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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: CARS Blu Ray Gift Set $12.99 & Sears Kmart CARS

On Amazon,  NOON Pacific Time TODAY until it sells out, the CARS Blu Ray Ultimate Set drops to $12.99.

DVD Cover WM

LINK HERE or click on graphic above.

NOTE: Price will read $26.99 until noon PST (3 PM Eastern) and it will flip over to $12.99 until they sell out. Finally, a true Black Friday price 🙂

UPDATE: EXTRA STEP. Click on the RIGHT YELLOW ARROW that reads VIEW LIGHTNING DEALS … then wait to be taken to that page, then select ADD TO CART when the CARS Pack shows up in the middle window. You can only order one at a time and only per email address. To order more, you have to clear your cache, quit or launch another browser and of course, have another account to sign in.

And if you want more Kmart CARS Event CARS … sure you can buy it at Kmart.com for full price or you can save @$20 and buy it at Sears.com.


Link HERE or click on the graphic above.

Thanks for the heads up, Kevin W.

Other DVD & Blu Ray Deals at Amazon HERE.

Happy Cyber shopping everyone!

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26 November 2009 Mattel Disney Pixar CARS, Retail 35 Comments


  • crossway says:

    What a pain! I thought $26.99 plus shipping to the UK was good until i had to pay another $20! – £4 in tax and an £8 handling fee! Talk about the Piston cup ;- )

    • garyhoney says:

      It was the shipping that took it over the £18 /$29 exemption. I am hoping my DVD is valued at $12.99 (the price I paid) and not the $26.99, but I fear because a coupon was used to ‘pay’ for some of the product that I will get hit for the same charge. Still might get lucky

  • Nascarfan says:

    Saturday 7:05 am they still have these, although not at 12.99. Dont see any yellow arrows

  • beast1997 says:

    Disney Cars Collectors Event 24 Pack

    still full price $95.76????


    (MET: Maybe the sale ended?)

  • beast1997 says:

    1:39 pdt still listed at $26.99 not changed yet.

  • flophunter says:

    hello all

    i’m so glad that i waited on the combo, thxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to take 5. feel like i stole the cars. lol under 7.00 per car NICE!!!! plus the movie seems like the free item.

    this site is the elite of the elite. once again coming thru for all.

    (MET; Yea, a real BF item – too bad only 1 per email … glad you got in).

  • Ace Diamondrunner says:

    Dang, guess I snoozed and lost. As of 9:12p EST, the price is $26.99 even though it shows in stock. There is not a lightning deal for it either. Anyone have a direct link that still shows the lower price?

    (MET: After 4 PM PST, it reverts back to $26.99)

  • iamspeed says:

    If, as I did, you bought the Amazon package deal of the Blu Ray versions of Monsters Inc, CARS bonus pack, and UP!, you got them all for $42.99, so it was on $14.33 per movie.

  • crazycarsmom says:

    Just ordered mine! YIPPEE!! Still available as of 6:12 EST…

  • Gary UK says:

    Cheers Met, i cancelled my order last time and im glad i did now saved loads! Happy Thanksgiving everyone

  • Rippers says:

    Ordered one for an amazing $16 to the uk !

  • garyhoney says:

    Does anybody know if this is the all region Blu Ray disc as the first 2006 release was.

    I know that Amazon list it as region one but that could be for the DVD bundled with it.

    It is not that important as it is only $19 including shipping to the UK so worth it for the cars.

    (MET: Should be).

  • buckland-blowouts says:

    So, Dude-Met-Dude, will Amazon honor the price difference yet again? Will they invoice a refund for the difference?

    I am not sharkin’ for it but I was simply amazed by their price match policies in the first place when the prices dropped by $4.50 the last time…

    (MET: Ask to see what they say 🙂 ).

  • BigMOCats says:

    Got mine, and ordered the Mater Saves Christmas book also!

  • zachsmom says:

    YAY!! oh im so glad we hadnt bought the pack with the cars yet!! but for $12.99 its like buying the cars and getting the movie free!! i jsut got mine, they had only sold i think 28% as of a min ago! yay!!

  • Fiddleheads says:

    It still says $26.99 for me?

    (MET: You might have to clear your browser and the discount might not show up until the last window before you click the final SUBMIT).

  • Jinzo says:

    Just got mine! 12.99 Shipped! Awesome since I already own the regular release of Cars BD. Can’t wait till it gets here. Hopefully they won’t be chipped. Has anybody has their cars shipped by amazon? What do you guys do if its chipped or scrapped?

    • Fiddleheads says:

      Well Amazon is usually pretty good about packing items. Although the one Cars DVD set I ordered did arrive in an envelope. The box was a bit banged up but the Cars looked good.

      Not sure if you would have to pay return shipping if the Cars have flaws.

      Amazon’s General Returns Policy…

      You may return most new, unopened items sold and fulfilled by Amazon.com within 30 days of delivery for a full refund. We’ll also pay the return shipping costs if the return is a result of our error. Items should be returned in their original product packaging. Just visit our online Returns Center, and we will guide you through the process and even supply you with a return mailing label you can print out.

  • Aaron & Jeanne Scriven says:

    its only letting me add 1 to the cart and wont let me increase quantity anyone else??

    (MET: You can only buy one at a time).

  • Jonny2Scarves says:

    Hello, does anyone know what time ‘noon PST’ is in UK time please? thank you all very much!


    • Jonny2Scarves says:

      PS perhaps Met could put that time converter thing up like you did before when we were waiting to order the SDCC Mater.


      PPS anybody know how many they will actually have at that price? Could you have it sitting in your shopping basket then the price will change?

      thanks a lot everybody!

      (MET: There’s about 33 minutes to go as we speak so you can plan accordingly – yea, hard to say how many they actually have …).

    • Jack says:

      London is 8 hours ahead of PST. So I’m going with 8:00 PM or about 50 minutes from now as I post.

      • Jonny2Scarves says:

        BRILLIANT! Thank you all so much for the help. Got the set for $12.99 and shipping to the UK was $6.48, so all under $20! plus the price is low enough that it should (hopefully) not get charged any customs fees!

        Hurrah for Take5! I would have never known otherwise!


  • babychristianscars says:

    So Glad I held out for the special gold lightning.

  • sylt says:

    Is their any coupon code I can use for the Kmart Cases ?

  • Daniel says:

    I hope the overstock of KM3 racers doesn’t make them cancel any plans for KM4.

    • Jack says:

      If there is a Kmart 4 day hopefully they will improve the case assortment. I don’t think there would be so many extra cases left over if there would been some truly new releases and no lenticulars. It is bad enough that they went to synthetic Rubber tires on the last 2 kmart day Cars cases( they don’t roll as well as the hard tires, they totally stink on John’s Dinoco race track, by the way who came up with the idea to make slower race cars?) but this case assortment wan not worthy of a collectors event.
      All Mattel has to do is ask the good members here how to make a case assortment for Kmart day 4 and it would be a smashing success.
      Lets start with a couple really never released Race Cars or even some day 1 do overs. Throw in at least 3 never released Characters or pitties, hey even a No Stall and Shiny wax pitty single would be cool.
      Here you go Mattel and kmart day 4 ( no rubber tires required)
      2- Transberry juice
      2- View Zeen
      1- Chase angry eyes Dale
      3- Gaskits
      1 Sputter Stop
      2 Shiny wax Pitty
      2 N2O Cola crew chief.
      2 Constanzo Della Corso- or other new release character.
      Start with this and then do whatever you want. I gaurantee there will not be many leftovers if they make the same amount of cases as day 3.

  • Aaron & Jeanne Scriven says:

    what is the 24 pack is that just like kmart day 1,2,3?? im sooo on the 12.99!!!!

    (MET: The 24 pack is the Kmart CARS Day III Case).

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