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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Color Changers FOUR Times the Fun

TRU Exclusive … Color Changer 2-Packs with BRUSH!I do not know if if the CARS have been changed-upgraded with additional stickers or if this is prototype photo and the RELEASED 2-pack CARS will more closely match the current singles …


In addition to the McQueen-Chick HicksΒ  2-pack, the others scheduled are: Doc Hudson & Ramone, Sarge & Brand New Mater and Dinoco Lightning McQueen & Tex Dinoco.

The listing of Tex Dinoco as part of a 2-pack (only) might explain why he’s was no longer listed as a singles release …


Lightning GreenMater

Yes, these are ALL PLASTIC so they change color faster.

“Vehicle changes color with warm or icy cold water for double the fun!”

Or in the case of the TRU Exclusive – QUADRUPLE the FUN! Of course, fun is not a guarantee πŸ™‚

More photos and SINGLES CHECKLIST in the original COLOR CHANGERS post.

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