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Happy Thanksgiving! The Stores are Ready For You!

As Nikko drove around Wednesday night, the stores are already for you!


Now, this warms the cockles … there’s nothing worse than stores that list a great price and then put – “minimum 3 per store” – this is more like it Target!  … Though 31.5″ inches? I guess that makes comparison shopping harder … is it the same Westinghouse at WM that’s 30.75″?


Apparently if you were out Wednesday night, you could start picking up bargains already.


Now it’s Christmas – aisles and aisles full of electronics – it makes me warm all over – it feels like the carefree days of yore … just like 2006.

Don’t trample each other for this …

mack carry

Thanks for the nic pics, Nikko, was your cart piled high with TV’s or Mack’s?

Don’t forget to stop by CVS … they have the best deal on an Xbox-like thinger …

Only $29!


It’s got 40 Built in games, does the XBox? No … That’s like a $2,400 savings right there!

Only 8 more hours before the Disney Stores, TRU and 24-hour WM’s are opening!

Our CARS Black Friday Shopping Guide.

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26 November 2009 Retail 18 Comments


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