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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: COMPLETE Visual Opener Checklist Magazine Issue is Complete!

Everyone kept asking for it and until now, the releases kept overlapping each other but since we have had a natural-unnatural CARS release break, this seemed a good time to make a symbolic linkage & recap of June 2006 to June 2010.

This OPENER CHECKLIST issue includes EVERY single CAR release from Mattel as a diecast from June 2006 to June 2010.

So, finally now, there is ONE COMPLETE CHECKLIST that shows you EVERY CAR and EVERY important variant so for most collectors, they might choose to skip buying Radiator Springs McQueen WORLD OF CARS version since it’s essentially the same as the SUPERCHARGED one but now – can also tell the difference between the three DJ’s released?

Yes, technically, the first CARS made it on the shelves in April, 2006 but officially, the release date was June, 2006 so the checklist is from June 2006 to June 30, 2010.

By my count, it is 265 CARS (mainline singles, megasize-deluxe, and SOME Storytellers) + 17 haulers for a total of 282 releases.

This total includes some variants but not all the variants were deemed worthy of a separate screenshot so your count might vary a little here and there. CARS released as a lenticular but NOT as a classic non-moving eyes CAR by June 30, 2010 is photographed and shown. Lenticular re-releases of the classic non-moving eyes CARS are ‘variants’ and will be in their own issue of the magazine someday but here, for cost reasons (it would add another 3-4 pages), they are only listed on the “grid.”

This count does NOT include the holiday Storytellers nor the Mater Tall Tales Toons CARS as they are considered ‘Expanded Universe’ and they will get their own magazine issue.

However, it does include some of the Storytellers that are deemed canon as they have been released with ‘regular’ mainline CARS like Doc, Red, Fred, etc … in the mix. They are featured in the WORLD OF CARS book John Lasseter has blessed (by writing the foreward) AND those CARS are also featured in the official back story capacity in comic book form … plus some are featured in the animatic short from the DVD release some of the non-holiday Storytellers count as part of the mainline characters.

So, check out the PREVIEW of EVERY PAGE by selecting SHOW PREVIEW.

The next update won’t be until next year Spring when the final Final Lap CARS are out and the CARS2 CARS start hitting.

Two more bits of good news.

There is a sale that ends TODAY so if you want to save a little, order before midnight PST at Magcloud.*

And NOW, AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE! Not just to Canada, the Uk or the US but anywhere UPS delivers!

The only oddity seems to be you can only order one copy of each issue … (if I’m reading it correctly) … or can you order only 1 magazine at a time?

“When shipping elsewhere in the world, you are limited to a maximum of one copy per order.”

If you are ordering from anywhere but the US, the UK or Canada – let us know what worked and what’s what. Again, it’s out of our hands, MagCloud sets the policy. Sorry.

* MagCloud’s sale is off the price of the base production cost so it’s hard to tell exactly what your final sale price will be but a sale is a sale. And while the sale has been going on all July – kind of a busy month but at least you have the sale for one day …

Yes, we know it’s not the most inexpensive magazine you will buy this month but it does have close to 300 HIGH RESOLUTION photos all enlarged for this issue. Every CAR release is shown and with a grid showing what years of release availability and of course, you support TakeFiveADay so enjoy and thanks!

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  • Chiesurin says:

    I receive my magazines, right now!
    Wonderful Christmas present for me! Let me see, what I need for my collection!
    I still do not understand, why was shipped from the Czech Republic! .
    Thanks, MET!…

  • Johnny Wood says:

    Got my copy in and so far I have been disappointed. Paying that much I thought the checklist would be better.I have 35 of the target final lap cars so far and 5 of them are not listed. Still got to check the others series.

    • John in Missouri says:

      Reading above, it says “This OPENER CHECKLIST issue includes EVERY single CAR release from Mattel as a diecast from June 2006 to June 2010.” So you see Johnny, the missing 5 (and more) would be in the next edition.

    • Mike in Virginia says:

      I got the copy and was pleased. You have to understand a couple of things.

      First, it takes a TON of time for these guys to produce this, and they produced it in full color slick pages, which is EXPENSIVE! I’m a graphic designer and have dealt with publishing, and costs do not go down much unless you can print thousands of copies. Without massive demand, it causes the price of something like this to increase. In all, for what was produced, we got a bargain.

      Second, Disney and Mattel are released Final Laps currently. I would say I would rather have the checklist now than wait for the next couple of dozen or so Final Laps to be released. Yes, it might be nice to have the more expanded edition, but I’m glad I got this one when I did. It allowed me to understand which variants I was missing (and there were about four). The longer you wait to see what you’re missing, the more expensive those cars will be because of limited quantity.

      The cars listed in that checklist are the cars that had been released up until that point. Hard to print something after the fact 😉

  • HOOKEDonMATER says:

    I got mine yesterday! Great job Met!!! THANK YOU for doing this, big help for a new collector like me 🙂

    (MET: Thanks! Enjoy!)

  • Mike in Virginia says:

    OK, now that I’ve read through this guide a few times over, I have a question regarding The King. There’s supposedly a Desert Back version from first production run in Thailand that is a variant. The guide says “Wheel Well”. I have three Kings of the non-damaged type. One is from a four-car set. One is from the pack with Mrs. The King. And the other is a 12 car back Desert card. I compared all three and they look exactly the same to me. Any idea what to look for and is there another earlier version 12 car Desert card King than mine? Thanks for any assistance with this puzzle.

    (MET: Yea, it’s insanely subtle 🙂 … the wheel well on the China ones are half circles as they should be (where the tires are exposed on the back quarter panel). The first versions wheel well is not a perfect half circle – yea, that’s it … plus the China ones (since 2006) are a slightly darker blue … look at the production stamp on the back of your card – if it says A1, it’s the Thailand plant).

  • luisrome says:

    I have all five magazine …. and all type of Cars !!!!!! Oh yes…..

    Ciao from Rome – Italy

  • samurai60 says:

    Ordered mine! Thanks for doing this Met!

  • collectormom says:

    We got ours in the mail yesterday, the boys loved looking at all the pictures. Thanks for making this and all the others!

    Noticed just one oops: on page 11 Impound Snot Rod is listed as Impound Boost

    (MET: That was the great debate – whether to turn Impound Snot Rod around but I decided just go with the one direction thing – otherwise, I have to turn around LM with stickers, van with stickers, etc, etc … so just wait for the 360-degree issue of the magazine 🙂 ).

  • MiaSenorita says:

    WOW!!! I am SO excited about this magazine!!!!! Going to order mine right now and the other ones I missed. Thank you MET for doing all the work to put this together!! EEEEP! Can’t wait for it 🙂

    Also reminds me, I need to get my Comic #6 with the Take5 Logo in it!! Is it bad if I scratch out the “other” logo??? hehehehehehehehe

    (MET: Thanks for your support! Now, I can upgrade to the Deluxe Mac & Cheese)

    • MiaSenorita says:

      – hold the bread crumbs on the deluxe mac and cheese. . not as tasty as the picture looks!

      And I just realized that I didn’t order right, LOL! Darn the blonde hair! So I ordered again. .. really hoping to get my “Opener Checklist” this time 🙂

      One at a time. . . I guess that works for the US buyers too, LOL.

  • PirateDad says:

    Just ordered mine, plus Volume III, can;t wait…THANKS MET!!!

  • Mike in Virginia says:

    I’ve placed my order. Thanks for producing a great checklist.

    • Mike in Virginia says:

      Got mine in the mail yesterday. Great work! What a wonderful resource and each car beautifully displayed.

      (MET: Thanks. Yea, crazy hobby of ours! 🙂 ).

  • Dolly says:

    COOL…. I order my one already 🙂

  • Mariela says:

    That magazine looks awesome Met!!

    (MET: For about a week, everyday i would wake up remembering a CAR not in there 🙂 ).

  • driveshaft says:

    Got my new Checklist and got my SDCC shipment from Nascarnbroncosfans (Kevin). Just like Christmas morning! Thanks for all the work!!!

  • HolyGeekboy says:

    Hate to break it to MagicCloud, but 25% off $15.99 is NOT $14.59.

    (MET: Their math is 25% off the cost of production @$4.50 – we make around $10 per so it’s not 25% off the final but just off the base so it looks odd).

  • martian410 says:

    awesome! need one too!

  • Uncle Skip says:

    Order in!

  • Micky says:

    Just placed my order 🙂

  • Nice to wake up to this…Great job!

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