 at Walmart and 1 at Target.

      • Mike H says:

        I don ‘t recall Milton being just a KMart exclusive.

        The only time I ever saw him was when I went to a TRU during that case run, and picked him up.

        Before the debacle that is ‘The Final Lap shell-game’ (guess which case is in the warehouse/backroom/etc), my biggest find issues were yellow-flagged Dexter Hoover and Cone Sally.

        Even for Faux Wheel Drive, I traded a MOC Frank that I just happened to find one evening at a Target for him (worked out, as even the RoR Frank wouldn’t have fit in my cases at work).

        I may get the chance to go to PIXAR in early September, and if I get in, I’m going to see if I can obtain my own Motorama McQueen. I generally shun limited edition material, but I think he’ll look swell in my case, surrounded by the reporters and camera crew cars if I can obtain him.

  • CaptainChunk says:

    We never were able to find Bubba. Target & Mattel really screwed up the Storytellers last time around. That’s really the only “rare” item we’re missing that I’d like to find eventually.

    (MET: Bubba will back this Fall-holiday … hopefully in a larger release).

  • Mariela says:

    Great post! Very informative.. πŸ˜‰

  • MackDaddy says:

    Thanks Met! Good post! This is what keeps me coming back! It’s nice to know I have them all except for the super rare! πŸ˜€

  • djbennett22 says:

    yea like at the begginging of this year if im correct i spotted mr and mrs king and pt and flik at the same time and place.there pretty rare and i didnt have them so i got them.:)in original pacaging.

  • djbennett22 says:

    yea like at the begginging of this year if im correct i spotted mr and mrs king and pt and flik at the same time and place.there pretty rare and i didnt have them so i got them.:)

  • TrboTrex says:

    My question is are we ever going to see Tach-O-Mint? My son has been asking for almost 2 years, since we got the Meet the Cars book, if we are going to get the “Candy Cane” car. I have even tried several times to buy customs on eBay, but I’m not willing to spend $50 on a car. Will Tach be included in Cars day 5?

    (MET: Should I do a huge build up or just say – yea, pretty much. πŸ™‚ ).

  • Carlos says:

    Will they re release storytellers this year? I need Bubba, Rusty, the 3 Showgirls, and the 3 couisins. Also, Mini and Vitoline pitty were also released one time. Todd and Patti were going to be in the cancelled H Case, and Mini and Vitoline Pitty, along with Todd, were going to be in another cancelled case, Case J. They could’ve been much more common, and they rarely give us what we want. Remember when they could’ve made a Rust Eze Red Toys R Us gift pack with McQueens fired pit crew? Yeah, instead, we got that dum old Dinoco Blue gift pack. Hey, it’s Dinoco Blue, they thought. And, it had 2 McQueens (Dinoco and Bling Bling), Dinoco Chick, The King, and, the wrong scale Dinoco Helicopter. 5 Pegwarmers in 1 box.

    (MET: Yea, there are a couple others but I went with the most popular ‘one-timers’ … yes, Storytellers will be back this Fall-Holiday).

  • jason v says:

    Great job on the article just what I needed to get me thru the day

  • dvincent says:

    OK, now I need a Motorama McQueen…

  • BMW says:

    Enjoyed this article.

    Would you do a carded update version of the rarest cars as well?

    Gask its on blue plastic wheels – probably no more than 1200 of those, 1000 in the MSOTS. The French WOC forum has estimated no more than a couple hundred in the French mail away promotion.

    Sparemint pitty – the vertical 3 pack with him was never released in the USA.

    Dirt Track Doc – a definite rarity. At the time , most did not want to pay 10 dollars for one car, since the pack was all re releases.

  • hollywood7 says:

    OMG – Hello everyone. I have only been collecting for a small time now and thought i was doing well until I discovered your website and realised im a couple of hundred short, what a hoot!! I have read a lot about releases and packs etc and in all honestly you have no idea how good you have it. As an Australian Collector we have no Walmart and Kmart & Target here are all about cloths and electrical items. When there are Cars available its 1 or 2 box’s and that’s it. Thank goodness for ebay! I have ordered the new book with all releases and look forward to receiving it in the next few day. I thanks you all for the great information and now take 5 mins a day to look at this excellent web site.

    Thanks very much
    Andrew ( Australian Addict)

    (MET: Welcome to the Craziness! πŸ™‚ Thanks for ordering the book – yep, there’s a photo of every official release so it should put you into a deeper hole πŸ˜‰ … be sure and drop a note in the TRADING FORUM, other Aussies will pop by to say hi and everywhere here will be happy to ask if you need a Trunk Fresh Pitty πŸ™‚ Welcome!)

    • NascarFan says:


      While ebay fills certain needs, there are collectors in Australia and even some share shipping. Might want to look into that


    • Jeaks says:

      Andrew I am an Aussie collector and been going since 2006. I have managed to get every Car including all listed above (except Motorama & Red Ransberg) and I have a MSOTS that I got from the HWC Redline by using a friends address in US. Only a small portion of my collection have come from Ebay.

      I (& my mate HTB) have found many a Car at Target, Mayer, Kmart, ToysRus, Coles, Big W, Woolworths, various online retailers here and international) and of course through the many wonderful people of TFAD (including the wonderful nascarfan).

      Hard work it is but you have to just keep looking and embrace the joy the comes when you make a find. You buy a couple extra for your mates and if they don’t want them you give to your kids.

      Where are you located? might be worth a hookup for intelligence purposes.

  • Mr. T says:

    Got my openers checklist from MagCloud – Very nice product Met!!!

    However…… I don’t necessarily agree with the storytellers being in there (other than the Show stoppers) – they weren’t in the deleted scenes or other storyboards were they???

    (MET: The included Storytellers are part of the sanctioned backstory which includes some characters in the deleted scenes (Showstoppers) and fills out the back stories started or alluded to in the film (how they all arrived in town, Mater’s hood, etc …) AND the main Storytellers release include crossover CARS from the mainline (Doc, Red, Tractor, etc, etc …) unlike the Storytellers Christmas releases nor MTT’s which includes the characters “dressed” in other looks but not crossover releases (McQueen as McQueen, etc, etc …) – of course, you are free to collect what you like πŸ™‚ just as you could argue if you do not see a glimpse of that hauler or that Pitty on screen – do they count? What if they appear in the books or in the Blu Ray Finder only? πŸ™‚ … or COLLECT ‘EM ALL … πŸ™‚ ).

    • Jack says:

      For me personally, the storytellers Cars, especially this past years are some of my all time favorites. The showstopper girls, Mater’s Cousins and Bubba are awesome additions to John’s Radiator Springs setup.
      Plus the book is great too. The book came with a read alond CD in the Target exclusive version. Excellent additions to the collection.
      Any update on wheather there will be new Storytellers and or Mater Saves Christmas Cars this fall?
      I know it was mentioned that Santa Car and maybe some snowmobile raindeer were coming out this year.
      The Santa car looks so awesome in the book. I beleive it would be one of the most sought after cars ever if they do make it. Any updates? Will there be new singles or sets?

  • cac1959 says:

    Great article…

    Sally with Cone and Dexter Hoover with Yellow Flag and WOC Lizzie were all in a Walmart exclusive case… Sally with Cone also came out as a lane mate card – that’s where I was able to get several of them…

    And as mentioned in an earlier comment, Sally with Cone is out in the UK with the KM1 Cars – I’ve received a couple from UK friends.

    In addition to being in the Kmart 2 case, I believe Todd and Patti were also in the WOC H case…

    • You are correct!

      Adding the following for anyone who is not clear on these:

      WOC Sally with Cone was released in the 2008 World of Cars Case W which was a WalMart exclusive case. She was also released in the 2009 Race-O-Rama Check Lane (Lane Mates)Case B, which was actually more rare than the WalMart case because non-lenticular Check Lane were discontinued almost immediately after the Case B release and most of the Case B were pulled from the shelves and returned to Mattel. Case B also contained the first and only release of the corrected Mario Andretti with red wheels on a non-chase card with fixed eyes.

      And yes, both Patti and Todd were released in the 2009 Race-O-Rama Case H, which was the last singles case release before Kmart Day 2, which also included both of those cars.

  • jambouk says:

    Sally with cone large fred pt flik and flea all on shelves all over the UK just now, sally with cone large fred especially as they must have came in the kmart1 day box as the kmart1 racers are always haging with them on the shelves, So i am really surprised to see them on the list, If anyone needs them i can get multiples of each.

  • Micky says:

    How was Spear Mint Pitty released? Was it a single or in a pack with something else?

    • Sandy says:

      Good morning, Sparemint pitty was released as a 3 car gift pack with Sparemint and chief sparemint. I dont know of any other version.

      (MET: Yep, in the US, they were only released on a horizontal box 3-pack (with the racer & crew chief). There were some vertical 3-packs created but with the packaging change, they were sent only to select int’l markets (mostly to Asia).

    • Sandy says:

      Totally agree with cac1959, this article was great. When I first started collecting these for my son it was around the time when WOC Lizzie came out at Walmart. I totally remember getting these there. I do have most of the cars above but like most of us I cant afford to purchase a Speedway to the South set. So would it be a good investment in purchasing an Apple icar loose? Gask-its,Faux Wheel Drive and Tach O Mint will be released soon so Im not to worried about these.

      • NascarFan says:

        Purchasing an “Apple Car” loose is problematic at best, make sure you ask for 2nd and 3rd opinions before you buy. There are a few of us on here that know how to spot the fakes and backdoor copies. Not that those are “bad” but dont believe the sellers as these can be expensive

        (MET: Yes, read the links which encapsulates the ‘options’ out there and what to believe or not believe … then decide on what you believe it’s worth).

        • Sandy says:

          Thanks Met and Nascarfan, after your comment I read some earlier posts about this particuler car. It definately is a tricky car to get. The only place I see you can get these is ebay but Im a little wary now that I read these posts. If I do get one I want the real thing. Maybe someone at take5 will sell theres. maybe πŸ˜‰ Thanks for heads up.

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