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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Next & Last Lenticular 3-Packs?

There are only two remaining lenticular 3-packs – will they all arrive in the next and possibly last case? Be nice if there were 3 of each in the next-last case assortment.

Since lenticulars are done in 2011, will the switchover theme (October 2010) still feature 3-packs? Will they feature lenticular 3-packs until CARS2?

Lenticular Richard Kensington & Lenticular Marco + Lenticular Fred.

Or will we get a lot of the Final Lap CARS as lenticulars in three packs?

(That’s Bert, Matti & Cruisin’ McQueen BTW)

What are some other possibilities?

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18 July 2010 Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 26 Comments


  • CaptainChunk says:

    Good riddance to Googly-eyes. Maybe I’ll consider coming back to collecting Cars after they’re gone.

  • Carlos says:

    Goodbye, and good riddance. You won’t be missed lenticulars. Also, on the Marco 3 pack, will they have to raise the price? I say, dump lenny Richard and replace it with Mario Andretti. I hope these get canceled as well. I hate these so much, I hate it when my favorites are released as lennys. Oh, and to lenticulars. Boo.

  • No more lenticulars for real? Sweet! I’ve always hated them! Mattel finally hated their own gimmick! Long Live regular eyes!

  • MrBrownstone says:

    Is it official that no new Lenticulars will be released (either in 3 packs or singles)?

    (MET: singles lenticular will continue until Q1 2011 … The rest of the line extensions? …)

  • BMW says:

    What caused the decision to discontinue the googly eyed cars?
    Poor Sales?
    Marketing decision to go classic eyed for Cars 2?
    Change in management at Mattel?
    How was the decision announced?

    • 5oclockshadow says:

      So what’s the new gimmick going to be?

      Wonder if they will lower the price back down a $1 now 😆

      Good bye, lenticulars. You will not be missed.

  • Man-I-Fold says:

    Uh-oh; I better get a higher paying job if they really are discontinuing lenticulars. I was really looking forward to not buying anything more, thanks to the monster-eyed Cars. In other words – hooray for classic eyes! I’m in!

    • Shadow_Faststart says:

      Ditto! I was actually enjoying the cash build up in my wallet! New final laps mean no more extra spending cash for me! -Oh well! At least I’ll have a nice Cars collection! 🙂

  • TarheelBill says:

    Are the lenticulars gone from the Singles also or just the 3 Packs???

    (MET: Lenny’s gone in 6 -8 months)

  • MrBrownstone says:

    Man – I need this 3 pack……

    Think I’ll have to call in some favours as the 3 packs don’t get released in the UK

  • Indykjt says:

    So whos gonna write the Googly eyed Cars obit? Should we include a paragraph on the mini’s too???

  • NascarFan says:

    thank you mattel for stopping the Lenticulars

  • kdthomas says:

    They always seen to really get the 3-packs wrong. They include 2 good cars and ALWAYS include one lame or over-produced car. What does Fred have to do with the two Security guys? Nothing…lame.

    • Stig McQueen says:

      In one of the scenes leading up to the final race, Fred is trying to get past security into the VIP section. Mario Andretti and Patti drive up, Mario greets the security cars, and then greets Fred (“Hi, uh (looks at Fred’s license plate), Fred”) as he goes in. Fred says, “He knows my name! (Looks at the guards) Mario Andretti knows my name! Ya gotta let me in now!”

  • John in Missouri says:

    Seriously, why on earth did they change Fred to make him so small???

    • CarzFANatic says:

      They said it was to keep him in scale with the other cars, because he was smaller. You know, how they changed to Mega Sized and got the Dinoco Helicopter and Lightyear Blimp in scale, lol

  • Lou says:

    At least give Mattel credit for finally realizing the lenty’s stink &
    halting production. A little late, but finally they got there.

  • Roswel says:

    what i would like to see (apart from the end of google eyes) is a series of booster packs, either in 3-pack or 5-pack form.

    2 sets containing random fan cars.
    (regular cars in different colours with LMQ/Chick/King flags ect…)

    2 sets containing random highway cars.
    (regular cars in different colours that are seen on the highway/bckground)

    1 set containing random reporter cars.
    (with mix and match clip on mic/camera/boom ect…)

    2 Sets containing random flashback cars.
    (classic cars seen in the radiator springs flashback)

    aalso, it would be nice to have accessories and/or props added to some ssets:
    Sally, Sherrif & LMQ with Radiator Springs billboard.

    Mater, Doc & Bessie with ‘Radiator Springs: A Happy Place’ billboard.

    • Roswel says:

      (im on fire wih ideas!)
      And a modular V8 Cafe set series:

      Sally & Cruising McQueen with Petrol Pump & Canopy Section & Oil Cans.

      Doc & Sherrif with Petrol Pump & Canopy Section & Oil Cans.

      Filmore & Sarge with Petrol Pump & Canopy Section & Traffic Light.

      Ramone & Mater with Petrol Pump & Canopy Section & Oil Cans.

      Lizzie & Red with Petrol Pump & Canopy Section & Tire Flower Pots.

      And Finally Luigi, Guido & Flo with V8 Cafe Building.

      So all the sets combine together to make a nice diorama and you get all the mian characters too 🙂

  • rpag says:

    I guess any three pack is possible. Anyone found this 3-pack yet?

    • cac1959 says:

      While Kmart.com has listed the Marco/RCK/Fred 3 pack for sale on their website, it has been with a photo of the Vinyl Toupee Hauler and they don’t have it in stock…

  • VolunteerMcqueen says:

    No more google eyes ??? sweet

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