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Disney Pixar CARSLAND: Video Sneak & Presentation

From Disney …

Fly Through …

Luigi’s …

Mater’s Junkyard …

Or you can find them all here at our YouTube Channel.

Thanks “Nikko” for the heads up!

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11 July 2010 Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 13 Comments


  • Monica says:

    WOWEE! This is going to be such fun. I can hardly wait, but with time flying like it is for me lately, it’ll be here before I know it. I am actually going to walk through Radiator Springs!

  • pwschuh says:

    Looks like fun. Don’t know why they couldn’t have designed the ride cars look more like Lightning McQueen. Obviously it could not be exact, but with a McQueen face, #95 stickers, McQueen spoiler in back, etc. It would seem to fit in perfectly with the story she lays out in the video. Also, the mouth of the ride car could stand to be a little bigger and there should be eyes in the windshield. They could make eyes using that see-through tint so it wouldn’t block anyone’s view. Should be a great new attraction. Too bad I hate lines…

  • buckland-blowouts says:

    cant wait to see yous all there in 2012!!!

  • Mr. T says:

    Is that a ferrari that you get to ride in ?!?!?!? (1st video toward the end)

    • Stig McQueen says:

      It actually looks a lot like the GM Test Track car from Epcot — which would make sense, because the ride looks to have a lot in common with the Test Track in terms of how it’s set up. Could be a mockup with a CARS-like nose. Anybody know how close the car in the video is to the final design?

      Guess I’m gonna have to start saving up to take the family to Disneyland once Carsland opens. We’ve made several road trips to WDW, but CA is going to require a cross-country plane trip….

  • Terri says:

    I do not have the words to express how excited I am for this!!

  • Steve AKA: Poppa says:

    This ride will insure the long term success of ride related merchandise. If merchandising is anything like Star Tours, there should be a lot of toys and related merchandise only available at Cars Land.

  • That all looks amazing to me…and it looks like it’ll be ready just in time for my honeymoon!

  • NascarFan says:

    Correction: Top video. Monument Valley reference is not in the Greater Northwest. It is in Northern Arizona / Southern Utah.

    Other than the obvious Car front clips it is VERY VERY similar to the Radiator Springs matte paintings

  • John in Missouri says:

    Can’t wait to see the finished product in-person!

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